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Sodium's explosive secrets revealed

The spectacular reaction of alkali metals with water was poorly understood — despite being a staple of chemistry classes.

2 hours ago from Nature News

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Programmed synthesis towards multi-substituted benzene derivatives

Chemists at the Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM), Nagoya University and the JST-ERATO Project have developed a new method to accomplish the programmed synthesis of benzene derivatives ...

2 hours ago from

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'Predicted' zeolites may fuel efficient processes

(—Scientists at Rice University and the University of Minnesota have identified synthetic materials that may purify ethanol more efficiently and greatly improve the separation of long-chain ...

Fri 23 Jan 15 from

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The latest fashion: Graphene edges can be tailor-made

Theoretical physicists at Rice University are living on the edge as they study the astounding properties of graphene. In a new study, they figure out how researchers can fracture graphene nanoribbons ...

Fri 23 Jan 15 from

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Video: Fascinating new metal makes water bounce off it

Scientists at the University of Rochester in New York have altered metals to become so water-repellent that liquid quite literally will bounce off their surfaces without the use of additional ...

Thu 22 Jan 15 from The Independent

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New technique helps probe performance of organic solar cell materials

A research team led by North Carolina State University has developed a new technique for determining the role that a material's structure has on the efficiency of organic solar cells, which ...

Fri 23 Jan 15 from

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Gold 'nano-drills'

Spherical gold particles are able to 'drill' a nano-diameter tunnel in ceramic material when heated. This is an easy and attractive way to equip chips with nanopores for DNA analysis, for example. ...

Thu 22 Jan 15 from

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Nanotechnology changes behavior of materials

One of the reasons solar cells are not used more widely is cost—the materials used to make them most efficient are expensive. Engineers are exploring ways to print solar cells from inks, but ...

Fri 23 Jan 15 from

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Transparent artificial nacre: A brick wall at the nanoscale

Natural materials have extraordinary mechanical properties, which are based on sophisticated arrangements and combinations of multiple building blocks. One key aspect of today's materials research ...

Thu 22 Jan 15 from

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A contractile gel that stores light energy

Living systems have the ability to produce collective molecular motions that have an effect at the macroscale, such as a muscle that contracts via the concerted action of protein motors. In ...

Tue 20 Jan 15 from

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