Colour-changing artificial 'chameleon skin' powered by nanomachines

Researchers have developed artificial 'chameleon skin' that changes color when exposed to light and could be used in applications such as active camouflage and large-scale dynamic displays.

Wed 21 Aug 19 from

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Artificial muscles bloom, dance, and wave

Wearing a flower brooch that blooms before your eyes sounds like magic. KAIST researchers have made it real with robotic muscles.

13 hours ago from TechXplore

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Heres what The Verge wants out of a fourth Matrix movie

Photo: Warner Bros. On August 20th, social media was suddenly abuzz with the official announcement that Lana Wachowski, half of the sibling team behind the original Matrix trilogy, ...

Wed 21 Aug 19 from The Verge

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Scientists discover the basics of how pressure-sensing Piezo proteins work

A team of scientists from Weill Cornell Medicine and The Rockefeller University has illuminated the basic mechanism of Piezo proteins, which function as sensors in the body for mechanical stimuli ...

Wed 21 Aug 19 from

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Magnets are being used to extract algal molecules for the beauty, bioplastics industries

Entrepreneurs in the aquaculture sector face a problemextracting all the valuable molecules from seaweed and algal cells is still really difficult. But marine enzymes and magnets are now making ...

13 hours ago from

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New technique could streamline design of intricate fusion device

Stellarators, twisty machines that house fusion reactions, rely on complex magnetic coils that are challenging to design and build. Now, a physicist at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) ...

Wed 21 Aug 19 from

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Electron pairing in the pseudogap state revealed by shot noise in copper oxide junctions

Nature, Published online: 21 August 2019; doi:10.1038/s41586-019-1486-7Shot-noise measurements in copper oxides reveal paired charge carriers existing in the pseudogap above ...

Wed 21 Aug 19 from Nature News

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Engineers make transistors and electronic devices entirely from thread

A team of engineers has developed a transistor made from linen thread, enabling them to create electronic devices made entirely of thin threads that could be woven into fabric, worn on the skin, ...

Wed 21 Aug 19 from

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Studying quantum phenomena in magnetic systems to understand exotic states of matter

Besides solids, liquids and gases, more exotic states of matter can be generated in specific materials under special conditions. Such states are of great interest to physicists because they ...

13 hours ago from

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3-D printing of silicone components

ETH spin-off Spectroplast has developed a method to make silicone products using a 3-D printer. The young company now plans to bring to market customised medical products such as hearing aids, ...

Tue 20 Aug 19 from TechXplore

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