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Scientists roll 2-D cadmium telluride into nanoscrolls

A team of scientists from the Faculty of Chemistry and the Faculty of Materials Science, MSU, together with foreign colleagues, discovered that two-dimensional sheets of cadmium telluride can ...

Tue 24 Apr 18 from

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Theodore Cohen

Sun 22 Apr 18 from CandEN

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Scientists create gold nanoparticles in water

An experiment that, by design, was not supposed to turn up anything of note instead produced a "bewildering" surprise, according to the Stanford scientists who made the discovery: a new way ...

Thu 19 Apr 18 from

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Peptide induces chirality evolution in a single gold nanoparticle

For the first time, scientists have successfully created optically active, chiral gold nanoparticles using amino acids and peptides. Many chemicals significant to life have mirror-image twins ...

Thu 19 Apr 18 from

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New theory shows how strain makes for better catalysts

Brown University researchers have developed a new theory to explain why stretching or compressing metal catalysts can make them perform better. The theory, described in the journal Nature Catalysis, ...

Fri 20 Apr 18 from

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Spider silk key to new bone-fixing composite

UConn researchers have created a biodegradable composite made of silk fibers that can be used to repair broken load-bearing bones without the complications sometimes presented by other materials.

Thu 19 Apr 18 from

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Ancient reaction inspires method for making porous catalysts???

A nontoxic variation on the pharaohs snakes reaction yields high-surface-area catalysts for fuel cells??

Sun 22 Apr 18 from CandEN

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MIT researchers develop scalable manufacturing process for graphene sheets

Among the almost limitless use cases for commercial-scale graphene is filtration. MIT engineers say they've now developed a scalable production process for precisely tailored graphene ...

Wed 18 Apr 18 from Gizmag

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Porous salts for fuel cells

Scientists have developed a new class of crystalline porous organic salts with high proton conductivity for applications such as proton-exchange membranes for fuel cells. As reported in the ...

Thu 19 Apr 18 from

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This 2-D nanosheet expands like a Grow Monster

Grow Monsters. Expandable water toys. Whatever you call them, they're plastic-like figurines that swell when placed in water.

Wed 18 Apr 18 from

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