Researchers use green gold to rapidly detect and identify harmful bacteria

Researchers from the University of Minnesota (UMN) have developed a method to screen and identify harmful or antibiotic-resistant bacteria within one hour using a portable luminometer. Traditional ...

Tue 14 Aug 18 from

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3-D inks that can be erased selectively

3-D printing allows for the efficient manufacture of complex geometries. A promising method is direct laser writinga computer-controlled, focused laser beam acts as a pen and produces the desired ...

Tue 14 Aug 18 from

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Protein droplets keep neurons at the ready and immune system in balance

Inside cells, where DNA is packed tightly in the nucleus and rigid proteins keep intricate transport systems on track, some molecules have a simpler way of establishing order. They can self-organize, ...

7 hours ago from Medical Xpress

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Artificial placenta created in the laboratory

In order to better understand important biological membranes, it is necessary to explore new methods. Researchers at Vienna University of Technology (Vienna) have succeeded in creating an artificial ...

Tue 14 Aug 18 from Medical Xpress

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Novel optics for ultrafast cameras create new possibilities for imaging

MIT researchers have developed novel photography optics that capture images based on the timing of reflecting light inside the optics, instead of the traditional approach that relies on the ...

Mon 13 Aug 18 from

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Cancer-fighting drugs also help plants fight disease

Cancer-fighting drugs used on humans can help plants fight disease as well. That discovery, by two Washington State University plant pathologists, could help scientists develop new pathways ...

Tue 14 Aug 18 from

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Models give synthetic biologists a head start

Synthetic biologists have the tools to build complex, computer-like DNA circuits that sense or trigger activities in cells, and thanks to scientists at Rice University and the University of ...

Tue 14 Aug 18 from

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When mixing granular matter, order among disorder

Mixing liquids is easy, or at least scientifically understood: a drop of food coloring will eventually mix into a cup of water through diffusion, and a dollop of cream can be mixed into coffee ...

Tue 14 Aug 18 from

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'Building up' stretchable electronics to be as multipurpose as your smartphone

By stacking and connecting layers of stretchable circuits on top of one another, engineers have developed an approach to build soft, pliable "3-D stretchable electronics" that can pack a lot ...

Mon 13 Aug 18 from TechXplore

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Researcher accurately determines energy difference between two quantum states

A kiwi physicist has discovered the energy difference between two quantum states in the helium atom with unprecedented accuracy, a ground-breaking discovery that contributes to our understanding ...

Tue 14 Aug 18 from

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