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Better way found to determine the integrity of metals

Researchers at the University of Waterloo have found a better way to identify atomic structures, an essential step in improving materials selection in the aviation, construction and automotive ...

Mon 30 Jul 18 from

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Extreme conditions in semiconductors

Scientists from the University of Konstanz and Paderborn University have succeeded in producing and demonstrating what is known as Wannier-Stark localization for the first time. In doing so, ...

Mon 30 Jul 18 from

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Scientists create 'impossible' materials in simple way

Scientists from NUST MISIS and colleagues from the University of Bayreuth, the University of Mnster (Germany), the University of Chicago (US), and Linkping University (Sweden) have created ...

Mon 30 Jul 18 from

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Researchers develop a new method to detect nucleation

As a solution evaporates, the dissolved chemicals concentrate until they begin forming a crystal through a process called nucleation. Industries that use small crystals in pharmaceuticals, food ...

Thu 26 Jul 18 from

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Unusual rare earth compound opens doorway to new class of functional materials

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory have discovered an earlier unknown discontinuous magnetoelastic transition in a rare-earth intermetallic. The mechanism of the material's ...

Thu 26 Jul 18 from

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Scientists develop new materials that move in response to light

Researchers at Tufts University School of Engineering have developed magnetic elastomeric composites that move in different ways when exposed to light, raising the possibility that these materials ...

Mon 23 Jul 18 from

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Detecting damages in non-magnetic steel through magnetism

Wear, corrosion, material fatiguethese signs of degradation are common to most materials. This makes it all the more important to detect damage early, preferably on the micro-scale. Magnetic ...

Mon 23 Jul 18 from

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Video: How does air conditioning work?

Air conditioners pull off the seemingly magical feat of making the air inside a home, car or shopping mall deliciously chilly. The source of that sweet relief is chemistry.

Thu 26 Jul 18 from

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3-D X-ray tomography scoops up information about ice cream microstructure

There's nothing quite like an ice cream on a hot day, and eating it before it melts too much is part of the fun. Ice cream is a soft solid, and its appeal is a complex combination of 'mouthfeel', ...

Thu 19 Jul 18 from

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Gorilla Glass to have beefed-up protection for phones to survive oh-no drops

The world's most advanced glass available for smartphones and tablets: that is the way that Corning Gorilla Glass 6 was described by its makers at an event this week.

Fri 20 Jul 18 from TechXplore

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