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Designing new materials from 'small' data

Finding new functional materials is always tricky. But searching for very specific properties among a relatively small family of known materials is even more difficult.

Fri 17 Feb 17 from

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Researchers discover method to replicate nature's ability to reflect light to develop innovative materials

Researchers from the University of Surrey have developed an innovative new technique to mimic one of nature's greatest achievements natural structural colour.

Fri 17 Feb 17 from

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Heliums inertness defied by high-pressure compound

At pressures over a million atmospheres, helium reacts with sodium.

Fri 17 Feb 17 from ScienceNews

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New theory explains why the Earth's core doesn't melt

Geologists estimate that the Earth's core is a sweltering 5,700 K (5,427 C, 9,800 F), putting it about on par with the surface of the Sun and yet the inner core is a solid ball of ...

Thu 16 Feb 17 from Gizmag

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Blocking the symmetry of motion

First mechanical metamaterial to overcome reciprocity

Wed 15 Feb 17 from Physics World

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Researchers looking at how brittle materials fail

If you want to see what happens if your phone falls onto concrete, you can actually drop it or let an engineer work out the consequences in advance.

Tue 14 Feb 17 from

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Researchers explain the unique properties of hagfish slime

Hagfish are marine fish shaped like eels, famous for releasing large quantities of "slime" that unfolds, assembles and expands into the surrounding water in response to a threat or a predator's ...

Tue 14 Feb 17 from

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Scientists predict new high-energy compounds

Using theoretical methods, an international group of scientists led by Artem R. Oganov, Professor of Skoltech, Stony Brook University and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology predicted ...

Tue 14 Feb 17 from

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New study of ferroelectrics offers roadmap to multivalued logic for neuromorphic computing

Research published Wednesday, in Nature Scientific Reports lays out a theoretical map to use ferroelectric material to process information using multivalued logic - a leap beyond the simple ...

Fri 10 Feb 17 from

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Scientists make new high-tech liquid materials

Scientists at The Australian National University (ANU) have controlled wave-generated currents to make previously unimaginable liquid materials for new technological innovations, including techniques ...

Thu 9 Feb 17 from

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