DFG to Continue Support for Building Tiny Machine-Like Molecules

Great excitement at Kiel University: As the DFG (German Research Foundation) announced today (Thursday, May 21), it will continue to support the research on molecules which function like machines ...

2 hours ago from AZoNano

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Scientists create world's first fully-artificial molecular pump

All living organisms human, animal, or otherwise continuously move molecules around their cells. It's a crucial mechanism of life, vital for feeding cells the proteins they need ...

Sat 23 May 15 from Gizmag

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Things heat up for self-destructing electronic devices

Expanding on previous research into electronic devices that dissolve in water once they have reached the end of their useful life, researchers at the University of Illinois have developed ...

Fri 22 May 15 from Gizmag

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Modern alchemy: Chemists devise synthesis of valuable exotic compounds

Chemists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have discovered a broad and strikingly inexpensive method for synthesizing "amines," a class of organic compounds prominent in drugs and other ...

Thu 21 May 15 from Phys.org

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Physicists develop efficient method of signal transmission from nanocomponents

Physicists have developed an innovative method that could enable the efficient use of nanocomponents in electronic circuits. To achieve this, they have developed a layout in which a nanocomponent ...

Fri 22 May 15 from Phys.org

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New class of "non-Joulian magnets" have potential to revolutionize electronics

Magnets are at the heart of much of our technology, and their properties are exploited in a myriad ways across a vast range of devices, from simple relays to enormously complex particle ...

Thu 21 May 15 from Gizmag

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Cartoon Head Lice in School Children


Sat 23 May 15 from Brain Blogger

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How supercooled water is prevented from turning into ice

Water behaves in mysterious ways. Especially below zero, where it is dubbed supercooled water, before it turns into ice. Physicists have recently observed the spontaneous first steps of the ...

Thu 21 May 15 from Phys.org

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Feature: The new shape of fusion

After decades of slow progress with doughnut-shaped reactors, magnetic fusion labs are gambling on a redesign

Thu 21 May 15 from Science Now

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Researchers first to measure thermoelectric behavior by 'tinkertoy' materials

Sandia National Laboratories researchers have made the first measurements of thermoelectric behavior by a nanoporous metal-organic framework (MOF), a development that could lead to an entirely ...

Wed 20 May 15 from Phys.org

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