Surprising twist in confined liquid crystals: A simple route to developing new sensors

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have found a material used for decades to color food items ranging from corn chips to ice creams could potentially have uses far beyond food dyes.

Fri 24 Mar 17 from

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Solar-powered synthetic skin could give prostheses a sense of touch

For years Ravinder Dahiya has been developing thin and flexible electronics, the kind that could be used for synthetic skin, and for years the material scientist has wrestled with various ...

Thu 23 Mar 17 from Gizmag

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Inventing a new kind of matter

Imagine a liquid that could move on its own. No need for human effort or the pull of gravity. You could put it in a container flat on a table, not touch it in any way, and it would still flow.

Fri 24 Mar 17 from

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Flash Physics: Laser wakefield delivers three beams, cat-litter nanosheets, Canada budget disappoints physicists

Today's selection of need-to-know updates from the world of physics

Fri 24 Mar 17 from Physics World

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Citrus peels could give activated charcoal a run for its money

There may be a new way of keeping orange and grapefruit peels out of our landfills besides composting them, that is. Researchers have devised a method of using the peels to remove ...

Fri 24 Mar 17 from Gizmag

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Electrodeposition and annealing used to allow for adjusting hardness in nanograined metals

( team of researchers from China and France have adjusted the hardness of nanograined metals by applying electrodeposition and annealing. In their paper published in the journal Science, ...

Fri 24 Mar 17 from

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On the trail of Parkinson's disease

The molecular causes of diseases such as Parkinson's need to be understood as a first step towards combating them. University of Konstanz chemists working alongside Professor Malte Drescher ...

Fri 24 Mar 17 from Medical Xpress

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New 3-D-printed device mimics the goldbug beetle, which changes color when prodded

In this age of smartphones and tablet computers, touch-sensitive surfaces are everywhere. They're also brittle, as people with cracked phone screens everywhere can attest.

Thu 23 Mar 17 from TechXplore

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New study identifies successful method to reduce dental implant failure

According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), 15 million Americans have crown or bridge replacements and three million have dental implantswith this latter number rising by ...

Fri 24 Mar 17 from Medical Xpress

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Artificial photosynthesis steps into the light

Rice University scientists have created an efficient, simple-to-manufacture oxygen-evolution catalyst that pairs well with semiconductors for solar water splitting, the conversion of solar energy ...

Thu 23 Mar 17 from

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