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Scientists capture the elusive structure of essential digestive enzyme

Using a powerful combination of techniques from biophysics to mathematics, researchers have revealed new insights into the mechanism of a liver enzyme that is critical for human health. The ...

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New multiphoton microscope and endoscope could speed up disease diagnosis

Two new optical devices could reduce the need to take tissue samples during medical examinations and operations and to then send them for testing potentially speeding up diagnosis and treatment ...

Tue 24 May 16 from

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Harnessing nature's vast array of venoms for drug discovery

Scorpions, snakes, snails, frogs and other creatures are thought to produce tens or even hundreds of millions of distinct venoms. These venoms have been honed to strike specific targets in the ...

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Getting a grip on ivy's adhesive properties

Anyone who has tried to clear ivy from the side of their house will know the climber is almost impossible to unstick. A team at Ohio State University has studied the tiny particles giving ...

14 hours ago from Gizmag

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The protein that assesses distances

A protein of the ISWI family (Imitation Switch, or nucleosome remodelling motors) is endowed with a special property: despite having no organ of sense it is nonetheless able to assess the length ...

Mon 23 May 16 from

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Lab simplifies total synthesis of anti-cancer agent

The lab of Rice University synthetic organic chemist K.C. Nicolaou has reported the streamlined total synthesis of delta12-prostaglandin J3, a molecule previously claimed to kill leukemic cancer ...

Mon 23 May 16 from

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Sensor detects signs of cancer, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's

Cancer and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's are all able to be better treated if detected early. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as symptoms may ...

Tue 24 May 16 from Gizmag

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CLIP-170 microtuble found to bind tightly to formins to accelerate actin filament elongation

( team of researchers at Brandeis University in Massachusetts, has found that the CLIP-170 microtuble found in cells, which had been known to be important in cytoskeleton development, ...

Fri 20 May 16 from

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Liquid order: Fluid self-organizes into structure that controls cell growth and health

Although known since the 1830s as a round, dark spot in a cell's nucleus, only recently has the nucleolus gotten its full due. Scientists have learned that besides building a cell's protein ...

Fri 20 May 16 from

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Scientists identify the molecules that make our clothes smell

Dirty laundry smells bad because of certain chemicals called volatile organic compounds, which can't always be washed out on an eco-friendly 20?C cycle, according to a new study in the Journal ...

Thu 19 May 16 from

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