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Making invisible physics visible

If using a single atom to capture high-resolution images of nanoscale material sounds like science fiction, think again.

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AFM films 'living' nuclear pore complexes at work for the first time

Using an ultra fast-scanning atomic force microscope, a team of researchers from the University of Basel has filmed "living" nuclear pore complexes at work for the first time. Nuclear pores ...

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Electronic micro labs control chemical processes from the inside

Scientists have developed tiny electronic components that can control chemical processes from the inside. These micro labs are 140 x 140 x 60 micrometres small. They can sense their environment ...

17 hours ago from ScienceDaily

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Inexpensive 3D-printed lens gives terahertz imaging a boost

Terahertz radiation is a growing field of technology that enables faster materials analysis than X-ray examination, and provides non-destructive, internal analysis of a raft of different ...

Sat 30 Apr 16 from Gizmag

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Cooling graphene-based film close to pilot-scale production

Heat dissipation in electronics and optoelectronics is a severe bottleneck in the further development of systems in these fields. To come to grips with this serious issue, researchers at Chalmers ...

Fri 29 Apr 16 from

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Researchers create one-step graphene patterning method

Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have developed a one-step, facile method to pattern graphene by using stencil mask and oxygen plasma reactive-ion etching, and ...

Wed 27 Apr 16 from

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Personal cooling units on the horizon

Firefighters entering burning buildings, athletes competing in the broiling sun and workers in foundries may eventually be able to carry their own, lightweight cooling units with them, thanks ...

Thu 28 Apr 16 from

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Hybrid nanoantennas—next-generation platform for ultradense data recording

A group of scientists from ITMO University in Saint Petersburg has put forward a new approach to effective manipulation of light at the nanoscale based on hybrid metal-dielectric nanoantennas. ...

20 hours ago from

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Indium Tin Oxide Might Be the Material Photonics Has Been Waiting For

Indium tin oxide is surprisingly adept at interacting with photons

Thu 28 Apr 16 from IEEE Spectrum

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Exploring phosphorene, a promising new material

Two-dimensional phosphane, a material known as phosphorene, has potential application as a material for semiconducting transistors in ever faster and more powerful computers. But there's a hitch. ...

Thu 28 Apr 16 from

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