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Pet foods contain animal contents not explicitly identified on labels

Several brands of pet food contain unspecified animal species, and various proportions of beef, chicken and pork that are not explicitly identified on the product labels, according to research ...

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Silicon nanoneedles could lead to "super bandages" that help blood vessels grow and reprogram cells

Researchers at the Imperial College London and the Houston Methodist Research Institute have developed biodegradable, silicon "nanoneedles" that can deliver genetic material to stimulate the ...

6 hours ago from Gizmag

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Vibrating pen aims to help people with Parkinson's write more easily

Still in the testing phase, the ARC pen stimulates the muscles in the hand, making it easier for someone to move the pen and write more legibly.

5 hours ago from CNET

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A faster way to watch blood flow in the brain

Laser beams track red blood cells as fast as a neuron can fire

Mon 30 Mar 15 from Science Now

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Scientists gain cellular-level insights into drug delivery processes

Chemists, biologists and pharmacologists deal with the question of how complex active substances can be introduced into cells such that they are rapidly and easily available. Building on earlier ...

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Scientists convert microbubbles to nanoparticles

Biomedical researchers led by Dr. Gang Zheng at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre have successfully converted microbubble technology already used in diagnostic imaging into nanoparticles that ...

Mon 30 Mar 15 from

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Researchers develop molecular backbone of super-slim, bendable digital displays

From smartphones and tablets to computer monitors and interactive TV screens, electronic displays are everywhere. As the demand for instant, constant communication grows, so too does the urgency ...

Mon 30 Mar 15 from

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Microsecond Raman imaging might probe cells, organs for disease

A vibrational spectroscopic imaging technology that can take images of living cells could represent an advanced medical diagnostic tool for the early detection of cancer and other diseases.

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'Google Maps' for the body: A biomedical revolution

A world-first UNSW collaboration that uses previously top-secret technology to zoom through the human body down to the level of a single cell could be a game-changer for medicine, an international ...

Mon 30 Mar 15 from Medical Xpress

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Researchers clarify how DNA damage signaling works

The DNA molecule is chemically unstable, giving rise to DNA lesions of various kinds. That is why DNA damage detection, signaling and repair, collectively known as the DNA damage response, are ...

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