Stressed out: Research sheds new light on why rechargeable batteries fail

Pity the poor lithium ion. Drawn relentlessly by its electrical charge, it surges from anode to cathode and back again, shouldering its way through an elaborate molecular obstacle course. This ...

21 hours ago from

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Novel approach to magnetic measurements atom-by-atom

Having the possibility to measure magnetic properties of materials at atomic precision is one of the important goals of today's experimental physics. Such measurement technique would give engineers ...

23 hours ago from

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'Stealth' nanoparticles could improve cancer vaccines

Cancer vaccines have recently emerged as a promising approach for killing tumor cells before they spread. But so far, most clinical candidates haven't worked that well. Now, scientists have ...

22 hours ago from

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Engineers devise technology for rapidly testing drug-delivery vehicles in zebrafish

MIT engineers have devised a way to rapidly test hundreds of different drug-delivery vehicles in living animals, making it easier to discover promising new ways to deliver a class of drugs called ...

Tue 30 Sep 14 from

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All directions are not created equal for nanoscale heat sources

Thermal considerations are rapidly becoming one of the most serious design constraints in microelectronics, especially on submicron scale lengths. A study by researchers from the University ...

Wed 1 Oct 14 from

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New study provides key to identifying spiders in international cargo

Spiders found in international cargo brought into North America are sometimes submitted to arachnologists for identification. Often, these spiders are presumed to be of medical importance because ...

18 hours ago from

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The remarkable simplicity of complexity

From the fractal patterns of snowflakes to cellular lifeforms, our universe is full of complex phenomena but how does this complexity arise?

Wed 1 Oct 14 from

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Dolphins Are Apparently Attracted to Magnets

Where does this fit into their plot for world domination?

Tue 30 Sep 14 from TIME

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Blades of grass inspire advance in organic solar cells

Using a bio-mimicking analog of one of nature's most efficient light-harvesting structures, blades of grass, an international research team led by Alejandro Briseno of the University of Massachusetts ...

Tue 30 Sep 14 from

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A new dimension for integrated circuits: 3-D nanomagnetic logic

Electrical engineers at the Technical University Munich (TUM) have demonstrated a new kind of building block for digital integrated circuits. Their experiments show that future computer chips ...

Tue 30 Sep 14 from

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