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Under pressure: a new experimental apparatus gathers more insight on magnetic and superconducting states

It is commonplace to be under pressure at the U.S. Department of Energy's Ames LaboratoryŚ that is, if you happen to be a sample of material undergoing investigation by the lab's condensed matter ...

Wed 6 Nov 19 from

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Stitching it all together: Inspiration for 'tough' and 'self-healing' materials

Imagine you're an astronaut on a spacewalk. You're doing your job when suddenly you get an alert: Your suit is leaking oxygen. Somewhere there's a hole in your suit, a hole so tiny you can't ...

Mon 4 Nov 19 from

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How oxygen destroys the core of important enzymes

New findings are expected to help protect the hydrogen-producing enzymes from harmful oxygenŚwhich is interesting for biotechnological applications.

Mon 4 Nov 19 from

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Scientists develop industrial-strength adhesive which can be unstuck in magnetic field

Researchers at the University of Sussex have developed a glue which can unstick when placed in a magnetic field, meaning products otherwise destined for landfill, could now be dismantled and ...

Mon 4 Nov 19 from

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Molecular jiggling may explain why some solids shrink when heated

Scientists may have figured out how scandium fluoride crystals shrink as temperature rises, possibly leading to new insights into superconductors.

Fri 1 Nov 19 from ScienceNews

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How stabilizing disordered proteins may lead to the next generation of medical applications

Biomedical engineers from Duke University have demonstrated that they can create stable materials from engineered disordered proteins by altering the environmental triggers that cause them to ...

Wed 30 Oct 19 from

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Latest 'Marvel's Avengers' trailer shows how gameplay works

Marvel's Avengers won't arrive for another six months, but Crystal Dynamics has already offered some details on its features, including customizable abilities through skill ...

Wed 30 Oct 19 from Engadget

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First stable solid pentavalent plutonium compound stumbled upon by chance

Never-before-seen form of plutonium could shake up models of how radioactive contaminants disperse in the environment

Fri 1 Nov 19 from Chemistry World

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Order emerging from disorder

Thu 31 Oct 19 from Science Now

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Magnets sustainably separate mixtures of rare earth metals

A new study describes a novel approach for purifying rare earth metals, crucial components of technology that require environmentally-damaging mining procedures. By relying on the metal's magnetic ...

Thu 24 Oct 19 from

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