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Researchers control interplay of light and matter at the level of individual photons emitted by rubidium

Researchers led by Dr. Sebastian Slama of Tübingen University's Institute of Physics have succeeded in directing the fluorescence of ultracold atoms into surface plasmons – light waves oscillating ...

15 hours ago from

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Supersonic laser-propelled rockets

Scientists and science fiction writers alike have dreamt of aircrafts that are propelled by beams of light rather than conventional fuels. Now, a new method for improving the thrust generated ...

Wed 29 Oct 14 from

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Helping general electric upgrade the US power grid

When researchers at General Electric Co. sought help in designing a plasma-based power switch, they turned to the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL). ...

Tue 28 Oct 14 from

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Bibliometrics: Is your most cited work your best?

John P. A. Ioannidis and colleagues asked the most highly cited biomedical scientists to score their top-ten papers in six ways.

Wed 29 Oct 14 from Nature News

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Can the wave function of an electron be divided and trapped?

New research by physicists from Brown University puts the profound strangeness of quantum mechanics in a nutshell—or, more accurately, in a helium bubble.

Tue 28 Oct 14 from

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Physicists find simple solution for quantum technology challenge

A solution to one of the key challenges in the development of quantum technologies has been proposed by University of Sussex physicists.

Tue 28 Oct 14 from

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Superconductor finally goes with the FFLO

Unusual response to strong magnetic fields seen at long last

Wed 29 Oct 14 from Physics World

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Postcards from the plasma edge

For magnetic fusion energy to fuel future power plants, scientists must find ways to control the interactions that take place between the volatile edge of the plasma and the walls that surround ...

Tue 28 Oct 14 from

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Using radio waves to control the density in a fusion plasma

Recent fusion experiments on the DIII-D tokamak at General Atomics (San Diego) and the Alcator C-Mod tokamak at MIT (Cambridge, Massachusetts), show that beaming microwaves into the center of ...

Tue 28 Oct 14 from

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Syracuse physicists closer to understanding balance of matter, antimatter in universe

Physicists in Syracuse University's College of Arts and Sciences have made important discoveries regarding Bs meson particles—something that may explain why the Universe contains more matter ...

Mon 27 Oct 14 from

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