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Home PC outperforms a supercomputer in complex calculations

The GPU in your gaming rig performs crazy amounts of calculations to really bring to life the Cyberdemon in the new Doom, but scientists are increasingly applying that power to more ...

3 hours ago from Gizmag

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This Portable 200W "Laser Bazooka" is terrifying, unnecessary, and I want one

 Have you ever played with a laser pointer? Those usually cap out at around 0.005 watts. This guy built a “laser bazooka” that, at 200 watts, comes in at about forty thousand ...

10 hours ago from TechCrunch

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Laser pulses produce glowing plasma filaments in open air, could enable long-distance monitoring

Researchers at MIT and elsewhere have found a new way of using mid-infrared lasers to turn regions of molecules in the open air into glowing filaments of electrically charged gas, or plasma. ...

Tue 28 Jun 16 from

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Quantum technologies to revolutionize 21st century

Is quantum technology the future of the 21st century? On the occasion of the 66th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, this is the key question to be explored today in a panel discussion with the ...

2 hours ago from

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New model predicts once-mysterious chemical reactions

A team of researchers from Los Alamos National Laboratory and Curtin University in Australia developed a theoretical model to forecast the fundamental chemical reactions involving molecular ...

Tue 28 Jun 16 from

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Superconductor's strange behaviour results in new laboratory tool

Researchers from the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter and the University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands), together with researchers from the Institute for Materials Science in Tsukuba ...

Tue 28 Jun 16 from

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ArXiv preprint server plans multimillion-dollar overhaul

Users urge caution in revamp of service at the heart of physics.

22 hours ago from Nature News

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New, better way to build circuits for world's first useful quantum computers

The era of quantum computers is one step closer as a result of research published in the current issue of the journal Science. The research team has devised and demonstrated a new way to pack ...

Mon 27 Jun 16 from

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Laser uranium enrichment technology may create new proliferation risks

A new laser-based uranium enrichment technology may provide a hard-to-detect pathway to nuclear weapons production, according to a forthcoming paper in the journal Science & Global Security ...

Mon 27 Jun 16 from

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Researchers devise new tool to measure polarization of light

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a new tool for detecting and measuring the polarization of light based on a single spatial sampling of the light, rather than ...

Fri 24 Jun 16 from

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