PrEP implementation is associated with a rapid decline in new HIV infections

A couple of years ago, Dyson attempted to modernize and revolutionize the hair dryer, which they did although it did not come cheap, but it seems that the companyís attempts to revolutionize the hair industry isnít quite over yet as Dyson has since taken the wraps off the Airwrap.This is a hair curler that attempts to solve some of the problems with existing models, namely the heating issue where if hair curlers go above 300 degrees Fahrenheit, it can cause permanent damage to oneís hair. How theyíve managed to achieve this is by using tightly controlled streams of air and also the physics phenomenon Coanda Effect.This helps create a circular motion around the barrel of the curler along with a mini vortex, which will automatically wrap strands of hair around it and combine that with the heat, it will help to curl hair. Dyson claims that because of this design, curling your hair will be much easier to do at home, and also reduces the risk of accidentally burning yourself.There will be a bunch of different acc

PrEP implementation is associated with a rapid decline in new HIV infections

Study from Australia is the first to evaluate a population-level roll-out of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in men who have sex with men.

Wed 17 Oct 18 from Medical Xpress

Cancer patients with rare deadly brain infection treated successfully with off-the-shelf adoptive T-cell therapy

An emerging treatment known as adoptive T-cell therapy has proven effective in a Phase II clinical trial for treating progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML), a rare and often fatal ...

Thu 11 Oct 18 from Medical Xpress

Dyson Airwrap: Vacuum company reveals new tool that uses super-fast motor to style your hair

It follows the company's popular and expensive hairdryer, and comes as it works on a car

Wed 10 Oct 18 from The Independent

Breast cancer drug could be used to treat life-threatening leukaemia

A recently-approved breast cancer drug could be used to target and treat a life-threatening leukaemia, new research has revealed.

Tue 9 Oct 18 from Medical Xpress

HIV prevention drugs could dramatically cut new infections

(Reuters Health) - An HIV-prevention drug pill, dubbed PrEP, dramatically reduced new infections in a large group of high risk gay men, Australian researchers report.

Wed 17 Oct 18 from Reuters

Dysonís got a $500 air-powered curling iron

Wed 10 Oct 18 from TechCrunch

The $500 Dyson Airwrap styler vacuums up wet hair to curl it

Dyson has announced its second beauty gadget since the Supersonic, with a hair curler that relies on air rather than extreme temperatures. The product, called the Airwrap styler, ...

Tue 9 Oct 18 from The Verge

Dyson Airwrap can curl or straighten your hair using less heat

Having already worked on 1,600 kilometers worth of real human hair, Dyson obviously wasn't going to stop at its Supersonic hair dryer. In fact, the engineers have found a new purpose ...

Tue 9 Oct 18 from Engadget

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