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NASA creates first 3D-printed rocket part made of two metals

NASA has taken another step forward in 3D printed rocket engines by manufacturing and testing an igniter prototype using two distinct metal allows. Using an advanced laser printing method, ...

Thu 21 Sep 17 from Gizmag

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New analysis explains role of defects in metal oxides

Sometimes things that are technically defects, such as imperfections in a material's crystal lattice, can actually produce changes in properties that open up new kinds of useful applications. ...

Thu 21 Sep 17 from

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New insights into nanocrystal growth in liquid

Many seashells, minerals, and semiconductor nanomaterials are made up of smaller crystals, which are assembled together like the pieces of a puzzle. Now, researchers have measured the forces ...

Thu 14 Sep 17 from

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Researchers lay groundwork to better understanding optical properties of glass

Glass is everywhere. Whether someone is gazing out a window or scrolling through a smartphone, odds are that there is a layer of glass between them and whatever it is they're looking at.

Wed 13 Sep 17 from

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Imaging how magnetism goes surfing

Using advanced dynamic imaging, researchers have been able to visualise deformation (sound) waves in crystals and measured the effect on nanomagnetic elements. This offers new low power magnetization ...

Wed 13 Sep 17 from

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Bats fail to detect smooth, vertical surfaces when they are in a rush

Sometimes bats perceive a smooth, vertical surface as an open pathway, a dangerous error near buildings with glass facades, shown by injured or dead bats next to birds found underneath. The ...

Fri 8 Sep 17 from

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Chaudhuri named Director of Manufacturing Science and Engineering at Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne National Laboratory announces the appointment of Santanu Chaudhuri, Ph.D., as the Director of the Laboratory's new Manufacturing Science and Engineering initiative, effective Sept. 14, ...

Thu 14 Sep 17 from Newswise

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Team efforts accelerate 3-D printing journey

With the development of additive manufacturingoften referred to as 3-D printingengineers are limited only by their imaginationand the quality of the part that they can produce. By heating ...

Thu 7 Sep 17 from TechXplore

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Gel-like ice is the lightest form of water ever discovered

A type of simulated water ice has a molecular structure so sparse its like frozen candy floss, making it the lightest type of ice weve ever seen

Fri 8 Sep 17 from Newscientist

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Fluorescent crystal mystery solved

A decades-old mystery of why a naturally-occurring organic crystal fluoresces blue under ultra-violet light, yet when grown under laboratory conditions fluoresces with an intense green colour, ...

Thu 31 Aug 17 from

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