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Novel approach to magnetic measurements atom-by-atom

Having the possibility to measure magnetic properties of materials at atomic precision is one of the important goals of today's experimental physics. Such measurement technique would give engineers ...

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A new dimension for integrated circuits: 3-D nanomagnetic logic

Electrical engineers at the Technical University Munich (TUM) have demonstrated a new kind of building block for digital integrated circuits. Their experiments show that future computer chips ...

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All directions are not created equal for nanoscale heat sources

Thermal considerations are rapidly becoming one of the most serious design constraints in microelectronics, especially on submicron scale lengths. A study by researchers from the University ...

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Process for Producing Layered 2-D Materials Determines Their Electronic Properties

By changing the temperature in production of layered 2-D materials, researchers can manipulate their photonic and electronic properties

59 minutes ago from IEEE Spectrum

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This Transforming Pod Is a Bed, Bath, Shower and Tiny Garden

When we think of small living expertise, we think of NASA, submarine engineers, or tiny house enthusiasts. Hotel designers don't come to mind, but they ought to: Like these two Dutch architects ...

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Layering rough surfaces with nanometer-thin optical interference coatings opens new array of possible applications

Applying a well-known optical phenomenon called thin-film interference, a group of researchers at Harvard University has demonstrated the ability to "paint" ultra-thin coatings onto a rough ...

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Physicists develop miniature Raman laser sensors for single nanoparticle detection

Optical sensing of nanoscale objects with ultrahigh sensitivity is highly desirable for applications in various fields, such as in early-stage diagnosis of human diseases and in environmental ...

Tue 30 Sep 14 from

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Scientist Reveals Secrets Behind 500-Year-Old Leonardo Da Vinci Masterpiece

The Lady With an Ermine is believed to have been painted in 1489 or 1490

Mon 29 Sep 14 from TIME

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Research mimics brain cells to boost memory power

RMIT University researchers have brought ultra-fast, nano-scale data storage within striking reach, using technology that mimics the human brain.

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Alien Mind Control Mask puts a monster in charge of your head

Your search for an unusual and creepy Halloween mask is over early this year. Just slap an alien with joysticks over your noggin.

21 hours ago from CNET

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