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The Rocketeer is getting a reboot starring a black female pilot

Disney has plans to reboot its 1991 cult classic The Rocketeer — but with a modern twist. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the studio is developing the movie, this time called ...

58 minutes ago from The Verge

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An extraordinary standard: New NIST protein could spur biopharmaceutical innovation

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has issued one of the world's most intricate measurement standards: an exhaustively analyzed antibody protein that the biopharmaceutical ...

4 hours ago from

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Stanford chemists craft catalyst for making biodegradable plastics

The development of petroleum-based plastics is one of the crowning achievements of the 20th century, but they come with a hefty cost.

7 hours ago from

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Squishy cubes with a secret smile could be used for prosthetics

A rubber metamaterial that reveals hidden patterns when squashed could help build artificial limbs that move in the right direction

24 hours ago from Newscientist

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Scientists change properties of zeolites to improve hemodialysis

Scientists of Tomsk State University are working on changing physicochemical properties of zeolites using thermal and mechanical treatment. Based on the results of this research, scientists ...

7 hours ago from

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Graphene-based sheets make dirty water drinkable simply and cheaply

Engineers at the Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) have developed graphene-based biofoam sheets that can be laid on dirty or salty dams and ponds to produce clean drinking water, ...

14 hours ago from Gizmag

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Novel porous materials made from flexible "spaghetti-like" molecules

Known for their extraordinary surface area, a sugar packet equivalent of metal-organic framework provides a city block (2.5 acres) of area to absorb gas or catalyze reactions. The challenge ...

Wed 27 Jul 16 from

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Serendipitous observation may lead to more efficient solar cells and new gas sensors

While investigating perovskite crystals, University of Groningen scientists made an observation that could make perovskite solar cells more efficient. It could also lead to new sensors for oxygen ...

24 hours ago from

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New catalyst for hydrogen production

With the aid of platinum catalysts, it is possible to efficiently produce hydrogen. However, this metal is rare and expensive. Researchers have discovered an alternative that is just as good, ...

Wed 27 Jul 16 from

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Watering solar cells makes them grow... in power

Perovskite solar cells are the rising star in the photovoltaic landscape. Since their invention, less than ten years ago, their efficiency has doubled twice and it is now over 22% - an astonishing ...

Wed 27 Jul 16 from

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