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Gold nanoparticles help target, quantify breast cancer gene segments in a living cell

( —Purdue University researchers have developed a way to detect and measure cancer levels in a living cell by using tiny gold particles with tails of synthetic DNA.

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Cloaked DNA nanodevices survive pilot mission

It's a familiar trope in science fiction: In enemy territory, activate your cloaking device. And real-world viruses use similar tactics to make themselves invisible to the immune system. Now ...

Tue 22 Apr 14 from

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Following a protein's travel inside cells is key to improving patient monitoring, drug development

In science, "simple and accessible detection methods that can rapidly screen a large cell population with the resolution of a single cell inside that population has been seriously lacking," ...

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First size-based chromatography technique for the study of living cells

( —Using nanodot technology, Berkeley Lab researchers have demonstrated the first size-based form of chromatography that can be used to study the membranes of living cells. This unique ...

Tue 22 Apr 14 from

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LED exposure is not harmful to human dermal fibroblasts

There was a time when no one thought about light bulbs—one blew, you screwed another one in. Nowadays, it's more complicated, as energy efficiency concerns have given rise to a slew of options, ...

11 hours ago from Medical Xpress

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Team shows potential of RNA as heat-resistant polymer material for nanoarchitectures

( —A team of nanotechnology researchers at the University of Kentucky has discovered new methods to build heat resistant nanostructures and arrays using RNA.

Tue 22 Apr 14 from

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MRI sensor that enables long-term monitoring of oxygen levels could aid cancer diagnosis, treatment

Unlike healthy cells, cancer cells thrive when deprived of oxygen. Tumors in low-oxygen environments tend to be more resistant to therapy and spread more aggressively to other parts of the body.

Tue 22 Apr 14 from

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Physicists push new Parkinson's treatment toward clinical trials

The most effective way to tackle debilitating diseases is to punch them at the start and keep them from growing. Research at Michigan State University, published in the Journal of Biological ...

Mon 21 Apr 14 from Medical Xpress

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Fast way to measure DNA repair

Our DNA is under constant attack from many sources, including environmental pollutants, ultraviolet light, and radiation. Fortunately, cells have several major DNA repair systems that can fix ...

Tue 22 Apr 14 from Medical Xpress

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Queuing theory helps physicist understand protein recycling

We've all waited in line and most of us have gotten stuck in a check-out line longer than we would like. For Will Mather, assistant professor of physics and an instructor with the College of ...

Tue 22 Apr 14 from

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