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Light 'sonic boom' filmed in a single shot for first time

The camera system, which captures 100 billion frames per second, could be used to film electrical signals between brain cells. Angus Bezzina reports.

21 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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Magnetic recording with light and no heat on garnet

A strong, short light pulse can record data on a magnetic layer of yttrium iron garnet doped with Co-ions. This was discovered by researchers from Radboud University in the Netherlands and Bialystok ...

Thu 19 Jan 17 from

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New invisibility cloak to conceal objects in diffusive atmospheres

Researchers at the Public University of Navarre (NUP/UPNA) and the Universitat Politcnica de Valncia (UPV) have come up with a new invisibility cloak capable of concealing objects in diffusive ...

Fri 20 Jan 17 from

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Violations of energy conservation in the early universe may explain dark energy

( have proposed that violations of energy conservation in the early universe, as predicted by certain modified theories of quantum mechanics and quantum gravity, may explain ...

Fri 20 Jan 17 from

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Neutrons and a 'bit of gold' uncover new type of quantum phase transition

When matter changes from solids to liquids to vapors, the changes are called phase transitions. Among the most interesting types are more exotic changesquantum phase transitionswhere the strange ...

Fri 20 Jan 17 from

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Flash Physics: Robot hugs broken heart, cool magnetic storage, antiprotons prop up Standard Model

Today's selection of need-to-know updates from the world of physics

Thu 19 Jan 17 from Physics World

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Lasers Could Generate Shields Out Of Thin Air

Lasers could turn Earth's atmosphere into a defensive, or offensive, tool in the future of warfare. Proposed by BAE Systems, a defense and aerospace company founded in the United Kingdom, the ...

Wed 18 Jan 17 from Discover Magazine

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A quark like no other: Searching for 'bottom quark'

A University of Iowa physicist is at the forefront of the search for a missing particle that could prove whether the Higgs bosonbelieved to give mass to all matterexists.

Wed 18 Jan 17 from

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Studying the quantum vacuum: Traffic jam in empty space

An important step towards a completely new experimental access to quantum physics has been made at University of Konstanz. The team of scientists headed by Professor Alfred Leitenstorfer has ...

Wed 18 Jan 17 from

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Light source discovery 'challenges basic assumption' of physics

A widely held understanding of electromagnetic radiation has been challenged in newly published research led at the University of Strathclyde.

Mon 16 Jan 17 from

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