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Nanoparticles loaded with component of common spice kill cancer cells

Attaching curcumin, a component of the common spice turmeric, to nanoparticles can be used to target and destroy treatment-resistant neuroblastoma tumor cells, according to a new study published ...

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Molecular microscopy illuminates molecular motor motion

A toddler running sometimes loses footing because both feet come off the ground at the same time. Kinesin motors that move materials around in cells have the same problem, which limits how fast ...

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Antibiotics come with 'environmental side effects,' experts say

Researchers writing in Microchemical Journal are bringing attention to the fact that commonly used antibiotic drugs are making their way out into the environment, where they can harm microbes ...

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Hydrogel-based capsules could expand and reside in the GI tract for days, slowly releasing medication

Around half of all medications for chronic diseases are not taken as prescribed, costing the U.S. health care system more than $100 billion in avoidable hospital stays each year.

Tue 25 Jul 17 from

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Tiny robots swim the front crawl through your veins

Swarms of gold nanobots with rotating arms powered by magnetic fields could swim through the human body and deliver medicine directly where its needed

Mon 24 Jul 17 from Newscientist

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Molecular hitchhiker on human protein signals tumors to self-destruct

Powerful molecules can hitch rides on a plentiful human protein and signal tumors to self-destruct, a team of Vanderbilt University engineers found.

Mon 24 Jul 17 from Medical Xpress

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Scientists enlist baker's yeast in a hunt for new medicines

One of the hardest parts in drug discovery is pinning down how a medicine actually works in the body. It took nearly 100 years to uncover the molecular target of aspirin, but even with cutting-edge ...

Mon 24 Jul 17 from

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Name that scotch: Colorimetric recognition of aldehydes and ketones

Vodka tastes different from brandy, and connoisseurs can distinguish among different brands of whiskeys. The flavors of spirits result from a complex bouquet of volatile compounds. New colorimetric ...

Fri 21 Jul 17 from

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Review: Amazon meal kits offer easy dinnersfor a price

Amazon's new ready-to-eat meal package is the perfect recipe for someone who doesn't have enough time to shop and cook, yet has a healthy appetite and a need for balanced meals.

Fri 21 Jul 17 from

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Trump makes controversial pick for head of chemical safety office

White House choice for Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention who has written stories mixing science and the Bible is criticised for industry ties

Mon 24 Jul 17 from Chemistry World

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