Insect-inspired amphibious robot jumps like a water strider

Despite what our science fiction-fueled imaginations love to be entertained with, there is more to the field of modern robotics than colossal combat machines or bionic baristas. Some ...

Fri 31 Jul 15 from Gizmag

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Stretchable graphene transistors inspired by kirigami

The Japanese art of paper cutting is used to make micron-sized electronic and mechanical devices.

Fri 31 Jul 15 from Nanotechweb

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Mix fish secretions with shrimp shells to make super sunscreen

The same chemicals that stop fish from getting sunburned have been used to make a super-effective sunscreen and it won't make you smell like seafood

Fri 31 Jul 15 from Newscientist

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"Death Star" laser sets new world record in Japan

Laser engineers in Japan claim to have set a new record for firing the world's most powerful laser, with a peak power equal to a thousand times total world energy consumption. It conjures ...

Thu 30 Jul 15 from Gizmag

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Gold-diamond nanodevice for hyperlocalised cancer therapy

Precise targeting biological molecules, such as cancer cells, for treatment is a challenge, due to their sheer size. Now ,Taiwanese scientists have proposed an advanced solution, based on a ...

Fri 31 Jul 15 from

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Shaping the hilly landscapes of a semi-conductor nanoworld

Nanoscale worlds sometimes resemble macroscale roller-coaster style hills, placed at the tip of a series of hexagons. Surprisingly, these nanohills stem from the self-organisation of particles ...

Fri 31 Jul 15 from

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Self-assembling, biomimetic membranes may aid water filtration

A synthetic membrane that self assembles and is easily produced may lead to better gas separation, water purification, drug delivery and DNA recognition, according to an international team of ...

Fri 31 Jul 15 from

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Heating and cooling with light leads to ultrafast DNA diagnostics

New technology developed by bioengineers at the University of California, Berkeley, promises to make a workhorse lab tool cheaper, more portable and many times faster by accelerating the heating ...

Fri 31 Jul 15 from

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Transparent, electrically conductive network of encapsulated silver nanowires

The electrodes for connections on the "sunny side" of a solar cell need to be not just electrically conductive, but transparent as well. As a result, electrodes are currently made either by ...

Fri 31 Jul 15 from

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'Plasmonic' material could bring ultrafast all-optical communications

Researchers have created a new "plasmonic oxide material" that could make possible devices for optical communications that are at least 10 times faster than conventional technologies.

Thu 30 Jul 15 from

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