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Things heat up for self-destructing electronic devices

Expanding on previous research into electronic devices that dissolve in water once they have reached the end of their useful life, researchers at the University of Illinois have developed ...

3 hours ago from Gizmag

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Simulations predict flat liquid

Computer simulations have predicted a new phase of matter: atomically thin two-dimensional liquid.

21 hours ago from

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Nanomachine pumps molecules uphill

New molecular machine is inspired by those found in nature.

8 hours ago from Nanotechweb

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Researchers use graphene to control light waves

A team of MIT scientists has combined graphene with a second, similarly structured material, producing a hybrid that can wield significant control over light waves. The findings could ...

20 hours ago from Gizmag

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Tiny batteries made in nanopores manage ions and electrons for high power and extended life

Tiny batteries formed inside nanopores demonstrate that properly scaled nanostructures can use the full theoretical capacity of the charge storage material. These nanobatteries delivered their ...

Wed 20 May 15 from

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A Tunable Liquid Metal Antennas for Tuning in to Anything

An antenna that can adjust its size and shape electronically could cut down on components

Tue 19 May 15 from IEEE Spectrum

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World's smallest beamsplitter paves way toward computing at the speed of light

Silicon photonics is an emerging technology that incorporates electronic circuits using photons of laser light rather than electrons to transmit, receive, and manipulate information. ...

Mon 18 May 15 from Gizmag

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Laser technique for low-cost self-assembly of nanostructures

Researchers from Swinburne University of Technology and the University of Science and Technology of China have developed a low-cost technique that holds promise for a range of scientific and ...

Tue 19 May 15 from

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Basler Physiker entwickeln Methode zur effizienten Signalübertragung aus Nanobauteilen

Physiker haben eine innovative Methode entwickelt, die den effizienten Einsatz von Nanobauteilen in elektronische Schaltkreisen ermöglichen könnte. Sie entwickelten dazu eine Anordnung, bei ...

42 minutes ago from AlphaGalileo

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Electricity generating nano-wizards

Just as alchemists always dreamed of turning common metal into gold, their 19th century physicist counterparts dreamed of efficiently turning heat into electricity, a field called thermoelectrics. ...

Mon 18 May 15 from

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