Researchers refute 20-year-old assumptions in solar cell production

Research led by the University of Luxembourg investigated the manufacturing process of solar cells. The researchers proved that assumptions on chemical processes that were commonplace among ...

4 hours ago from

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Heavy metal poisoning may be changing birdsĺ personalities

Great tits exposed to toxic metals like cadmium and lead alter their behaviour, becoming less exploratory and more cautious, suggesting their personalities have been reshaped

Thu 22 Mar 18 from Newscientist

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Sharpening the X-ray view of the nanocosm

A novel lens offers scientists the sharpest X-ray images yet from the nano world. The device is made from alternating layers of tungsten carbide and silicon carbide and can focus hard X-rays ...

7 hours ago from

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A new laser source for infrared chemical imaging: a promising tool for early cancer diagnostic

SÚbastien FÚvrier, researcher at XLIM (CNRS/UniversitÚ de Limoges), and his team demonstrated that a bench-top, optical fibre-based laser source can be used to perform infrared spectromicroscopy ...

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Laser-based system offers continuous monitoring of leaks from oil and gas operations

Researchers have conducted the first field tests for a new laser-based system that can pinpoint the location of very small methane leaks over an area of several square miles. The new technology ...

Thu 22 Mar 18 from

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Keys found to bee-friendly neonics

Discovery of why two of the most economically important bee species are immune to one neonicotinoid insecticide but not to others promises to yield chemical treatments that protect crops from ...

Thu 22 Mar 18 from

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Generation of a stable biradical

Boron has a range of uses, from laundry bleaches to heat-proof glass and ceramics. Chemists at Julius-Maximilians-Universitńt WŘrzburg (JMU) in Bavaria, Germany, have a particular interest in ...

8 hours ago from

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Researchers use 3-D printing to create metallic glass alloys in bulk

Researchers have now demonstrated the ability to create amorphous metal, or metallic glass, alloys using three-dimensional (3-D) printing technology, opening the door to a variety of applications ...

Thu 22 Mar 18 from

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For graphite pellets, just add elbow grease

It's easy and economical to make shiny pellets of graphite from functionalized graphene, according to scientists at Rice University.

22 hours ago from

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Scientists use diamond in world's first continuous room-temperature solid-state maser

The maser (microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation), the older microwave frequency sibling of the laser, was invented in 1954. However unlike lasers, which have become widespread, ...

Wed 21 Mar 18 from

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