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Rare earth magnet recycling is a grind, but new process takes a simpler approach

A new recycling process developed at the U.S. Department of Energy's Critical Materials Institute (CMI) turns discarded hard disk drive (HDD) magnets into new magnet material in a few steps, ...

Fri 20 Apr 18 from

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Super Troopers 2 review: Fans get what they paid for in this crowdfunded surprise

A spoiler-free take on how Broken Lizard got just enough right in this comedy sequel.

Sat 21 Apr 18 from Arstechnica

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New discovery in shear-thickening fluids such as detergents

What do paint, dishwasher detergent, ketchup and blood have in common? All are composed of particles suspended in a carrier liquid, flow when stirred or forced, but remain thick or even gel-like ...

Tue 17 Apr 18 from

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Artificial intelligence accelerates discovery of metallic glass

Blend two or three metals together and you get an alloy that usually looks and acts like a metal, with its atoms arranged in rigid geometric patterns.

Fri 13 Apr 18 from

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More organic than thou? Rebel farmers create new food label

Some traditional organic farmers are rebelling against what they see as a dilution of the country's organic standards by creating their own additional organic certification program and label.

Tue 10 Apr 18 from

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3-D printed active metamaterials for sound and vibration control

Researchers have been pushing the capabilities of materials by carefully designing precise structures that exhibit abnormal properties that can control acoustic or optical waves. However, these ...

Thu 12 Apr 18 from TechXplore

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Research reveals new aspects of superconductivity and correlated phenomena

Discovered accidentally over a century ago, the phenomenon of superconductivity inspired a technological revolution. In 1911, while studying the behavior of solid mercury supercooled to 4 K ...

Thu 12 Apr 18 from

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Machine learning offers new way of designing chiral crystals

Engineers and chemists at Hiroshima University successfully used the technology underlying facial recognition to design chiral crystals. This is the first study reporting the use of this technology, ...

Tue 10 Apr 18 from

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Study analyzes the keys to fragmentation of metallic materials

Scientists have analyzed the mechanisms behind the dynamic fragmentation of ductile metallic materials that exhibit large permanent deformations when subjected to severe mechanical loading. ...

Tue 10 Apr 18 from

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Magnetising the non-magnetic, in 2D

Researchers find a possible route to higher capacity hard drives. Phil Dooley reports.

Mon 9 Apr 18 from Cosmos Magazine

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