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Chemists eye improved thin films with metal substitution

The yield so far is small, but chemists at the University of Oregon have developed a low-energy, solution-based mineral substitution process to make a precursor to transparent thin films that ...

Mon 21 Jul 14 from

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Highly efficient nanoparticles could bring down the cost of fuel cells

( —Fuel cells are a promising, non-polluting way to power cars, but their platinum catalysts are so expensive that there's no way current technology could be economically scaled up ...

17 hours ago from

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Lead in hunting bullets is dispensable – study proves suitability of alternatives

A new study concerning terminal ballistics of lead-containing and lead-free bullets shows that both materials are equally suitable for hunting in accordance with animal welfare. Lead-free bullets ...

18 hours ago from

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A noble gas cage: New material traps gases from nuclear fuel better

When nuclear fuel gets recycled, the process releases radioactive krypton and xenon gases. Naturally occurring uranium in rock contaminates basements with the related gas radon. A new porous ...

Sun 20 Jul 14 from

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That Horrible Moment When You're Stuck On The Bowl Without Toilet Paper

 You’ve been there. At a friendly gathering, slowing removing yourself to take care of personal business in the restroom. Your mind wanders as you relieve yourself, only to notice ...

Mon 21 Jul 14 from TechCrunch

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LEDs shine in bedding plant production study

Growers of annual bedding plant seedlings or plugs work to produce compact, fully rooted transplants with a large stem diameter and high root dry mass—qualities that make seedlings less susceptible ...

Mon 21 Jul 14 from

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NSF Awards $360,000 Grant for Study on Metal Stainless Alloy Nanostructures

A chemist in Syracuse University's College of Arts and Sciences has received a major grant to study the synthesis of stainless nanoparticles. Mathew M. Maye, associate professor of chemistry, ...

22 hours ago from AZoNano

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New discovery could pave the way for glues that stick like barnacles

If you place pretty much any type of solid material in the ocean, barnacles will firmly attach themselves to it. If you were to try applying a glue to any of those materials while they were ...

Fri 18 Jul 14 from Gizmag

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Researchers develop tool to predict the level of driver discomfort caused by LED lighting

( —Long hours of nighttime driving can cause eyestrain because while our vision adapts to the surrounding darkness, the sudden stabs of brightness from streetlamps can be irritating, ...

Fri 18 Jul 14 from

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