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A Shampoo Bottle That Empties Completely-Every Last Drop

Researchers at The Ohio State University have found a way to create the perfect texture inside plastic bottles to let soap products flow freely.

8 hours ago from Newswise

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Flower power—photovoltaic cells replicate rose petals

With a surface resembling that of plants, solar cells improve light-harvesting and thus generate more power. Scientists of KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) reproduced the epidermal cells ...

Fri 24 Jun 16 from

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Borophene could be an extraordinary sodium anode material for sodium-based batteries

Sodium-based batteries are a prospective alternative to lithium-based batteries due to the abundance and low price of sodium. However, finding a suitable anode material has been a longstanding ...

Fri 24 Jun 16 from

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GraphExeter material illuminates bright new future for flexible lighting devices

Researchers from the University of Exeter have pioneered an innovative new technique to make flexible screens more effective and efficient.

Thu 23 Jun 16 from

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New technique turns common plastic waste into fuel

Polyethylene, the plastic and its derivatives used in making the majority of the world's disposable beverage containers, is produced at a staggering volume of over 100 million metric ...

Wed 22 Jun 16 from Gizmag

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Soft decoupling of organic molecules on metal

An international team has discovered an elegant way to decouple organic nanosheets grown on metal surfaces. After iodine intercalation, measurements at the synchrotron source BESSY II of Helmholtz-Zentrum ...

Wed 22 Jun 16 from

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AgBiS2 nanocrystals make 'green' solar cells

New, efficient, devices are environmentally friendly and can be produced at low temperatures.

Wed 22 Jun 16 from Nanotechweb

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How water droplets freeze: The physics of ice and snow

Freezing water is a central issue for climate, geology and life. On earth, ice and snow cover 10 percent of the land and up to half of the northern hemisphere in winter. Polar ice caps reflect ...

Tue 21 Jun 16 from

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Hair on Demand: Researchers Create 3D-Printed Fur

3D-printed hair might not make a good wig, but it could be useful in many other ways.

Wed 22 Jun 16 from Livescience

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Ultra-thin solar cells can bend around a pencil

Scientists in South Korea have made ultra-thin photovoltaics flexible enough to wrap around the average pencil. The bendy solar cells could power wearable electronics like fitness trackers and ...

Mon 20 Jun 16 from

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