A new wrinkle for cell culture

Using a technique that introduces tiny wrinkles into sheets of graphene, researchers from Brown University have developed new textured surfaces for culturing cells in the lab that better mimic ...

Thu 23 Apr 15 from Phys.org

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An improvement to the global software standard for analyzing fusion plasmas

The gold standard for analyzing the behavior of fusion plasmas may have just gotten better. Mario Podestà, a staff physicist at the U.S. Department of Energy's Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory ...

Fri 24 Apr 15 from Phys.org

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Fast and accurate 3-D imaging technique to track optically trapped particles

Optical tweezers have been used as an invaluable tool for exerting micro-scale force on microscopic particles and manipulating three-dimensional (3-D) positions of particles. Optical tweezers ...

Thu 23 Apr 15 from Phys.org

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Micro fingers for arranging single cells

Functional analysis of a cell, which is the fundamental unit of life, is important for gaining new insights into medical and pharmaceutical fields. For efficiently studying cell functions, it ...

Fri 24 Apr 15 from Phys.org

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Atomic clock sets new accuracy record

ABOUT TIME: Physicists have fine-tuned an atomic clock to the point where it won't lose or gain a second in 15 billion years - longer than the universe has existed.

Tue 21 Apr 15 from ABC Science

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Transparent butterfly wings could inspire low-reflectivity displays

Researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany have studied the wings of glasswing butterflies in an effort to determine what causes their low-reflective nature. It's ...

Fri 24 Apr 15 from Gizmag

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Direct visualization of magnetoelectric domains

Using a novel microscopy technique, scientists revealed a major enhancement of coupling between electric and magnetic dipoles. The discovery could lead to devices for use in computer memory ...

Sat 25 Apr 15 from ScienceDaily

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Scientists use nanoscale building blocks and DNA 'glue' to shape 3-D superlattices

Taking child's play with building blocks to a whole new level-the nanometer scale-scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory have constructed 3D "superlattice" ...

Thu 23 Apr 15 from Phys.org

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Researchers cradle silver nanoclusters inside synthetic DNA to create a programmed, tunable fluorescent array

The silver used by Beth Gwinn's research group at UC Santa Barbara has value far beyond its worth as a commodity, even though it's used in very small amounts.

Thu 23 Apr 15 from Phys.org

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3-D Printed Graphene Aerogels Could Improve Sensors and Batteries

Using 3-D to manufacture predetermined architectures for aerogels opens up energy storage and electronic applications

Thu 23 Apr 15 from IEEE Spectrum

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