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These Scientists Just Fired The World's Most Powerful Laser

But only for a fraction of a second

9 hours ago from TIME

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Rogue wave theory to save ships

Physicists have found an explanation for rogue waves in the ocean and hope their theory will lead to devices to warn ships and save lives.

11 hours ago from

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Researchers demonstrate the world's first white lasers

More luminous and energy efficient than LEDs, white lasers look to be the future in lighting and light-based wireless communication.

13 hours ago from

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Researchers build bacteria's photosynthetic engine

Nearly all life on Earth depends on photosynthesis, the conversion of light energy into chemical energy. Oxygen-producing plants and cyanobacteria perfected this process 2.7 billion years ago. ...

8 hours ago from

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'Expansion entropy': A new litmus test for chaos?

Can the flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas? This intriguing hypothetical scenario, commonly called "the butterfly effect," has come to embody the popular conception ...

Tue 28 Jul 15 from

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'Impossible' rocket drive works and could get to Moon in four hours

The British designed EM Drive actually works and would dramatically speed up space travel, scientists have confirmed

Tue 28 Jul 15 from Science

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Identifying ever-growing disturbances leading to freak waves

Physicists now better understand wave systems exhibiting unusual disturbances by identifying growing localised patterns as early indicators of such disturbances

Tue 28 Jul 15 from

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Smaller, faster, cheaper: A new type of modulator for the future of data transmission

Transmitting large amounts of data, such as those needed to keep the internet running, requires high-performance modulators that turn electric signals into light signals. Researchers at ETH ...

Mon 27 Jul 15 from

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Time-symmetric formulation of quantum theory provides new understanding of causality and free choice

The laws of classical mechanics are independent of the direction of time, but whether the same is true in quantum mechanics has been a subject of debate. While it is agreed that the laws that ...

Tue 28 Jul 15 from

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Latest results from the LHC experiments are presented in Vienna

The world particle-physics community has convened in Vienna for the 2015 European Physical Society Conference on High Energy Physics (EPS-HEP2015), where the latest results in the field are ...

Tue 28 Jul 15 from

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