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Honeybees can surf to safety

On water their wings work like hydrofoils.

7 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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Four ways to curb light pollution, save bugs

Artificial light at night negatively impacts thousands of species: beetles, moths, wasps and other insects that have evolved to use light levels as cues for courtship, foraging and navigation.

6 hours ago from

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Quantum light improves sensitivity of biological measurements

In a new study, researchers showed that quantum light can be used to track enzyme reactions in real time. The work brings together quantum physics and biology in an important step toward the ...

6 hours ago from

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Blowing bubbles: Scientist confirms novel way to launch and drive current in fusion plasmas

An obstacle to generating fusion reactions inside facilities called tokamaks is that producing the current in plasma that helps create confining magnetic fields happens in pulses. Such pulses, ...

6 hours ago from

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Quantum computers learn to mark their own work

A new test to check if a quantum computer is giving correct answers to questions beyond the scope of traditional computing could help the first quantum computer that can outperform a classical ...

13 hours ago from

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New laser hits mark on cancer imaging to airport security

The terahertz frequency rangewhich sits in the middle of the electromagnetic spectrum between microwaves and infrared lightoffers the potential for high-bandwidth communications, ultrahigh-resolution ...

14 hours ago from TechXplore

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ADMX experiment places world's best constraint on dark matter axions

ADMX, with its world-leading sensitivity, has ruled out axions of a certain mass range as dark matter.

14 hours ago from

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Quantum physics: Our study suggests objective reality doesn't exist

Alternative facts are spreading like a virus across society. Now it seems they have even infected scienceat least the quantum realm. This may seem counter intuitive. The scientific method is ...

Thu 14 Nov 19 from

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Hot electrons harvested without tricks

Semiconductors convert energy from photons (light) into an electron current. However, some photons carry too much energy for the material to absorb. These photons produce "hot electrons," and ...

Fri 15 Nov 19 from

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Scientists develop near ambient pressure photoemission electron microscopy

A research group led by Prof. Fu Qiang and Prof. Bao Xinhe at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) have developed near ambient pressure photoemission ...

Fri 15 Nov 19 from

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