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Researchers build reversible tractor beam that moves objects 100 times farther than other efforts

( —A team of researchers working in Australia has built a tractor beam that bests the distance of other efforts a hundred fold—and it can both push and pull objects. In their paper ...

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Scientists create possible precursor to life

How did life originate? And can scientists create life? These questions not only occupy the minds of scientists interested in the origin of life, but also researchers working with technology ...

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1980s aircraft helps quantum technology take flight

What does a 1980s experimental aircraft have to do with state-of-the art quantum technology? Lots, as shown by new research from the Quantum Control Laboratory at the University of Sydney, and ...

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New 100 Gbps high-speed transatlantic network to benefit science collaborations

Scientists across the U.S. will soon have access to new, ultra high-speed network links spanning the Atlantic Ocean, thanks to a project currently underway to extend ESnet (the U.S. Department ...

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Researcher finds a way to mimic curves in space-time

Here on Earth, it's rather difficult to replicate curved space-time -- to get that kind of effect in nature, you'd have to get uncomfortably close to black holes and other distant space objects. ...

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Engineers find a way to win in laser performance by losing

Energy loss in optical systems, such as lasers, is a chief hindrance to their performance and efficiency, and it occurs on an ongoing, frustrating basis.

Thu 16 Oct 14 from

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Serious security: Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution guards against the most general attacks

The Holy Grail of quantum cryptography – beyond delivering security that cannot be classically achieved – is guaranteeing unconditional security when the untrusted quantum devices are involved. ...

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Light bending material facilitates the search for new particles

Particle physicists have a hard time identifying all the elementary particles created in their particle accelerators. But now researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have designed a ...

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'Dressing' in superconductors: A new piece in the high-temperature superconductivity puzzle

"Imagine a heavy ball rolling on an elastic net: what happens?" asks Daniele Fausti, researcher at Elettra Sincrotrone of Trieste and the University of Trieste. That's how Fausti explains the ...

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Online fun with Nobel forecasts

Nature 514 277 doi: 10.1038/514277e

Wed 15 Oct 14 from Nature News

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