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High magnetic field of 10T during activated carbon production improves micropore capacity by 35%

Carbon materials such as nanotubes, graphene, activated carbon and graphite are in high demand. Demand is forecast to continue to increase because carbon materials have many beneficial uses ...

Wed 17 Jul 19 from

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Research shows black plastics could create renewable energy

Research from Swansea University has found how plastics commonly found in food packaging can be recycled to create new materials like wires for electricityŚand could help to reduce the amount ...

Tue 16 Jul 19 from

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Japanese scientists embrace creepy-crawlies

Firms in Japan are changing people's perceptions about common spiders, worms and insect larvae. These seemingly unwanted creatures have unique features that could be useful for many applications ...

Wed 17 Jul 19 from

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Interlayers help perovskite crystallisation for high-performance light-emitting diodes

Scientists at LiU working with colleagues from China have shown how to achieve efficient perovskite light-emitting diodes (LEDs). In an article published in Nature Communications, they provide ...

Tue 16 Jul 19 from

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Reversible electro-optical detector for environmental sensing of pollutants

Increasing emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and their resulting impact on air and water quality has become one of the major environmental concerns of our age, especially in industrialized ...

Mon 15 Jul 19 from

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Carbon Nanotubes Could Serve as Sensors in Biomedical Applications

Imagine the amount of data that can be collected through a sensor that is sufficiently small to interact with and penetrate individual cells. Daniel Roxbury, chemical engineering assistant...

Thu 18 Jul 19 from AZoNano

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Fluorine speeds up two-dimensional materials growth

Back in 2004, the physics community was just beginning to recognize the existence of truly two-dimensional (2-D) material, graphene. Fast-forward to 2019, and scientists are exploring a breadth ...

Tue 16 Jul 19 from

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Super sorbent soaks up methane under mild conditions

Flexible, porous polymer ôbreathesö as it stores and releases record-setting quantities of gaseous fuel

Thu 18 Jul 19 from CandEN

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High-performance sodium ion batteries using copper sulfide

Researchers presented a new strategy for extending sodium ion batteries' cyclability using copper sulfide as the electrode material. This strategy has led to high-performance conversion reactions ...

Mon 15 Jul 19 from TechXplore

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Green light for a new generation of dynamic materials

Developing synthetic materials that are as dynamic as those found in nature, with reversibly changing properties and which could be used in manufacturing, recycling and other applications, is ...

Mon 15 Jul 19 from

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