New surfaces delay ice formation

If you've ever waited on an airport runway for your plane to be de-iced, had to remove all your food so the freezer could defrost, or arrived late to work because you had to scrape the sheet ...

Tue 6 Oct 15 from

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Scientists float new approach to creating computer memory

What can skyrmions do for you? These ghostly quantum rings, heretofore glimpsed only under extreme laboratory conditions, just might be the basis for a new type of computer memory that never ...

16 hours ago from

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Patched atoms: Energy researchers discover new structure for bimetallic catalysts

In the world of catalytic science and technology, the hunt is always on for catalysts that are inexpensive, highly active, and environmentally friendly.

Wed 7 Oct 15 from

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Top 10 subatomic surprises

Nobel Prize–winning neutrinos rank among science's most unexpected discoveries.

Tue 6 Oct 15 from ScienceNews

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Perfectly accurate clocks turn out to be impossible

Can the passage of time be measured precisely, always and everywhere? The answer will upset many watchmakers. A team of physicists from the universities of Warsaw and Nottingham have just shown ...

Wed 7 Oct 15 from

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Superconductor induces magnetism in non-magnetic gold

Surprising effect could be a boon to superconducting spintronics.

6 hours ago from Nanotechweb

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Nanoscale Photodetector Promises a Next Generation of Photonic Circuits

Device using a silver nanowire can produce a current from light, promsiing a new generation of photonic circuits

5 hours ago from IEEE Spectrum

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Ionic and covalent drug delivery

Researchers at Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences compared three different drug delivery models based on ionic liquids. Scientists have developed a powerful ...

Wed 7 Oct 15 from

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Quantum computing breakthrough: qubits made from standard silicon transistors

In what is likely a major breakthrough for quantum computing, researchers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia have managed for the first time to build the fundamental ...

Tue 6 Oct 15 from Gizmag

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