Image of the Day: Fluorescent Sharks

In the depths of the sea, certain shark species transform the ocean's blue light into a bright green color that only other sharks can see—but how they biofluoresce has previously been unclear. In a study publishing August 8 in the journal iScience, researchers have identified what's responsible for the sharks' bright green hue: a previously unknown family of small-molecule metabolites. Not only is this mechanism of biofluorescence different from how most marine creatures glow, but it may also play other useful roles for the sharks, including helping them identify each other in the ocean and fight against microbial infections.

Image of the Day: Fluorescent Sharks

A newfound family of metabolites emits green light in response to the blue light of the deep ocean, causing certain sharks to glow.

Tue 13 Aug 19 from The Scientist

How These Sharks Glow Neon Green to their Friends

The biofluorescent shark Scyliorhinus retifer. (Credit: David Gruber) (Inside Science) -- When we look at the seafloor, we might not see the bottom-dwelling sharks that blend in with the ...

Fri 9 Aug 19 from Discover Magazine

Do I look glowing to you? Scientists discover how these sharks glow in the dark

Scientists have discovered unique molecules that make two species of shark glow in the dark.

Thu 8 Aug 19 from ABC Science

Some sharks glow in the dark, and now we know why

Researchers discover an entirely new form of marine biofluorescence.

Thu 8 Aug 19 from Cosmos Magazine

Sharks use a special kind of protein to glow green in deep water

Chain catsharks and swell sharks have evolved a special way to glow-in-the-dark skin that is completely different from other biofluorescent marine animals

Thu 8 Aug 19 from Newscientist

Chemists find source of shark fluorescence

Brominated metabolites make sharks glow and have antibiotic properties

Sun 11 Aug 19 from CandEN

Shark skin study illuminates new fluorescent molecules

New family of glowing metabolites help sea bottom dwelling sharks recognise each other

Fri 9 Aug 19 from Chemistry World

Unique molecules allow sharks to glow in the dark

Sharks may glow in order to identify each other in the ocean and fight against microbial infections.

Thu 8 Aug 19 from ZME Science

We now know what causes these two shark species to glow green

A previously unknown family of metabolites may also have antimicrobial properties.

Thu 8 Aug 19 from Ars Technica

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