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Graphene-spiked Silly Putty picks up human pulse

'G-putty' is so sensitive that it can track even the steps of a small spider.

20 hours ago from Nature News

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Jumping water striders know how to avoid breaking of the water surface

Water striders spend all their life on the surface of water, and the secrets of their ability to "skate" on the water surface have been discovered more than a decade ago. It is only recently ...

Thu 8 Dec 16 from

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"Programmable" cement particles make for stronger concrete

The modern world is likely home to more concrete jungles than natural ones, and although we've been using the material for hundreds of years, the recipe can always use some improvement. ...

Wed 7 Dec 16 from Gizmag

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Scientists track chemical and structural evolution of catalytic nanoparticles in 3-D

Catalysts are at the heart of fuel cells-devices that convert hydrogen and oxygen to water and enough electricity to power vehicles for hundreds of miles. But finding effective, inexpensive ...

Thu 8 Dec 16 from

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Machine learning enables predictive modeling of 2-D materials

Machine learning, a field focused on training computers to recognize patterns in data and make new predictions, is helping doctors more accurately diagnose diseases and stock analysts forecast ...

Wed 7 Dec 16 from

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Prof Steve WaiChing Sun Wins Air Force's Young Investigator Program Award

Columbia Engineering Prof Steve WaiChing Sun has won the Air Force's Young Investigator Program Award to model load response of granular materials; he is leading a combined experiential-modeling ...

17 hours ago from Newswise

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Researcher shows method for controlled growth of porous crystalline materials

Porous crystals called metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) consist of metallic intersections with organic molecules as connecting elements. Thanks to their high porosity, MOFs have an extremely ...

Wed 7 Dec 16 from

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Successful synthesis of pure organic molecules that shows metallic conduction under ambient pressure

For the first time in the world, a research team has designed and fabricated single-component organic molecules that are conductive like metal under normal pressure, despite the fact that the ...

Thu 8 Dec 16 from ScienceDaily

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Low-cost paper-based skin patch monitors dehydration by changing color from sweat

Researchers have developed a low-cost skin patch that changes color to indicate different levels of hydration, representing a potential new medical technology.

Tue 6 Dec 16 from TechXplore

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Researchers develop a simple processing technique that could cut the cost of organic photovoltaics

With a new technique for manufacturing single-layer organic polymer solar cells, scientists at UC Santa Barbara and three other universities might very well move organic photovoltaics into a ...

Mon 5 Dec 16 from

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