Researchers engineer a tougher fiber

North Carolina State University researchers have developed a fiber that combines the elasticity of rubber with the strength of a metal, resulting in a tougher material that could be incorporated ...

Fri 22 Feb 19 from

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Squid teeth could help make bioplastics and self-repairing clothes

A protein found in the suckered arms of squid could help make biodegradable plastics and clothes that repair themselves (edited)

Thu 21 Feb 19 from Newscientist

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Scientists Have Created Four New Letters of Artificial DNA

Researchers have synthesized new ingredients for the blueprint of life. Steven Benner,a pioneer in thefield of synthetic biology,and his team created four new DNA letters, according a study ...

Thu 21 Feb 19 from Discover Magazine

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A quantum magnet with a topological twist

Taking their name from an intricate Japanese basket pattern, kagome magnets are thought to have electronic properties that could be valuable for future quantum devices and applications. Theories ...

Fri 22 Feb 19 from

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Scientists sharpen their molecular scissors and expand the gene editing toolbox

Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) scientists have figured out a better way to deliver a DNA editing tool to shorten the presence of the editor proteins in the cells in ...

Fri 22 Feb 19 from

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Understanding high efficiency of deep ultraviolet LEDs

Deep ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (DUV-LEDs) made from aluminium gallium nitride (AlGaN) efficiently transfer electrical energy to optical energy due to the growth of one of its bottom ...

Fri 22 Feb 19 from

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Electric car batteries inspire safer, cheaper way to make compounds used in medicines

Recent advances in battery technology, from the engineering of their cases to the electrochemistry that takes place inside them, has enabled the rapid rise of Teslas, Leafs, Volts and other ...

Thu 21 Feb 19 from

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Freezing upon heating: Formation of dynamical glass

The discovery of superconductivity and its experimental realization are two of the most important advancements in physics and engineering of the past century. Nevertheless, their statistical ...

Fri 22 Feb 19 from

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Finding keyholes in metals 3-D printing

Additive manufacturing's promise to revolutionize industry is constrained by a widespread problem: tiny gas pockets in the final product, which can lead to cracks and other failures.

Fri 22 Feb 19 from TechXplore

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Researchers make coldest quantum gas of molecules

JILA researchers have made a long-lived, record-cold gas of molecules that follow the wave patterns of quantum mechanics instead of the strictly particle nature of ordinary classical physics. ...

Thu 21 Feb 19 from

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