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Hauling antiprotons around in a van

A team of researchers working on the antiProton Unstable Matter Annihilation (PUMA) project near CERN's particle laboratory, according to a report in Nature, plans to capture a billion antiprotons, ...

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Laser system wirelessly charges phones from across the room

We've cut the cord for communication, thanks to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but charging our little pocket supercomputers still takes a tether. Judging by the range of wireless charging technologies ...

Tue 20 Feb 18 from Gizmag

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Developing reliable quantum computers

International research team makes important step on the path to solving certification problems.

4 hours ago from Eurekalert

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Physicists contribute to dark matter detector success

In researchers' quest for evidence of dark matter, physicist Andrea Pocar of the University of Massachusetts Amherst and his students have played an important role in designing and building ...

Wed 21 Feb 18 from

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Neutrino experiments look to reveal big answers about how these fundamental particles interact with matter

Except in horror movies, most scientific experiments don't start with scientists snooping around narrow, deserted hallways. But a tucked-away location in the recesses of the Department of Energy's ...

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Observing and controlling ultrafast processes with attosecond resolution

Many chemical processes run so quickly that they are only roughly understood. To clarify these processes, a team from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has now developed a methodology ...

Wed 21 Feb 18 from

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Reaching new heights in laser-accelerated ion energy

A laser-driven ion acceleration scheme, developed in research led at the University of Strathclyde, could lead to compact ion sources for established and innovative applications in science, ...

Tue 20 Feb 18 from

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Shedding high-power laser light on the plasma density limit

The interaction of high-power laser light sources with matter has given rise to numerous applications including; fast ion acceleration; intense X-ray, gamma-ray, positron and neutron generation; ...

Tue 20 Feb 18 from

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Approximate quantum cloning: The new way of eavesdropping in quantum cryptography

Cloning of quantum states is used for eavesdropping in quantum cryptography. It also has applications in quantum computation based on quantum information distribution. Uncertainty at the quantum ...

Tue 20 Feb 18 from

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Laser-ranged satellite measurement now accurately reflects Earth's tidal perturbations

Tides on Earth have a far-reaching influence, including disturbing satellites' measurements by affecting their motion. This disturbance can be studied using a model for the gravitational potential ...

Tue 20 Feb 18 from

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