Transparent superhydrophobic glass coatings for electronic devices

Samsung Electronics has exclusively licensed optically clear superhydrophobic film technology from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory to improve the performance of glass ...

Tue 27 Sep 16 from

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Creating antimatter via lasers?

Dramatic advances in laser technologies are enabling novel studies to explore laser-matter interactions at ultrahigh intensity. By focusing high-power laser pulses, electric fields (of orders ...

Tue 27 Sep 16 from

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Nanotech could give us safer, greener diapers and sanitary products

A new material made of tiny nanofibers could replace potentially harmful materials found in diapers and sanitary products, according to new research published in Applied Materials Today.

Tue 27 Sep 16 from

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High-tech future early warning system for hurricanes, tornados and volcanic eruptions

Earlier this year, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) was able to detect a gravity wave wafting through space from two colliding black holes billions of years ago.

Tue 27 Sep 16 from

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Quantum computing advances with control of entanglement

When the quantum computer was imagined 30 years ago, it was revered for its potential to quickly and accurately complete practical tasks often considered impossible for mere humans and for conventional ...

Tue 27 Sep 16 from

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First quantum photonic circuit with an electrically driven light source

Whether for use in safe data encryption, ultrafast calculation of huge data volumes or so-called quantum simulation of highly complex systems: Optical quantum computers are a source of hope ...

Tue 27 Sep 16 from

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Researchers design wearable microscope that can measure fluorescent dyes through skin

UCLA researchers working with a team at Verily Life Sciences have designed a mobile microscope that can detect and monitor fluorescent biomarkers inside the skin with a high level of sensitivity, ...

Tue 27 Sep 16 from

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Iron nanoparticles make immune cells attack cancer

Stanford researchers accidentally discovered that iron nanoparticles invented for anemia treatment have another use: triggering the immune system's ability to destroy tumor cells.

Mon 26 Sep 16 from

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Physicists create nanoscale mirror with only 2000 atoms

Mirrors are the simplest means to manipulate light propagation. Usually, a mirror is a macroscopic object composed of a very large number of atoms. In the September 23th issue of the Physical ...

Mon 26 Sep 16 from

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