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Team develops laser processing method to increase efficiency of optoelectronic devices

Scientists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) discovered a new method to passivate defects in next generation optical materials to improve optical quality and enable the miniaturization ...

Mon 15 Apr 19 from

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Unas perlas de vidrio ayudan a robots a administrar cantidades min˙sculas de reactivos

ChemBeads ofrece dosis en microgramos de reactivos sˇlidos para el cribado de reacciones de alto rendimiento

Mon 15 Apr 19 from CandEN

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Largest, fastest array of microscopic 'traffic cops' for optical communications

Engineers at the University of California, Berkeley have built a new photonic switch that can control the direction of light passing through optical fibers faster and more efficiently than ever. ...

Fri 12 Apr 19 from

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New tunable nanomaterials possible due to flexible process invented

Physicists at the University of Bath have developed a flexible process allowing the synthesis in a single flow of a wide range of novel nanomaterials with various morphologies, with potential ...

Thu 11 Apr 19 from

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Researchers find new ways to image, characterize unique material

Graphene can come from graphite. But borophene? There's no such thing as borite.

Thu 11 Apr 19 from

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The golden path towards new two-dimensional semiconductors

Two-dimensional (2-D) semiconductors are promising for quantum computing and future electronics. Now, researchers can convert metallic gold into semiconductor and customize the material atom-by-atom ...

Thu 11 Apr 19 from

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Scientists synthesize new nanowires to improve high-speed communication

Chinese scientists have synthesized new nanowires with high carrier mobility and fast infrared light (IR) response, which could help in high-speed communication. Their findings were published ...

Wed 10 Apr 19 from

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Hairy electronic skin catches the breeze

Sensors made of hairlike pillars and graphene flakes can detect the direction and force of airflow

Fri 12 Apr 19 from CandEN

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Measurement of semiconductor material quality is now 100,000 times more sensitive

The enhanced power of the new measuring technique to characterize materials at scales much smaller than any current technologies will accelerate the discovery and investigation of 2-D, micro- ...

Tue 9 Apr 19 from

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The Shazam Sequel Is Officially in the Works

Mere hours after Shazam handily won the box office on its opening weekend, news about a sequel has already started to break.Read more...

Mon 8 Apr 19 from Gizmodo

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