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Way cheaper catalyst may lower fuel costs for hydrogen-powered cars

Sandia National Laboratories researchers seeking to make hydrogen a less expensive fuel for cars have upgraded a catalyst nearly as cheap as dirt—molybdenum disulfide, "molly" for short—to stand ...

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Patched atoms: Energy researchers discover new structure for bimetallic catalysts

In the world of catalytic science and technology, the hunt is always on for catalysts that are inexpensive, highly active, and environmentally friendly.

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Professor solves 140-year fluid mechanics enigma

A Purdue University researcher has solved a 140-year-old enigma in fluid mechanics: Why does a simple formula describe the seemingly complex physics for the behavior of elliptical particles ...

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New surfaces delay ice formation

If you've ever waited on an airport runway for your plane to be de-iced, had to remove all your food so the freezer could defrost, or arrived late to work because you had to scrape the sheet ...

Tue 6 Oct 15 from

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Billionaire Peter Thiel Invests In The War On Aging, Detecting Spoiled Food, And More

NanoGriptech NanoGriptech created dry adhesives, which are reusable and don't leave any residue, by recreating microstructures found on Gecko toes. Earlier this ...

Tue 6 Oct 15 from Popular Science

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Super yellow blends for light efficiency

A blend of two polymers can be used to boost the efficiency of LEDs (light-emitting diodes), according to a research study published in the journal Applied Materials Today. Richard Friend of ...

Tue 6 Oct 15 from

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Like biological channels, graphene pores are selective for certain types of ions

The surface of a single cell contains hundreds of tiny pores, or ion channels, each of which is a portal for specific ions. Ion channels are typically about 1 nanometer wide; by maintaining ...

Mon 5 Oct 15 from

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Flame retardant breakthrough is naturally derived and nontoxic

Inspired by a naturally occurring material found in marine mussels, researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have created a new flame retardant to replace commercial additives that are ...

Mon 5 Oct 15 from

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Heating up hair science

West Lafayette, IND (Reuters) Tahira Reid loves science. So she decided to use that passion to study one of her biggest causes of anxiety. 

Mon 5 Oct 15 from Reuters

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Researchers find 'greener' way to assemble materials for solar applications

The efficiency of solar cells depends on precise engineering of polymers that assemble into films 1,000 times thinner than a human hair.

Mon 5 Oct 15 from

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