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Researchers discover new mechanism of DNA repair

The DNA molecule is chemically unstable giving rise to DNA lesions of different nature. That is why DNA damage detection, signaling and repair, collectively known as the DNA damage response, ...

Fri 3 Jul 15 from

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Scientists use nanoparticles to shut down mechanism that drives cancer growth

When scientists develop cancer therapies, they target the features that make the disease deadly: tumor growth, metastasis, recurrence and drug resistance. In epithelial cancers—cancers of the ...

Fri 3 Jul 15 from

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Digesting bread and pasta can release biologically active molecules

Biologically active molecules released by digesting bread and pasta can survive digestion and potentially pass through the gut lining, suggests new research. The study, published in the journal ...

Thu 2 Jul 15 from Medical Xpress

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Bioengineers develop highly elastic biomaterial for better wound healing

A team of bioengineers at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH), led by Ali Khademhosseini, PhD, and Nasim Annabi, PhD, of the Biomedical Engineering Division, has developed a new protein-based ...

Thu 2 Jul 15 from

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Marine biologists clarify how specialized cells in squid skin are able to control the animal's coloration

Perhaps not the brightest of cephalopods, the California market squid (Doryteuthis opalescens) has amazing light-manipulating abilities. While this species shares the gift of camouflage with ...

Wed 1 Jul 15 from

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Stanford team develops technique to magnetically levitate single cells

Remember the levitating frog? That feat—the levitation of a live frog using a powerful magnet—was awarded the 2000 Ig Nobel Prize. Fascinating to watch, the demonstration also cemented a longstanding ...

Tue 30 Jun 15 from

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Chitosan coated, chemotherapy packed nanoparticles may target cancer stem cells

Nanoparticles packed with a clinically used chemotherapy drug and coated with an oligosaccharide derived from the carapace of crustaceans might effectively target and kill cancer stem-like cells, ...

Tue 30 Jun 15 from

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Major step for implantable drug-delivery device

An implantable, microchip-based device may soon replace the injections and pills now needed to treat chronic diseases: Earlier this month, MIT spinout Microchips Biotech partnered with a pharmaceutical ...

Mon 29 Jun 15 from

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Research could help point the finger at drug dealers

An innovative technology pioneered by Sheffield Hallam University academics can detect the presence of a range of illegal and designer drugs from a single fingerprint, which could be a valuable ...

Tue 30 Jun 15 from

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UNSW Australian Centre for NanoMedicine Co-Hosts International Nanomedicine Conference 2015

Advances in nanotechnology and nano-fabrication are fundamentally changing the future of medicine, enabling more effective diagnostics and targeted drugs, and new bioactive materials that can ...

Wed 1 Jul 15 from AZoNano

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