Secret behind fungal spore cannons revealed

Fungi take advantage of the physics of merging water droplets to fire their spores out into the world.

11 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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Color-shifting electronic skin could have wearable tech and prosthetic uses

The ability of some animals, including chameleons, octopus, and squid, to change their skin colour for camouflage, temperature control, or communication is well known.

13 hours ago from

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Scientists develop fast chemistry that unlocks a new class of polymers

A team of researchers has developed a faster and easier way to make sulfur-containing polymers that will lower the cost of large-scale production.

22 hours ago from

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China is launching an 'unhackable' quantum messaging service

China has been active in the field of quantum cryptography lately, and now it's gearing up to use the technology in an "unhackable" government messaging service. While ...

18 hours ago from Engadget

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A bar magnet creates chaos in plasma

Placing a magnet on your refrigerator might hold up your calendar, but researchers from India's Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics found that placing one outside a plasma chamber causes a localized, ...

21 hours ago from

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Large single-crystal graphene is possible

Thanks to its conductivity, strength and flexibility, graphene is considered as one of the most likely substitutes for silicon and other materials. However, it has not yet resulted in industrial ...

3 hours ago from

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Study sheds light on the role of the entropy in a quantum system

Any understanding of the irreversibility of the arrow of time should account the quantum nature of the world that surrounds us. The is the key result of the work carried out by Vincenzo Alba ...

3 hours ago from

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Nanoparticles loaded with component of common spice kill cancer cells

Attaching curcumin, a component of the common spice turmeric, to nanoparticles can be used to target and destroy treatment-resistant neuroblastoma tumor cells, according to a new study published ...

22 hours ago from

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Chemical route to electronic devices in graphene

Essential electronic components, such as diodes and tunnel barriers, can be incorporated in single graphene wires (nanoribbons) with atomic precision. The goal is to create graphene-based electronic ...

23 hours ago from

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New flexible material changes its porous nature when exposed to light

Researchers at Kyoto University's Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS) and the University of Tokyo have developed a light-responsive crystalline material that overcomes challenges ...

Tue 25 Jul 17 from

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