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A green transformation for pharmaceuticals

Waste is reduced through the cheap and green development of a catalyst for the transformation of a commercially important functional group

Fri 21 Nov 14 from

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CP light creates chiral nanostructures

Circularly polarized light can produce right- or left-handed twisted nanoribbons.

Fri 21 Nov 14 from Nanotechweb

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Using nanoparticles to better protect industrial applications

An innovative high temperature multi-purpose coating – designed to protect industrial components against heat and oxidation – is currently being trialled on various applications. The coating, ...

Thu 20 Nov 14 from

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Paper electronics could make health care more accessible

Flexible electronic sensors based on paper—an inexpensive material—have the potential to some day cut the price of a wide range of medical tools, from helpful robots to diagnostic tests. Scientists ...

Wed 19 Nov 14 from

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Streamlining thin film processing saves time, energy

Energy storage devices and computer screens may seem worlds apart, but they're not.

Wed 19 Nov 14 from

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Scientists get to the heart of fool's gold as a solar material

As the installation of photovoltaic solar cells continues to accelerate, scientists are looking for inexpensive materials beyond the traditional silicon that can efficiently convert sunlight ...

Tue 18 Nov 14 from

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From dried cod to tissue sample preservation

Could human tissue samples be dried for storage, instead of being frozen? Researchers are looking at the salt cod industry for a potential tissue sample drying technology that could save money ...

Wed 19 Nov 14 from

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Starfish made of feather-light foam wins photo prize

With its spindly neon tendrils, a false-coloured image of graphene foam, stripped of its skeleton, has won first prize in an annual engineering photo competition

Tue 18 Nov 14 from Newscientist

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New nanocomposites for aerospace and automotive industries

The Center for Research in Advanced Materials (CIMAV) has developed reinforced graphite nanoplatelets seeking to improve the performance of solar cell materials.

Tue 18 Nov 14 from

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Graphene / nanotube hybrid benefits flexible solar cells

( —Rice University scientists have invented a novel cathode that may make cheap, flexible dye-sensitized solar cells practical.

Mon 17 Nov 14 from

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