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Brighter images, more efficient LCD displays: New polarizing filter transits more light

University of Utah engineers have developed a polarizing filter that allows in more light, leading the way for mobile device displays that last much longer on a single battery charge and cameras ...

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Scientists discover novel metamaterial properties within hexagonal boron nitride

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) scientists, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Manchester, U.K.; Imperial College, London; University of California San Diego; and ...

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UO-industry collaboration points to improved nanomaterials

A potential path to identify imperfections and improve the quality of nanomaterials for use in next-generation solar cells has emerged from a collaboration of University of Oregon and industry ...

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Tomorrow's degradable electronics

When the FM frequencies are removed in Norway in 2017, all old-fashioned radios will become obsolete, leaving the biggest collection of redundant electronics ever seen – a mountain of waste ...

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Gecko inspired pads allow researchers to climb glass wall

A team of researchers working at Stanford University has used prior research involving the means by which gecko's climb walls to create pads that allow a human to do very nearly the same thing. ...

Wed 19 Nov 14 from

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Giving LEDs a cozy, warm glow

When the 2014 Nobel Prize in physics was awarded this October to three Japanese-born scientists for the invention of blue light emitting diodes (LEDs), the prize committee declared LED lamps ...

Wed 19 Nov 14 from

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Thin film produces new chemistry in 'nanoreactor'

Physicists at the University of Groningen led by Professor of Functional Nanomaterials Beatriz Noheda have discovered a new manganese compound that is produced by tension in the crystal structure ...

Wed 19 Nov 14 from

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Research team advances understanding of atomically thin crystal growth

( —UT's College of Engineering has made recent headlines for discoveries that, while atomically small, could impact our modern world.

Wed 19 Nov 14 from

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Quantum-dot technology makes LCD TVs more colorful, energy-efficient

If LCD TVs start getting much more colorful—and energy-efficient—in the next few years, it will probably be thanks to MIT spinout QD Vision, a pioneer of quantum-dot television displays.

Wed 19 Nov 14 from

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Artist creates nanosculptures smaller than a human hair

A sculpture so tiny that it cannot be seen by the naked eye is claimed the smallest sculpture of the human form ever created. Measuring a picayune 20 x 80 x 100 microns, artist Jonty Hurwitz's ...

Tue 18 Nov 14 from Gizmag

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