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'Flamingo:' High-powered microscopy coming to a scientist near you

Modern microscopy has given scientists a front-row seat to living, breathing biology in all its technicolor glory. But access to the best technologies can be spotty.

Thu 21 Jun 18 from

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Template to create superatoms could make for better batteries

Virginia Commonwealth University researchers have discovered a novel strategy for creating superatomsŚcombinations of atoms that can mimic the properties of more than one group of elements of ...

19 hours ago from

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Artificial vision enables solar field calibration overnight

Researchers have developed a prototype for calibrating an entire solar field in a single night, shaving months off the current calibration system for large size concentrated solar power (CSP) ...

7 hours ago from

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Nanolaser changes color, just like a chameleon

Chameleons are able to change color via a layer of skin cells known as iridophores, which contain nanocrystals. As the lizards stretch or relax their skin, the spacing between those ...

Wed 20 Jun 18 from Gizmag

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Molecular machine exploits motion in a single direction

Life is driven by molecular machines. Found in every cell, these tiny motors convert chemical energy into work to keep the body moving. The invention of synthetic molecular machines, which perform ...

Thu 21 Jun 18 from

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Researchers engineer bacteria to exhibit stochastic Turing patterns

How did the zebra get its stripes, or the leopard its spots? Mankind has been trying to answer such questions since our earliest recorded days, and they resonate throughout the extant mythologies ...

Thu 21 Jun 18 from

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Atomic-scale ping-pong

New experiments by researchers at the National Graphene Institute at the University of Manchester have shed more light on the gas flow through tiny, angstrom-sized channels with atomically flat ...

Wed 20 Jun 18 from

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Nanoscale 'crack-junctions' can speed up DNA sequencing

The time-consuming, expensive process of sequencing DNA molecules ľ a technology used to identify, diagnose and possibly find cures for diseases ľ could become a whole lot faster and cheaper ...

Tue 19 Jun 18 from

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Interaction of paired and lined-up electrons can be manipulated in semiconductors

The way that electrons paired as composite particles or arranged in lines interact with each other within a semiconductor provides new design opportunities for electronics, according to recent ...

Tue 19 Jun 18 from

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How to decorate like a Viking

Green is the colour of hope, white symbolises surrender or innocence, and black binds the living to the dead.

Tue 19 Jun 18 from

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