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Atomic beams shoot straighter via cascading silicon peashooters

To a non-physicist, an "atomic beam collimator" may sound like a phaser firing mystical particles. That might not be the worst metaphor to introduce a technology that researchers have now miniaturized, ...

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Sand, bubbling through sand

Fluid-like motion observed in granular material for the first time.

6 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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Study opens a new route to achieving invisibility without using metamaterials

A pair of researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) describes a way of making a submicron-sized cylinder disappear without using any specialized coating. Their findings could ...

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From 2-D to 1-D: atomically quasi '1-D' wires using a carbon nanotube template

Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have used carbon nanotube templates to produce nanowires of transition metal monochalcogenide (TMM), which are only 3 atoms wide in diameter. These ...

Mon 22 Apr 19 from

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Laser-heated bubbles may find use in better, less painful tattooing

Getting a tattoo certainly isn't known for being a comfortable process. It can also cause damage to the skin, plus it results in bio-hazardous used needles that need to be properly disposed ...

Tue 16 Apr 19 from Gizmag

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Light-based computer hardware that can compete with silicon

A team of researchers at NTT Corporation has developed a way to use light-based computer hardware that allows it to to compete with silicon. In their paper published in the journal Nature Photonics, ...

Mon 22 Apr 19 from

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Focus: VideoTunable Origami

Author(s): David EhrensteinA folding pattern produces a metamaterial with properties that can be tuned over a wide range.[Physics 12, 44] Published Fri Apr 19, 2019

Fri 19 Apr 19 from APS Physics

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Hoard of more than 550 rare gold and silver 14th century coins are worth an estimated 150,000

A gold and silver coins hoard was found by four treasure hunters with a metal detector in a field in Buckinghamshire and includes 12 rare full gold coins from the time of the Black Death.

Thu 18 Apr 19 from Daily Mail

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Viper story relies on angles and tips

Snake fang sharpness involves exquisite geometry. Nick Carne reports.

Wed 17 Apr 19 from Cosmos Magazine

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In vivo super-resolution photoacoustic computed tomography by localization of single dyed droplets

Photoacoustic computed tomography (PACT) is a non-invasive hybrid imaging technique that excites biological tissues with light and detects the subsequently generated ultrasound to form images. ...

Thu 18 Apr 19 from

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