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Medicine and personal care products may lead to new pollutants in waterways

When you flush the toilet, you probably don't think about the traces of the medicine and personal care products in your body that are winding up in sewage treatment plants, streams, rivers, ...

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Want in on nanotechnology? Capitalize on collaborative environments

The 21st century has been hailed the nano-century, and major technological breakthroughs are expected from the control of the matter at the nanoscale. However, despite its promises, nanotechnology ...

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Researchers engineer a protein micelle that can be visualized by MRI as it delivers hemotherapeutics

A team of researchers from New York University has engineered nanoscale protein micelles capable of both delivering chemotherapeutic drugs and of being tracked by magnetic resonance imaging ...

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Engineers aim to pioneer tissue-engineering approach to TMJ disorders

Here's something to chew on: One in four people are impacted by defects of the temporomandibularor jawjoint. Despite the pervasiveness of this affliction, treatments are lacking, and many ...

15 hours ago from Medical Xpress

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Gold nanoparticles to facilitate in-situ detection of amplified DNA at room temperature

Detecting a single DNA sequence demands high sensitivity. DNA amplification is used to generate thousands of DNA copies so that it can be easily detected and identified. To do so, scientists ...

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New High-Purity Acids Add Breadth to Chemicals Portfolio for Trace Elemental Analysis

Thermo Scientific ICP-OES acids tested for elemental impurities in the low parts-per-billion range

17 hours ago from The Scientist

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Structural basis of lipopolysaccharide extraction by the LptB2FGC complex

Structural basis of lipopolysaccharide extraction by the LptB2FGC complexStructural basis of lipopolysaccharide extraction by the LptB<sub>2</sub>FGC complex, Published ...

17 hours ago from Nature News

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Researchers develop sensor to detect brain disorders in seconds

Using nanotechnology, UCF researchers have developed the first rapid detector for dopamine, a chemical that is believed to play a role in various diseases such as Parkinson's, depression and ...

Tue 19 Mar 19 from

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Smarter drug release thanks to control over encapsulation

Researchers at Eindhoven University of Technology and Utrecht University have discovered the parameters that govern the encapsulation of drugs. This gives more control over the slow and steady ...

Tue 19 Mar 19 from

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Fingerprint Imaging Method Developed for Drug Detection

NewsFingermark imaging as well as drug detection in fingermark residues can combine the chemical information with personal identification.Contributed Author: World ScientificTopics: Imaging

Mon 18 Mar 19 from Laboratory Equipment

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