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Scientists unleash graphenes innate superconductivity

Already renowned for its potential to revolutionize everything from light bulbs and dental fillings through to semiconductors and motorcycle helmets, graphene can now add innate superconductivity ...

Sat 21 Jan 17 from Gizmag

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Researchers build carbon nanotube transistors that outperform those made with silicon

( team of researchers at Peking University has built a carbon nanotube-based working transistor and report that it outperformed larger transistors made with silicon. In their paper ...

Fri 20 Jan 17 from

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New research helps to make the most of nanoscale catalytic effects for nanotechnology

Research by scientists at Swansea University is helping to meet the challenge of incorporating nanoscale structures into future semiconductor devices that will create new technologies and impact ...

Thu 19 Jan 17 from

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Gecko inspired adhesive can attach and detach using UV light

( small team of researchers at Kiel University in Germany has developed new technology that emulates the way a gecko uses its toes to cling to flat surfaces. In their paper published ...

Thu 19 Jan 17 from

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Chip-sized, high-speed terahertz modulator raises possibility of faster data transmission

Tufts University engineers have invented a chip-sized, high-speed modulator that operates at terahertz (THz) frequencies and at room temperature at low voltages without consuming DC power. The ...

Thu 19 Jan 17 from

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New low-cost technique converts bulk alloys to oxide nanowires

A simple technique for producing oxide nanowires directly from bulk materials could dramatically lower the cost of producing the one-dimensional (1D) nanostructures. That could open the door ...

Thu 19 Jan 17 from

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Creating atomic scale nanoribbons

Silicon crystals are the semiconductors most commonly used to make transistors, which are critical electronic components used to carry out logic operations in computing. However, as faster and ...

Thu 19 Jan 17 from

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Ultra-precise chip-scale sensor detects unprecedentedly small changes in environmental conditions at the nanoscale

Chip scale high precision measurements of physical quantities such as temperature, pressure and refractive index have become common with nanophotonics and nanoplasmonics resonance cavities. ...

Wed 18 Jan 17 from

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New modeling method focuses attention on amorphous material's unusual vibrational modes

Asegun Henry wants to avert the worst effects of climate change by finding new forms of renewable energy and improving the materials that contribute to energy use.

Wed 18 Jan 17 from

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