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Artificial intelligence aids materials fabrication

In recent years, research efforts such as the Materials Genome Initiative and the Materials Project have produced a wealth of computational tools for designing new materials useful for a range ...

Mon 6 Nov 17 from

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Researchers document transformation of graphite into hexagonal diamond

A new study by Washington State University researchers answers longstanding questions about the formation of a rare type of diamond during major meteorite strikes.

Thu 2 Nov 17 from

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Researchers achieve breakthrough in 3-D printed marine grade stainless steel

"Marine grade" stainless steel is valued for its performance under corrosive environments and for its high ductilitythe ability to bend without breaking under stressmaking it a preferred choice ...

Tue 31 Oct 17 from

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Magnetic fabric stores passcodes in your clothes

If you don't like the idea of your boss implanting a chip in your hand to let you open doors and log into office computers, a team from the University of Washington has developed a system ...

Wed 1 Nov 17 from Gizmag

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Researchers create world's first system to measure the force needed to separate a crystal's microscopic layers

Eighty years after the theoretical prediction of the force required to overcome the van der Waals' bonding between layers in a crystal, engineering researchers at Tohoku University have measured ...

Tue 31 Oct 17 from

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Study reveals unknown details about common lithium-ion battery materials

High-performance electrodes for lithium-ion batteries can be improved by paying closer attention to their defectsand capitalizing on them, according to Rice University scientists.

Mon 30 Oct 17 from

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Gradation-tint smart window

NIMS, Waseda University and Tama Art University developed together smart glass capable of producing various shades on its surface. Unlike the conventional types, the newly developed tinting ...

Mon 30 Oct 17 from

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New studies on disordered cathodes may provide much-needed jolt to lithium batteries

Today's lithium-ion battery was invented so long ago, there are not many more efficiencies to wring out of it. Now researchers at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ...

Mon 30 Oct 17 from

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How was the Portland Vase made? New evidence challenges long held theories

One of the prize possessions of the British Museum, the Portland Vase is a work of art so stunning it can stop even the most casual museum browser like a brick wall. But how exactly ...

Sun 29 Oct 17 from Gizmag

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New research findings could lead to safer and more powerful lithium-ion batteries

Virginia Commonwealth University researchers are working to improve conductivity and safety in lithium-ion batteries, which are used to power many electronic devices around the world, including ...

Fri 27 Oct 17 from

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