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Silicon Telluride Could Be the Next Big Thing in 2-D Materials

After falling into obsurity, silicon telluride could be the 2-D material with the best chance in electronics

Fri 27 Mar 15 from IEEE Spectrum

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Precocious GEM: Shape-shifting sensor can report conditions from deep in the body

Scientists working at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the National Institutes of Health have devised and demonstrated a new, shape-shifting probe, about one-hundredth ...

Fri 27 Mar 15 from

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"Robogerms" Spawned by Combo of Graphene and Bacterial Spores

Combining graphene with a living organism creates a robust humidity sensor

Thu 26 Mar 15 from IEEE Spectrum

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Shape-memory wire simulates muscle in high-precision artificial hand

Whether they're on robots or amputees, artificial hands tend to be rather complex mechanisms, incorporating numerous motor-driven cables. Engineers from Germany's Saarland University, however, ...

Tue 24 Mar 15 from Gizmag

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Behind the dogmas of good old hydrodynamics

A new theory, which gives insights into the transport of liquid flowing along the surface under an applied electric field, was developed by a group of Russian scientists lead by Olga Vinogradova ...

Thu 26 Mar 15 from

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Scientists build a nanolaser using a single atomic sheet

University of Washington scientists have built a new nanometer-sized laser—using the thinnest semiconductor available today—that is energy efficient, easy to build and compatible with existing ...

Tue 24 Mar 15 from

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New process could make gallium arsenide cheaper for computer chips, solar cells

Computer chips, solar cells and other electronic devices have traditionally been based on silicon, the most famous of the semiconductors, that special class of materials whose unique electronic ...

Wed 25 Mar 15 from

Other sources:, Science Blog show all (3) » at the Faraday Discussions 4: Using biomaterials for photonics

Riccardo Sapienza describes photonic properties such as lasing can be achieved with biomaterials.

Fri 27 Mar 15 from Nanotechweb

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New technique could bring quality-control tool for nanocomposites

Layered nanocomposites containing tiny structures mixed into a polymer matrix are gaining commercial use, but their complex nature can hide defects that affect performance.

Tue 24 Mar 15 from

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For First Time, Researchers Demonstrate Heat and Sound Are Magnetic

A magnet can reduce the amount of heat flowing through a semiconductor by 12 percent

Tue 24 Mar 15 from IEEE Spectrum

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