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Augmented reality atom kit makes hands-on chemistry easier to grasp

Growing kids tend to repeat all sorts of colorful language heard while at school, yet there's one particular C-word that causes some parents to feel a special type of dread. Chemistry. ...

11 hours ago from Gizmag

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Thermal Imaging To Fight Mechanical Doping In Tour de France

Using drugs during sporting events to enhance once's performance isn't anything new. It's illegal but nothing new. However earlier this year, it was discovered that one cyclist did not dope ...

8 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Nanophotonic Crystals Separate Real Luxury Watches From the Fakes

A simple method involving only a UV light can reveal the authenticity of luxury watches

11 hours ago from IEEE Spectrum

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Engineers to use cyborg insects as biorobotic sensing machines

A team of engineers from Washington University in St. Louis is looking to capitalize on the sense of smell in locusts to create new biorobotic sensing systems that could be used in homeland ...

13 hours ago from

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Scientists explain unusual and effective features in perovskite

Perovskite is a material with an almost ideal structure. The majority of high-temperature superconductors are perovskite-based due to their non-ideal structure. The material can also be used ...

22 hours ago from

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Magnetic switch holds promise for double capacity solid state storage

Japanese scientists have developed a device that can switch safely and quickly between magnetic and electronic signals. In so doing they've opened the door to a doubling of the storage ...

21 hours ago from Gizmag

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Quantum fragility may help birds navigate

Birds' internal compasses may rely on the delicate nature of the quantum world.

Mon 27 Jun 16 from ScienceNews

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Scientists Improve Technique of Self-destructing Messages

NewsNew electron-beam writing technique controls electronic properties for future on-demand re-configurable electronics.Contributed Author: Department of Energy, Office of ScienceTopics: Chemistry

Mon 27 Jun 16 from Laboratory Equipment

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Ultrathin, flat lens resolves chirality and color

Many things in the natural world are geometrically chiral, meaning they cannot be superimposed onto their mirror image. Think hands—right and left hands are mirror images but if you transplanted ...

Thu 23 Jun 16 from

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Remote control actuation goes down to nanoscale

Researchers of the Nanomagnetism Group and Electron Microscopy Group at CIC nanoGUNE devised and demonstrated a novel approach to nanoactuation that relies on magnetomechanics instead of the ...

Fri 24 Jun 16 from

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