Ink with carbon nanodots luminesces via three different mechanisms

Banknotes, documents, branded products, and sensitive goods like pharmaceuticals or technical components are often marked to distinguish them from imitations. However, some counterfeiters have ...

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Like a fingerprint, system noise can be used to differentiate identical electronic devices

Radio frequency emission are considered incidental system noise in virtually all laptops, smartphones and other electronic devices, but scientists at Disney Research have found a way to use ...

Wed 4 May 16 from

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The most popular 3D printing pen gets a makeover meet the 3Doodler Create

It's been a couple of years since we first tried out the 3Doodler a pen that lets you draw in three dimensions using molten plastic that hardens when it comes into contact with the ...

Tue 3 May 16 from Gizmag

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Squished cells could shape design of synthetic materials

Life is flexible. All living cells are basically squishy balloons full of water, proteins and DNA, surrounded by oily membranes. Those membranes stand up to significant amounts of stretching ...

Wed 4 May 16 from

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"World's smallest engine" to power microscopic robots

It is often said that size matters. At the nano-scale level, where a lot of current research is being done, this adage also holds true, and several scientific teams have laid claim to ...

Wed 4 May 16 from Gizmag

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Unique nano-capsules promise the targeted drug delivery

Scientists have been engaged with drug delivery systems for a long time. Many "nano-carriages" for drug delivery to the desired location have been created, but many challenges remain, including ...

22 hours ago from

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Nanoparticles target fat

Nanoparticles containing drugs that transform white adipose tissue into brown might be used to treat obesity.

18 hours ago from Nanotechweb

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Scientists discover how one microorganism erodes coral reefs

Coral reefs and hard-shelled sea creatures such as oysters and mussels are constantly being threatened, not only by the detrimental effects of stressors such as climate change and habitat loss, ...

Wed 4 May 16 from

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Disposable laser produced with inkjet printing tech

Most of the lasers used in items such as DVD players or optical mice are inorganic. They last much longer than organic lasers (which utilize carbon-based materials to amplify light), ...

Wed 4 May 16 from Gizmag

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A compact, efficient single photon source that operates at ambient temperatures on a chip

Quantum information science and technology has emerged as a new paradigm for dramatically faster computation and secure communication in the 21st century. At the heart of any quantum system ...

Wed 4 May 16 from

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