Researchers demonstrate 'ghost imaging' with atoms

A team of physicists at ANU have used a technique known as 'ghost imaging' to create an image of an object from atoms that never interact with it.

Thu 1 Dec 16 from

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New computational method to create drugs more efficiently

Researchers of the University of Barcelona have developed a more efficient computational method to identify new drugs. The study, published in the scientific journal Nature Chemistry, proposes ...

Fri 2 Dec 16 from

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Physicists' work may help change future of transistors

UT Dallas physicists have published new findings examining the electrical properties of materials that could be harnessed for next-generation transistors and electronics.

Thu 1 Dec 16 from

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Combination of insulation and thermal mass

When the summer sun burns in the sky, phase change materials (PCM) integrated in building envelopes absorb the heat it remains cool inside. When it is getting colder outside, the materials ...

Thu 1 Dec 16 from

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How laser annealing technology can lead to production of ultrathin nanomaterials

Smart phones have shiny flat AMOLED displays. Behind each single pixel of these displays hide at least two silicon transistors which were mass-manufactured using laser annealing technologies. ...

Thu 1 Dec 16 from

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Collaboration uncovers how molecular machines assemble

Ribosomesmacromolecular machines consisting of RNA and proteins that twist, fold and turnare responsible for making all of the protein within a cell and could hold the key to deciphering a ...

Thu 1 Dec 16 from

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Microsoft's Surface Dial isn't quite as easy to repair as the Surface Studio, teardown reveals

Microsoft’s Surface Studio was one of the worst kept secrets in technology in the latter half of 2016 (and also the recent victim of an iFixit teardown). The optional Surface Dial accessory, ...

Thu 1 Dec 16 from Techspot

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Cooling technique helps researchers 'target' a major component for a new collider

Researchers have recently developed a new ultra-low-friction sliding contact mechanism that uses chilled water to remove heat from a key component of a next-generation collider.

Fri 2 Dec 16 from ScienceDaily

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Improving the mechanical properties of polymer gels through molecular design

A polymer gel consists of a three-dimensional cross-linked polymer network swollen with liquid molecules. However, most conventional polymer gels are brittle because stress concentration readily ...

Thu 1 Dec 16 from

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Researchers take first look into the 'eye' of majoranas

Majorana fermions are particles that could potentially be used as information units for a quantum computer. An experiment by physicists at the Swiss Nanoscience Institute and the University ...

Thu 1 Dec 16 from

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