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Light from an exotic crystal semiconductor could lead to better solar cells

Scientists have found a new way to control light emitted by exotic crystal semiconductors, which could lead to more efficient solar cells and other advances in electronics, according to a Rutgers-led ...

Wed 6 Mar 19 from

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Scientists study neutron scattering for researching magnetic materials

Physicists from the University of Luxembourg and their research partners have demonstrated for the first time in a comprehensive study how magnetic materials can be examined using neutron scattering ...

Wed 6 Mar 19 from

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New material could mean fewer trips to the dentist's office

A compound used to make car bumpers strong and protect wood decks could prevent return visits to the dentist's office.

Mon 4 Mar 19 from Medical Xpress

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Researchers use machine learning to more quickly analyze key capacitor materials

Capacitors, given their high energy output and recharging speed, could play a major role in powering the machines of the future, from electric cars to cell phones.

Mon 4 Mar 19 from

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Balloons the biggest risk to seabirds

Soft plastics mistaken as food cause fatal obstructions, research shows. Nick Carne reports.

Fri 1 Mar 19 from Cosmos Magazine

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What causes that peak? Answering a long-standing question for covalent liquids

Materials that have a disordered structure with no regular repeating pattern are described as amorphous. Such materials can be found in nature and also have a variety of applications in technology. ...

Fri 1 Mar 19 from

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Researchers observe the reaction of silicate glass with aqueous solutions in real time

Silicate glass has many applications, including use as a nuclear waste form to immobilize radioactive elements from spent fuel. However, it has one disadvantageit corrodes when it comes into ...

Thu 28 Feb 19 from

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Good news for future tech: Exotic 'topological' materials are surprisingly common

In a major step forward for an area of research that earned the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics, an international team has found that substances with exotic electronic behaviors called topological ...

Wed 27 Feb 19 from

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Electrically-heated silicate glass appears to defy Joule's first law

Characterizing and predicting how electrically-heated silicate glass behaves is important because it is used in a variety of devices that drive technical innovations. Silicate glass is used ...

Tue 26 Feb 19 from

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Finding keyholes in metals 3-D printing

Additive manufacturing's promise to revolutionize industry is constrained by a widespread problem: tiny gas pockets in the final product, which can lead to cracks and other failures.

Fri 22 Feb 19 from TechXplore

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