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Giant lasers crystallize water with shockwaves, revealing the atomic structure of superionic ice

Scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) used giant lasers to flash-freeze water into its exotic superionic phase and record X-ray diffraction patterns to identify its atomic ...

Thu 9 May 19 from

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Researchers identify rare 2-D insulator with ferromagnetic properties

Collaborating scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and Princeton University have discovered a new layered ferromagnetic semiconductor, ...

Fri 10 May 19 from

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Why the Area Around Notre Dame Is Now Coated with Toxic Levels of Lead

French officials warn that lead levels are sky-high around the burnt cathedral.

Fri 10 May 19 from Livescience

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Behold the mayo: Experiments reveal 'instability threshold' of elastic-plastic material

Arindam Banerjee, an associate professor of mechanical engineering and mechanics at Lehigh University, studies the dynamics of materials in extreme environments. He and his team have built several ...

Wed 8 May 19 from

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New material also reveals new quasiparticles

Researchers at PSI have investigated a novel crystalline material that exhibits electronic properties that have never been seen before. It is a crystal of aluminum and platinum atoms arranged ...

Wed 8 May 19 from

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Bottom-up approach can synthesize microscopic diamonds for bioimaging, quantum computing

Scientists are excited about diamondsnot the types that adorn jewelry, but the microscopic variety that are less than the width of a human hair. These so-called "nanodiamonds" are made up almost ...

Fri 3 May 19 from

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New approach predicts glass' always-evolving behaviors at different temperatures

Not everything about glass is clear. How its atoms are arranged and behave, in particular, is startlingly opaque.

Tue 30 Apr 19 from

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High-efficiency thermoelectric materials: New insights into tin selenide

Tin selenide might considerably exceed the efficiency of current record holding thermoelectric materials made of bismuth telluride. However, it was thought its efficiency increased dramatically ...

Tue 30 Apr 19 from

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Rami Malek Is Your Next James Bond Villain

They dont come at the yearly pace they used to, but you can still always count on a new James Bond movie being just around the corner. And although his record has been […] The post Rami ...

Thu 25 Apr 19 from

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