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What Happened to Monday is a familiar gimmick in a sci-fi story weve seen before

In the BBC America series Orphan Black, audiences got a little spoiled. Week after week, Tatiana Maslany would play lead character Sarah Manning and an assortment of clones. It was ...

18 hours ago from The Verge

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Breakthrough ink discovery could transform the production of new laser and optoelectronic devices

A breakthrough 'recipe' for inkjet printing, which could enable high-volume manufacturing of next-generation laser and optoelectronic technologies, has been uncovered by Cambridge researchers.

Thu 17 Aug 17 from

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New terahertz imaging approach could speed up skin cancer detection

Researchers have developed a new terahertz imaging approach that, for the first time, can acquire micron-scale resolution images while retaining computational approaches designed to speed up ...

Thu 17 Aug 17 from

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Now you can levitate liquids and insects at home

Levitation techniques are no longer confined to the laboratory thanks to University of Bristol engineers who have developed an easier way for suspending matter in mid-air by developing a 3D-printed ...

Tue 15 Aug 17 from

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Soft and spherical: Researchers study dynamics of drop impact

For the most part, fluid dynamics researchers have focused efforts to understand the details of impacting drops on flat rigid surfaces; the effect of curved, convex or compliant surfaces on ...

Tue 15 Aug 17 from

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Deep-UV probing method detects electron transfer in photovoltaics

Sensitized solar cells consisting of a molecular or solid-state sensitizer that serves to collect light and inject an electron into a substrate that favors their migration are among the most ...

Tue 15 Aug 17 from

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Single Molecule Transistors Get Reproducibility and Room-Temperature Operation

Another landmark discovery in the road toward molecular computing

Mon 14 Aug 17 from IEEE Spectrum

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Team 3-D-prints first truly microfluidic 'lab on a chipl devices

Researchers at BYU are the first to 3D-print a viable microfluidic device small enough to be effective at a scale much less than 100 micrometers. Microfluidic devices are tiny chips that can ...

Mon 14 Aug 17 from TechXplore

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A graphene and boron nitride heterostructure creates large spin signals

Graphene Flagship scientists based at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, have created a device based on a blilayer of graphene and boron nitride which shows unprecedented spin transport ...

Tue 15 Aug 17 from

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Researchers achieve major improvement for lensless computational microscopy

Scientists from ITMO University and Tampere University of Technology have improved computational imaging of optical signals in lensless microscopes. By employing special algorithms, they increased ...

Tue 15 Aug 17 from

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