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Game theory elucidates the collective behavior of bosons

Quantum particles behave in strange ways and are often difficult to study experimentally. Using mathematical methods drawn from game theory, LMU physicists have shown how bosons, which like ...

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When mediated by superconductivity, light pushes matter million times more

When a mirror reflects light, it experiences a slight push. This radiation pressure can be increased considerably with the help of a small superconducting island. This was revealed by the joint ...

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Is the universe a hologram?

Describing the universe requires fewer dimensions than we might think. New calculations show that this may not just be a mathematical trick, but a fundamental feature of space itself.

Mon 27 Apr 15 from

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Human brain inspires computer memory

How is it possible to create computer memory that is both faster and consumes less energy? Researchers at the Institut d'électronique fondamentale (CNRS/Université Paris-Sud) and CEA-List have ...

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New method provides direct SI traceability for sound pressure

Scientists at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) - the UK's National Measurement Institute - have developed an optical method for remotely measuring sound pressure inside a fully anechoic ...

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Digital in-line holography helps researchers 'see' into fiery fuels

Transportation accidents, such as trucks crashing on a highway or rockets failing on a launch pad, can create catastrophic fires. It's important to understand how burning droplets of fuel are ...

Mon 27 Apr 15 from

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Thinner capsules yield faster implosions

In National Ignition Facility (NIF) inertial confinement fusion (ICF) experiments, the fusion fuel implodes at a high speed in reaction to the rapid ablation, or blow-off, of the outer layers ...

Mon 27 Apr 15 from

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Heat makes electrons spin in magnetic superconductors

Physicists have shown how heat can be exploited for controlling magnetic properties of matter. The finding helps in the development of more efficient mass memories. The result was published ...

Fri 24 Apr 15 from

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First proton collisions at Large Hadron Collider should start in early June

First collisions of protons at the world's largest science experiment are expected to start the first or second week of June, according to a senior research scientist with CERN's Large Hadron ...

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Generating broadband terahertz radiation from a microplasma in air

Researchers at the University of Rochester's Institute of Optics have shown that a laser-generated microplasma in air can be used as a source of broadband terahertz radiation.

Fri 24 Apr 15 from

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