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Engineers create artificial graphene in a nanofabricated semiconductor structure

Researchers at Columbia Engineering, experts at manipulating matter at the nanoscale, have made an important breakthrough in physics and materials science, recently reported in Nature Nanotechnology. ...

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Scientists sug­gest ti­ta­ni­um nit­ri­de in­ste­ad of gold in op­to­e­lec­tro­nics

An international team of scientists from Russia, Sweden and the U.S. suggested replacing the gold and silver used in optoelectronic devices with an inexpensive material of titanium nitride. ...

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Scientists propose a new technology for creating magnet micro-structures

A team of scientists from Krasnoyarsk Scientific Center (Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Sciences) and Siberian Federal University synthesized thin crystal ferromagnetic films and ...

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Water without windows: Capturing water vapor inside an electron microscope

The inside of an electron microscope, which requires vacuum levels similar to those encountered in outer space, can be an extremely inhospitable place for organic materials. Traditionally, life ...

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Hot vibrating gases under the electron spotlight

Natural gas is used in refineries as the basis for products like acetylene. The efficiency of gaseous reactions depends on the dynamics of the molecules—their rotation, vibration and translation ...

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Wet plasma makes a nano-sized splash

Oil and water do not mix, but a KAUST team has exploited the distinct interfaces between these substances to make plasma generation in liquids more efficient. This approach holds promise for ...

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Scientists pioneer new way to analyze ancient artwork

Scientists from UCLA and the National Gallery of Art have used a combination of three advanced imaging techniques to produce a highly detailed analysis of a second century Egyptian painting.

Mon 11 Dec 17 from

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Researchers discover new way to power electrical devices

A team of University of Alberta engineers developed a new way to produce electrical power that can charge handheld devices or sensors that monitor anything from pipelines to medical implants.The ...

Mon 11 Dec 17 from

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Targeted creation and control of photons: thanks to a new design for optical antennas

Atoms and molecules can be made to emit photons. However, without external intervention, this process is inefficient and undirected. If it was possible to influence the process of photon creation ...

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Two holograms in one surface

A team at Caltech has figured out a way to encode more than one holographic image in a single surface without any loss of resolution. The engineering feat overturns a long-held assumption that ...

Tue 12 Dec 17 from

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