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A New Generation of Atomic Clocks Could Help Find Dark Matter

Detecting Dark Matter For years, researchers have been hunting for dark matter, which is thought to make up about 27 percent of the entire known universe. Now, an innovative team of scientists ...

Fri 7 Dec 18 from Discover Magazine

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Harnessing the power of 'spin orbit' coupling in silicon: Scaling up quantum computation

Australian scientists have investigated new directions to scale up qubitsŚutilising the spin-orbit coupling of atom qubitsŚadding a new suite of tools to the armory.

Fri 7 Dec 18 from

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A new 'spin' on kagome lattices

Like so many targets of scientific inquiry, the class of material referred to as the kagome magnet has proven to be a source of both frustration and amazement. Further revealing the quantum ...

Fri 7 Dec 18 from

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New traffic rules in 'Graphene City'

In the drive to find new ways to extend electronics beyond the use of silicon, physicists are experimenting with other properties of electrons, beyond charge. In work published today (Dec 7) ...

Thu 6 Dec 18 from

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Scientists exchanged quantum information on daylight in a free-space quantum key distribution

Scientists have reported a successful free-space quantum key distribution (QKD) in daylight with the self-developed polarization encoding chip for the first time. QKD is one of the most promising ...

Fri 7 Dec 18 from ScienceDaily

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Large Hadron Collider Shut Down For 2-Year Upgrade

The world’s largest and most powerful particle collider is shutting down for two years. All experiments by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) are on hold while the complex receives “major ...

Fri 7 Dec 18 from

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A persistent claim to have detected dark matter looks wrong

Exploring the composition of the universe

Thu 6 Dec 18 from The Economist

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New model for assessing the effect of ionizing radiation on microelectronic devices

The main trend in the development of hardware components for digital and analog electronic equipment is to reduce the size of the active regions of diode and transistor structures. This can ...

Fri 7 Dec 18 from

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Supercomputers without waste heat

Physicists explore superconductivity for information processing.

Fri 7 Dec 18 from ScienceDaily

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Experiments at PPPL show remarkable agreement with satellite sightings

As on Earth, so in space. A four-satellite mission that is studying magnetic reconnectionŚthe breaking apart and explosive reconnection of the magnetic field lines in plasma that occurs throughout ...

Fri 7 Dec 18 from

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