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Google's next search tool is a pill that spreads through your blood and diagnoses cancer

We usually associate taking medicine with recovering from an illness, but in the future swallowing a pill could be the first step to diagnosing diseases from cancer to heart problems.

Wed 29 Oct 14 from The Independent

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Scientists make enzyme that could help explain origins of life

Mimicking natural evolution in a test tube, scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have devised an enzyme with a unique property that might have been crucial to the origin of life ...

22 hours ago from

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Tiny carbon nanotube pores make big impact

A team led by the Lawrence Livermore scientists has created a new kind of ion channel based on short carbon nanotubes, which can be inserted into synthetic bilayers and live cell membranes to ...

21 hours ago from

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Making lab-grown tissues stronger

Lab-grown tissues could one day provide new treatments for injuries and damage to the joints, including articular cartilage, tendons and ligaments.

4 hours ago from Medical Xpress

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Nanosafety research: The quest for the gold standard

Empa toxicologist Harald Krug has lambasted his colleagues in the journal Angewandte Chemie. He evaluated several thousand studies on the risks associated with nanoparticles and discovered no ...

Wed 29 Oct 14 from

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Study demonstrates that quantum holograms could be a candidate for becoming quantum information memory

Biological membranes are mainly composed of lipid bilayers. Gaining a better understanding of adsorption of solution ions onto lipid membranes helps clarify functional processes in biological ...

3 hours ago from

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A new method simplifies the analysis of RNA structure

To understand the function of an RNA molecule, similar to the better-known DNA and vital for cell metabolism, we need to know its three-dimensional structure. Unfortunately, establishing the ...

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Scientists rank thousands of substances according to potential exposure level

An overwhelming number of chemicals from household and industrial products are in the environment and hundreds are in our bodies. But for most of them, scientists have yet to determine whether ...

Wed 29 Oct 14 from

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Gentle caffeine boost for premature babies

Swiss researchers have developed a UV-activated membrane which releases a gentle dose of medication to the skin of a patient. In future those who fear injections will be able to sleep soundly, ...

Wed 29 Oct 14 from

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New technology shows promise for delivery of therapeutics to the brain

A new technology that may assist in the treatment of brain cancer and other neurological diseases is the subject of an article in a recent issue of the journal Technology.

Wed 29 Oct 14 from Medical Xpress

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