Non-ambient conditions in the investigation and manufacturing of drug forms

To become a drug, a pharmacologically active compound must be prepared in a specific form. This form must be robust during manufacturing, packaging, storage and transport, and must administer ...

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New tool can help policymakers prioritize information needs for synthetic biology tech

New technologies are developed at a rapid pace, often reaching the marketplace before policymakers can determine how or whether they should be governed. Now researchers from North Carolina State ...

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Discovery could lead to jet engines that run hotterand cleaner

Researchers here have made a discovery in materials science that sounds like something from the old Saturday morning cartoon Super Friends: They've found a way to deactivate "nano twins" to ...

23 hours ago from

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A method for rapid and efficient characterization of novel ultrathin semiconductors

Based on a study of the optical properties of novel ultrathin semiconductors, researchers of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich have developed a method for rapid and efficient characterization ...

Tue 17 Jan 17 from

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Your next Postmates order might be delivered by a robot - CNET

DoorDash and Postmates launch a pilot program with Starship Technologies to deliver food automatically.

55 minutes ago from CNET Cutting Edge

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Developing 'green' electronics: Team finds microbe from the Potomac yields better electronic material

Microbiologists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst report that they have discovered a new type of natural wire produced by bacteria that could greatly accelerate the researchers' goal ...

23 hours ago from

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Hybrid organic-inorganic materials can self-assemble into tiny doughnut-like structures

Engineered nanometer- and micrometer-scale structures have a vast array of uses in electronics, sensors and biomedical applications. Because these are difficult to fabricate, KAUST researchers ...

Tue 17 Jan 17 from

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First-ever X-ray image capture of material defect process

From blacksmiths forging iron to artisans blowing glass, humans have for centuries been changing the properties of materials to build better tools from iron horseshoes and swords to glass ...

Tue 17 Jan 17 from

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Light source discovery 'challenges basic assumption' of physics

A widely held understanding of electromagnetic radiation has been challenged in newly published research led at the University of Strathclyde.

Mon 16 Jan 17 from

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Computational modeling reveals anatomical distribution of drag on downhill skiers

Minimizing air resistance and friction with snow is key to elite performance in downhill skiing. Experiments in wind tunnels have revealed the total drag experienced by skiers, but have not ...

Mon 16 Jan 17 from

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