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Optical 'dog's nose' may hold key to breath analysis

University of Adelaide researchers are developing a laser system for fast, non-invasive, onsite breath analysis for disease, potentially enabling screening for a range of diseases including ...

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The ins and outs of quantum chromodynamics

Quarks and antiquarks are the teeny, tiny building blocks with which all matter is built, binding together to form protons and neutrons in a process explained by quantum chromodynamics (QCD).

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New perturbative method of solving the gravitational N-body problem in general relativity

Presenting a new perturbative method to deal with the gravitational N-body problem in general relativity. A novel approach to construct global and local reference frames leads to explicit transformation ...

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Engineers give invisibility cloaks a slimmer design

Researchers have developed a new design for a cloaking device that overcomes some of the limitations of existing "invisibility cloaks." In a new study, electrical engineers at the University ...

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Surfing a wake of light: Researchers observe and control light wakes for the first time

When a duck paddles across a pond or a supersonic plane flies through the sky, it leaves a wake in its path. Wakes occur whenever something is traveling through a medium faster than the waves ...

Mon 6 Jul 15 from

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Fundamental observation of spin-controlled electrical conduction in metals

Modern magnetic memories, such as hard drives installed in almost every computer, can store a very large amount of information thanks to very tiny, nanoscale magnetic sensors used for memory ...

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Revealed: Positronium's behavior in particle billiards

Collision physics can be like a game of billiards. Yet in the microscopic world, the outcome of the game is hard to predict. Fire a particle at a group of other particles, and they may scatter, ...

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Good quantum states and bad quantum states

It is impossible to obtain all information about a large quantum system consisting of hundreds or thousands of particles. A new technique allows to describe such systems in terms of 'continuous ...

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Puzzling material acts as conductor and insulator at the same time

University of Cambridge researchers have discovered that a material already known for its peculiar electrical properties appears to behave as both a conductor and an insulator at the ...

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