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Scientists solve 2000-year-old mystery of the binding media in China's polychrome Terracotta Army

Even as he conquered rival kingdoms to create the first united Chinese empire in 221 B.C., China's First Emperor Qin Shihuang ordered the building of a glorious underground palace complex, mirroring ...

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"World's smallest propeller" may find use on nanobots

All over the world, scientists are creating microscopic "nanobots" for purposes such as delivering medication to precisely-targeted areas inside the body. In order for those tiny payload-carrying ...

Wed 30 Jul 14 from Gizmag

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New paper describes how DNA avoids damage from UV light

In the same week that the U.S. surgeon general issued a 101-page report about the dangers of skin cancer, researchers at Montana State University published a paper breaking new ground on how ...

Thu 31 Jul 14 from Medical Xpress

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New report calls for strong, positive safety culture in academic chemical labs

Everyone involved in the academic chemical research enterprise—from researchers and principal investigators to university leadership—has an important role to play in establishing and promoting ...

Thu 31 Jul 14 from Medical Xpress

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Scientists discover biochemical mechanisms contributing to fibromuscular dysplasia

An important step has been made to help better identify and treat those with fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD). FMD causes both an abnormal narrowing and enlarging of medium sized arteries in the ...

Thu 31 Jul 14 from Medical Xpress

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Engineering a protein to prevent brain damage from toxic agents

Research at New York University is paving the way for a breakthrough that may prevent brain damage in civilians and military troops exposed to poisonous chemicals—particularly those in pesticides ...

Thu 31 Jul 14 from

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Smart labels detect contaminated meat before it hits shelves

Have you ever worried about getting salmonella or E. coli poisoning from meat? Researchers at the University of Alberta are working on a new way to spot spoiled meat before it hits grocery-store ...

Wed 30 Jul 14 from

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Researchers seek chronic, reliable, intelligent neural interfaces

They are with us every moment of every day, controlling every action we make, from the breath we breathe to the words we speak, and yet there is still a lot we don't know about the cells that ...

Tue 29 Jul 14 from Medical Xpress

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Fluorophore positioning goes viral

Researchers combine viral and DNA self-assembly methods to control the positioning of almost 200 fluorophores within nanometers of a gold nanoparticle.

Mon 28 Jul 14 from Nanotechweb

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New method provides researchers with efficient tool for tagging proteins

Aarhus University researchers have developed an easier method to create DNA–protein conjugates. The method can potentially strengthen the work involved in diagnosing diseases.

Tue 29 Jul 14 from

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