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A four-way switch promises greater tunability of layered materials

A scientific team from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Vanderbilt University has made the first experimental observation of a material phase that had been predicted ...

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Foam offers way to manipulate light

There is more to foam than meets the eye. Literally. A study by Princeton scientists has shown that a type of foam long studied by scientists is able to block particular wavelengths of light, ...

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Using aluminum and lasers to make bendable glass

An international team of researchers has found a way to make bendable glass using lasers fired at crystalline aluminum oxide. In their paper published in the journal Science, the group describes ...

Fri 15 Nov 19 from

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Lead becomes stronger than steel under extreme pressures

Lead is a soft metal, easily scratched with a fingernail. But that changes dramatically when the metal is compressed under high pressures.

16 hours ago from ScienceNews

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Perovskite solar cells: Possible aspects of high efficiency uncovered

Solar cells based on perovskites have reached enormously high efficiencies within only a few years. Those with hybrid halide perovskite, i.e. materials containing inorganic and organic components, ...

Wed 13 Nov 19 from

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Metal industry is about to undergo one of the greatest upheavals in history, expert says

Metallic materials are the backbone of modern economies. However, large quantities of CO2 are produced during their production and processing. The metal industry must therefore use more climate-friendly ...

Tue 12 Nov 19 from

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Non-volatile control of magnetic anisotropy through change of electric polarization

Researchers at Kanazawa University controlled the magnetic properties of a metal layer through the electrical polarization of a neighboring metal oxide layer. Computational simulations and experimental ...

Mon 11 Nov 19 from

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Recycling plastic bottles is good, but reusing them is better

Last week Woolworths announced a new food delivery system, in collaboration with US company TerraCycle, that delivers grocery essentials in reusable packaging.

Tue 5 Nov 19 from

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New photonic liquid crystals could lead to next-generation displays

A new technique to change the structure of liquid crystals could lead to the development of fast-responding liquid crystals suitable for next generation displays3-D, augmented and virtual realityand ...

Fri 8 Nov 19 from

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Soft microbots programmed by nanomagnets

Nature, Published online: 06 November 2019; doi:10.1038/d41586-019-03363-0Arrays of nanoscale magnets have been constructed to form the magnetized panels of microscopic robots ...

Wed 6 Nov 19 from Nature News

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