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Donuts in flight in first US-approved drone delivery

With a chicken sandwich, hot coffee and donuts, aviation history was made Friday.

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Researchers describe how free radicals contribute to aging

Aging in part is the result of oxidative damage to proteins caused by free radicals, a byproduct of interaction of our bodies and radiation such as sunlight. A new study by Yale scientists provides ...

Fri 22 Jul 16 from

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A more powerful way to develop therapeutics?

A University of Toronto scientist has developed a new method for identifying the raw ingredients necessary to build 'biologics', a powerful class of medications that has revolutionized treatment ...

Thu 21 Jul 16 from Medical Xpress

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Accurate design of large icosahedral protein nanocages pushes bioengineering boundaries

Inspired by the forms and functions of protein molecule machines and materials observed in nature, such as the shells that protect virus genomes, researchers have now engineered ten large, 120-subunit, ...

Thu 21 Jul 16 from

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Silicon Nanoparticles Provide Biocompatible Solution to Cancer Detection and Treatment

Porous silicon nanoparticles offer harmless diagnostic and therapeutic solution for many types of cancer

Fri 22 Jul 16 from IEEE Spectrum

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All sewn up

WEARABLE and implantable medical gadgets are a promising technology. By continuously collecting information from patients they make it easier to diagnose and treat whatever the problem ...

Thu 21 Jul 16 from The Economist

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Virtual development of real drugs

Inside the human body, the same drug can interact with multiple molecules. This phenomenon is known as 'polypharmacology' and, according to the interaction, a drug can cure a disease or cause ...

Thu 21 Jul 16 from

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Sun cream compound offers unprecedented protection against UVA radiation

A new compound developed by University of Bath scientists in collaboration with King's College London offers unprecedented protection against the harmful effects of UVA radiation in sunlight, ...

Wed 20 Jul 16 from Medical Xpress

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Single-atom-thick sheets efficiently extract electricity from salt water

An impressive energy density generated by differences in salt concentrations.

Thu 21 Jul 16 from Ars Technica

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Pipette Tips and Pipettes - an Infallible System?

Many times experimental data was not reproducible even though all variables within the experimental procedure stood up to scrutiny. But was this really the case?

Fri 22 Jul 16 from Newswise

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