Material surfaces are not just two-dimensional, researcher discovers

A physical science process that may yield a profound understanding for developing future nanomaterials—such as those used in cellphones or computer chips—was recently demonstrated and confirmed ...

Thu 3 Sep 15 from

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Self-healing bioplastic – just add water

Imagine if things like undersea cables or medical implants could simply heal themselves back together if severed – it would certainly be easier than having to go in and fix them. Well, ...

Wed 2 Sep 15 from Gizmag

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Long-sought chiral anomaly detected in crystalline material

A study by Princeton researchers presents evidence for a long-sought phenomenon—first theorized in the 1960s and predicted to be found in crystals in 1983—called the "chiral anomaly" in a metallic ...

17 hours ago from

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'Littlest' quark-gluon plasma revealed by physicists using Large Hadron Collider

Researchers at the University of Kansas working with an international team at the Large Hadron Collider have produced quark-gluon plasma—a state of matter thought to have existed right at the ...

17 hours ago from

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3D printer extrudes molten glass to produce objets d'art

The list of materials capable of being extruded through a 3D printer seems to grow by the week, moving well beyond plastics, food and metals to now include another unlikely substance: ...

9 hours ago from Gizmag

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New method opens pathway to new drugs and dyes

Rice University scientists have developed a practical method to synthesize chemical building blocks widely used in drug discovery research and in the manufacture drugs and dyes.

Wed 2 Sep 15 from

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Intel putting $50 mn into quantum computing research

US chip colossus Intel on Thursday said that it will put $50 million and engineering resources into an alliance on quantum computing that could radically advance complex problem-solving.

8 hours ago from

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For 2-D boron, it's all about that base

Rice University scientists have theoretically determined that the properties of atom-thick sheets of boron depend on where those atoms land.

Wed 2 Sep 15 from

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University of Southampton Receives Multi-Million Grant to Improve Safety Using Nanotechnology

The University of Southampton has been awarded a multi-million grant from Lloyd's Register Foundation to bring together some of the world's brightest early career researchers to find ...

4 hours ago from AZoNano

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A marine creature's magic trick explained

Tiny ocean creatures known as sea sapphires perform a sort of magic trick as they swim: One second they appear in splendid iridescent shades of blue, purple or green, and the next they may turn ...

Wed 2 Sep 15 from

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