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Microplastics from the washing machine

We know about the disastrous ways in which plastic affects the world's oceans. Billions of pieces of plastic are floating in the oceans. Their effects are also sufficiently well-known: marine ...

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Moisture-responsive 'robots' crawl with no external power source

Using an off-the-shelf camera flash, researchers turned an ordinary sheet of graphene oxide into a material that bends when exposed to moisture. They then used this material to make a spider-like ...

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Enhanced stability in the presence of water could help reduce smokestack emissions of greenhouse gases

Heat and humidity can harm materials. The conditions inside smokestacks often damage materials that could remove carbon dioxide. This is especially true for metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), ...

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Manipulating Earth-abundant materials to harness the sun's energy

Depositing one layer of atoms at a time can result in materials that greatly improve fuel cells, batteries and other devices. In this research, scientists precisely added chromium to iron oxides ...

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Self-folding origami: Chemical programming allows Nafion sheets to fold and refold

Plastic with a thousand faces: A single piece of Nafion foil makes it possible to produce a broad palette of complex 3D structures. In the journal Angewandte Chemie, researchers describe how ...

Fri 23 Jun 17 from

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New efficient, low-temperature catalyst for hydrogen production

Scientists have developed a new low-temperature catalyst for producing high-purity hydrogen gas while simultaneously using up carbon monoxide (CO). The discovery-described in a paper set to ...

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New technique to produce more durable and longer lasting lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are used to power many things from mobile phones, laptops, tablets to electric cars. But they have some drawbacks, including limited energy storage, low durability and ...

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Sea sponges stay put with anchors that bend but don't break

Sea sponges known as Venus' flower baskets remain fixed to the sea floor with nothing more than an array of thin, hair-like anchors made essentially of glass. It's an important job, and new ...

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Researchers develop catalyst that mimics the Z-scheme of photosynthesis

A team of chemists from the University of Kentucky and the Institute of Physics Research of Mar del Plata in Argentina has just reported a way to trigger a fundamental step in the mechanism ...

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Kickstarter Goes for Gold With New Takes on Old Projects

Kickstarter is bringing back some golden oldies this summer. The crowdfunding service on Tuesday launched Kickstarter Gold: a 40-day program spotlighting new projects by some of the site’s ...

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