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Researchers create artificial mother-of-pearl using bacteria

The strongest synthetic materials are often those that intentionally mimic nature.

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Working out makes hydrogels perform more like muscle

Human skeletal muscles have a unique combination of properties that materials researchers seek for their own creations. They're strong, soft, full of water, and resistant to fatigue. A new study ...

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Heterogeneous catalyst goes enzymatic

What if there were no tunnels in the Swiss Alps? Anyone trying to travel through them would have to go up and down hills and zigzag around the ranges. A lot more energy and time is saved by ...

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New device paves the way to 3-D-printed organs, food

More than 113,000 people are currently on the national transplant list. And with a shortage of donors, this means that about 20 people will die every day while waiting for an organ, according ...

Mon 22 Apr 19 from TechXplore

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How slippery surfaces allow sticky pastes and gels to slide

An MIT research team that has already conquered the problem of getting ketchup out of its bottle has now tackled a new category of consumer and manufacturing woe: how to get much thicker materials ...

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Wristband samplers show similar chemical exposure across three continents

To assess differences and trends in personal chemical exposure, Oregon State University researchers deployed chemical-sampling wristbands to individuals on three continents.

Mon 22 Apr 19 from

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Catalyst renders nerve agents harmless

A team of scientists including researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory has studied a catalyst that decomposes nerve agents, eliminating their harmful ...

Mon 22 Apr 19 from

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Modified 'white graphene' for eco-friendly energy

Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU), together with colleagues from the United States and Germany, have found a way to obtain inexpensive catalysts from hexagonal boron nitride ...

Mon 22 Apr 19 from

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From nata de coco to computer screens: Cellulose gets a chance to shine

A team at the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research at Osaka University has determined the optical parameters of cellulose molecules with unprecedented precision. They found that cellulose's ...

Fri 19 Apr 19 from

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Scientists developing technology for water purification by electric discharges

The environment around us is becoming increasingly polluted. This includes one of our most precious natural resourceswater. Clean water is essential to human survival. Due to increased pollution, ...

Wed 17 Apr 19 from

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