NIR-driven H2 evolution from water: Expanding wavelength range for solar energy conversion

Hydrogen gas is a promising "green" fuel. The lightest chemical element, hydrogen is an efficient energy store and could potentially replace gasoline in vehicles. However, the element does not ...

Fri 17 Nov 17 from

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Chemists synthesize a new catalyst for oil and gas processing

A team of scientists from the Research Institute of Chemistry (RIC) of RUDN University and colleagues from major scientific centers have created a new catalyst, a substance that activates oxidation ...

Fri 17 Nov 17 from

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Breakthrough discovery in diagnostic tools that can replace commonly used and fragile antibodies

Experts from the Biotechnology Group at the University of Leicester led by Professor Sergey Piletsky in collaboration with the spin-off company MIP Diagnostics Ltd have announced the development ...

Fri 17 Nov 17 from

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Researchers tunnel to a new light source

With concerns over moving to a clean energy platform worldwide with electric vehicles and renewables, wasted energy is a factor as important as the amount of green energy produced. Thus, solid-state ...

Fri 17 Nov 17 from

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Hope fades for axion-like dark matter

Flash Physics: need-to-know updates from the world of physics

Fri 17 Nov 17 from Physics World

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New imaging technique peers inside living cells

To undergo high-resolution imaging, cells often must be sliced and diced, dehydrated, painted with toxic stains, or embedded in resin. For cells, the result is certain death.

Thu 16 Nov 17 from

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Researchers create material for a chemical heat 'battery' that could release its energy on demand

In large parts of the developing world, people have abundant heat from the sun during the day, but most cooking takes place later in the evening when the sun is down, using fuelsuch as wood, ...

Thu 16 Nov 17 from TechXplore

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Medieval treasure unearthed at the Abbey of Cluny

In mid-September, a large treasure was unearthed during a dig at the Abbey of Cluny, in the French department of Sane-et-Loire: 2,200 silver deniers and oboles, 21 Islamic gold dinars, a signet ...

Wed 15 Nov 17 from

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The stacked color sensor

Red-sensitive, blue-sensitive and green-sensitive color sensors stacked on top of each other instead of being lined up in a mosaic pattern this principle could allow image sensors with unprecedented ...

Thu 16 Nov 17 from

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Kevlar-based artificial cartilage mimics the magic of the real thing

The unparalleled liquid strength of cartilage, which is about 80 percent water, withstands some of the toughest forces on our bodies.

Wed 15 Nov 17 from

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