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New technology could improve night vision, thermal imaging

Engineers at the University of Texas at Dallas have created semiconductor technology that could make night vision and thermal imaging affordable for everyday use.

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Experiment and theory unite at last in debate over microbial nanowires

Scientific debate has been hot lately about whether microbial nanowires, the specialized electrical pili of the mud-dwelling anaerobic bacterium Geobacter sulfurreducens, truly possess metallic-like ...

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The rub with friction: Researchers uncover new rules of friction at microscopic level

Here's the rub with friction—scientists don't really know how it works. Sure, humans have been harnessing the power of friction since rubbing two sticks together to build the first fire, but ...

Tue 3 Mar 15 from

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Electrons moving along defined snake states

Physicists at the University of Basel have shown for the first time that electrons in graphene can be moved along a predefined path. This movement occurs entirely without loss and could provide ...

Tue 3 Mar 15 from

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Important step towards quantum computing: Metals at atomic scale

German scientists from RWTH Aachen, Research Center Jülich, TU Dresden and of the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden report that the current flow on the surface ...

Mon 2 Mar 15 from

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Manipulation of light through tiny technology could lead to big benefits for everything from TVs to microscopes

What if one day, your computer, TV or smart phone could process data with light waves instead of an electrical current, making those devices faster, cheaper and more sustainable through less ...

Mon 2 Mar 15 from

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Black phosphorus is new 'wonder material' for improving optical communication

Phosphorus, a highly reactive element commonly found in match heads, tracer bullets, and fertilizers, can be turned into a stable crystalline form known as black phosphorus. In a new study, ...

Mon 2 Mar 15 from

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Clever application of magnetic force enhances laparoscopic surgery

Pietro Valdastri is convinced that the clever application of magnetic force can make minimally invasive surgery easier and more effective.

Mon 2 Mar 15 from

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The super-resolution revolution

Cambridge scientists are part of a resolution revolution. Building powerful instruments that shatter the physical limits of optical microscopy, they are beginning to watch molecular processes ...

Fri 27 Feb 15 from

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Enhancing efficiency of multi-core processors

Software development for embedded multi-core processors is considered to require a large expenditure and to be difficult. Under the ALMA EU project, researchers developed a new integrated tool ...

Tue 3 Mar 15 from

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