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Water may be key to understanding sweetness

A cranberry, honey or a candy barŚwhich tastes the sweetest? These foods contain sugars that humans can perceive differently. A cranberry seems tart, whereas a candy bar can be excessively sweet, ...

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How magnetized wire can detect cancer cells in your blood

A fascinating cancer detection technique has been developed by scientists at Stanford University. The process involves a small magnetic wire being inserted into a vein where it attracts ...

Mon 16 Jul 18 from Gizmag

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Technique may improve lung delivery of bacteria-killing phage

A new delivery system for bacteriophagesŚviruses that selectively attack harmful bacteriaŚcould help give doctors a new way to battle lung infections that threaten older patients and people ...

Tue 17 Jul 18 from

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Are you eating your relish with dogs? Testing, testing AI

Testing, testing: DeepMind sits AI down for an IQ test. While the AI performance results are not staggering in trumping or matching human reasoning, it is a start. AI scientists recognize that ...

22 hours ago from TechXplore

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Overcoming a major barrier to developing liquid biopsies

The idea of testing blood or urine to find markers that help diagnose or treat disease holds great promise. But as technology has improved to allow researchers to examine tiny fragments of RNA, ...

Mon 16 Jul 18 from Medical Xpress

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X-ray triggered nano-bubbles to target cancer

Innovative drug filled nano-bubbles, able to be successfully triggered in the body by X-rays, have been developed by researchers, paving the way for a new range of cancer treatments for patients.

Mon 16 Jul 18 from

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New materials improve delivery of therapeutic messenger RNA

In an advance that could lead to new treatments for a variety of diseases, MIT researchers have devised a new way to deliver messenger RNA (mRNA) into cells.

Mon 16 Jul 18 from

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What is Novichok? A neurotoxicologist explains

Novichok, or "newcomer" in Russian, refers not to a single chemical but rather a group of related molecules designed for only one purpose: to kill.

Fri 13 Jul 18 from Medical Xpress

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Three-minute thesis: The mistaken identity of the Lightning Ridge croc

What can cretaceous crocodile specimens teach us about evolution?

Tue 17 Jul 18 from Cosmos Magazine

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Software-Based Chemical Screen Could Minimize Animal Testing

Researchers develop a machine-learning tool for toxicity analyses that is more consistent in predicting chemical hazards than assays on animals.

Fri 13 Jul 18 from The Scientist

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