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'Giant' charge density disturbances discovered in nanomaterials

German researchers have, with the help of computer simulations, discovered a combination of materials that strengthens the so-called Friedel oscillations and bundles them, as if with a lens, ...

Wed 26 Nov 14 from

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Breakthrough in flexible electronics enabled by inorganic-based laser lift-off

Flexible electronics have been touted as the next generation in electronics in various areas, ranging from consumer electronics to bio-integrated medical devices. In spite of their merits, insufficient ...

Tue 25 Nov 14 from

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Scientists could save thousands with student's DIY microscope

Expensive tests for measuring everything from sperm motility to cancer diagnosis have just been made hundreds of thousands of dollars cheaper by a PhD student from Brunel University London who ...

Tue 25 Nov 14 from

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Van der Waals force re-measured: Physicists verify nonlinear increase with growing molecular size

Van der Waals forces act like a sort of quantum glue on all types of matter. Scientists from Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany, experimentally determined for the first time all of the key details ...

Wed 26 Nov 14 from

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Graphene and Ammonia Combine for Novel Ferroelectric Tunnel Junction

New material combination could improve the reliability of RAM devices

Tue 25 Nov 14 from IEEE Spectrum

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Researchers develop efficient method to produce nanoporous metals

Nanoporous metals—foam-like materials that have some degree of air vacuum in their structure—have a wide range of applications because of their superior qualities.

Tue 25 Nov 14 from

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New device could make large biological circuits practical

Researchers have made great progress in recent years in the design and creation of biological circuits—systems that, like electronic circuits, can take a number of different inputs and deliver ...

Mon 24 Nov 14 from

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Physicists predict Fano resonance in lead-free relaxors

( —An international team of scientists predicts that a phenomenon known in physics as Fano resonance can exist in materials that are used in electronic devices.

Mon 24 Nov 14 from

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The secret of dragonflies' flight

Dragonflies can easily right themselves and maneuver tight turns while flying. Each of their four wings is controlled by separate muscles, giving them exquisite control over their flight.

Tue 25 Nov 14 from

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Breakthrough solutions for HAMR nanoantenna for next-generation ultra-high density magnetic storage

Researchers at Nano-Meta Technologies Inc. (NMTI) in the Purdue Research Park have shown how to overcome key limitations of a material that could enable the magnetic storage industry to achieve ...

Mon 24 Nov 14 from

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