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Researchers look to the boxfish for new body armor materials

Researchers from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) are taking inspiration from nature in the search for new materials that could one day be used to create body armor. The ...

16 hours ago from Gizmag

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Slaughterhouse Scraps Can Be Used to Make Mittens

Swiss scientists discovered a way to warm your hands with slaughterhouse scraps, and it's not as gross as it sounds. The butchering process yields a host of byproducts that'll never be sold ...

16 hours ago from Discover Magazine

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Sol-gel capacitor dielectric offers record-high energy storage

Using a hybrid silica sol-gel material and self-assembled monolayers of a common fatty acid, researchers have developed a new capacitor dielectric material that provides an electrical energy ...

1 hours ago from

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Don't call them stiff: Metal organic frameworks show unexpected flexibility

Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are proving to be incredibly flexible with a myriad of potential applications including as antimicrobial agents, hydrogen-storage materials and solar-cell components. ...

24 hours ago from

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Carbon nanotube speakers play music with heat

Troy Bouman reaches over, presses play, and the loudspeaker sitting on the desk starts playing the university fight song. But this is no ordinary loudspeaker. This is a carbon nanotube transducer—and ...

Tue 28 Jul 15 from

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New captcha uses metal band logos to filter out bots

CAPTCHAs scattered around the web help to lessen the influence of bots, but they also serve to enrage many of the humans who are forced to use them. Now there’s an extremely metal alternative, ...

Tue 28 Jul 15 from

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Paul Alivisatos Honored with Tsinghua University Press – Springer Nano Research Award

Paul Alivisatos, Director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California (UC) Berkeley's Samsung Distinguished Professor of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, ...

2 hours ago from AZoNano

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Making polymers from a greenhouse gas

A future where power plants feed their carbon dioxide directly into an adjacent production facility instead of spewing it up a chimney and into the atmosphere is definitely possible, because ...

Tue 28 Jul 15 from

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Close-up film shows for the first time how ants use 'combs' and 'brushes' to keep their antennae clean

Using unique mechanical experiments and close-up video, Cambridge researchers have shown how ants use microscopic 'combs' and 'brushes' to keep their antennae clean, which could have applications ...

Tue 28 Jul 15 from

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Acetic acid as a proton shuttle in gold chemistry

A recently published study gives a vivid example of unusual chemical reactivity associated with organogold complexes. Using modern physical methods and computational studies, the authors propose ...

Fri 24 Jul 15 from

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