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Spike Lee's time-travel drama 'See You Yesterday' comes to Netflix in May

Netflix just released the first trailer for See You Yesterday, a sci-fi drama backed by producer Spike Lee that is set to drop on the streaming service on May 17th. The film follows ...

Mon 22 Apr 19 from Engadget

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Researchers find adding rare-earth element to piezoelectric crystals dramatically improves performance

A team of researchers from China, the U.S. and Australia has found that adding the rare-earth element samarium to piezoelectric crystals can dramatically improve their performance. In their ...

Fri 19 Apr 19 from

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Researcher uses network science to understand how materials work

Network science is how mathematicians and software designers construct complicated social networks like Facebook. But a group of Florida State University researchers has found that these equations ...

Thu 18 Apr 19 from

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Researchers use 3-D printer to print glass

For the first time, researchers have successfully 3-D printed chalcogenide glass, a unique material used to make optical components that operate at mid-infrared wavelengths. The ability to 3-D ...

Thu 18 Apr 19 from TechXplore

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Green material for refrigeration identified

Researchers from the UK and Spain have identified an eco-friendly solid that could replace the inefficient and polluting gases used in most refrigerators and air conditioners.

Thu 18 Apr 19 from

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New method inverts the self-assembly of liquid crystals

In liquid crystals, molecules automatically arrange themselves in an ordered fashion. Researchers from the University of Luxembourg have discovered a method that allows an anti-ordered state, ...

Fri 12 Apr 19 from

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Unexpected properties uncovered in recently discovered superconductor

Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have found that crystals of a recently discovered superconducting material, a layered bismuth chalcogenide with a four-fold symmetric structure, ...

Mon 15 Apr 19 from

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New quantum material could warn of neurological disease

What if the brain could detect its own disease? Researchers have been trying to create a material that "thinks" like the brain does, which would be more sensitive to early signs of neurological ...

Wed 10 Apr 19 from

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Elements can be solid and liquid at the same time, study reveals

Scientists have discovered a new state of physical matter in which atoms can exist as both solid and liquid simultaneously.

Mon 8 Apr 19 from

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Restaurant UNDERs handcrafted tableware celebrates natural materials

When Snhetta designed the spectacular concept for UNDER, the worlds largest underwater restaurant located along a rocky Norwegian shoreline, the renowned architecture firm wanted to reference ...

Fri 12 Apr 19 from Inhabitat

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