Researchers develop quick test for fish toxin

Flinders University researchers have invented a revolutionary method to test for food poisoning in fish.

Fri 27 Feb 15 from Medical Xpress

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Researchers find 3-D printed parts to provide low-cost, custom alternatives for lab equipment

The 3-D printing scene, a growing favorite of do-it-yourselfers, has spread to the study of plasma physics. With a series of experiments, researchers at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory ...

Fri 27 Feb 15 from

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Electrochemical 'fingers' unlock battery's inner potential

Lithium-ion batteries unleash electricity as electrochemical reactions spread through active materials. Manipulating this complex process and driving the reactions into the energy-rich heart ...

Fri 27 Feb 15 from

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Semiconductor miniaturisation with 2D nanolattices

A European research project has made an important step towards the further miniaturisation of nanoelectronics, using a highly-promising new material called silicene. Its goal: to make devices ...

Thu 26 Feb 15 from

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Eyes inspire more efficient solar cell architecture

Solar cells don't at first glance have any relation to a tiny structure in the eye that makes our central vision sharp, but that tiny structure called the fovea centralis may be the key ...

7 hours ago from Gizmag

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Aluminum "superatoms" hint at a new type of superconducting materials

Scientists at the University of Southern California have made steps toward discovering a new family of superconductor materials that work at relatively high temperatures, with possible applications ...

7 hours ago from Gizmag

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New research predicts when, how materials will act

In science, it's commonly known that materials can change in a number of ways when subjected to different temperatures, pressures or other environmental forces.

Thu 26 Feb 15 from

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Microsoft trims price of Xbox Live Gold membership to $40

The deal scores you $20 off the cost of a 12-month subscription to the service, which offers multiplayer gaming, free games and other benefits.

Thu 26 Feb 15 from CNET

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Combating bacteria via silver-dammar coating

Natural resins obtained from plants to be used as a coating element to enhance durability and anti-rust properties.

Fri 27 Feb 15 from

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Top-precision optical atomic clock starts ticking

A state-of-the-art optical atomic clock, collaboratively developed by scientists from the University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University, and Nicolaus Copernicus University, is now "ticking away" ...

Thu 26 Feb 15 from

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