The secret to measuring an antineutrino's energy

The MINERvA collaboration analyzed data from the interactions of an antineutrino—the antimatter partner of a neutrino—with a nucleus. They were surprised to find evidence that antineutrinos interacted with pairs of particles inside the nucleus. They had expected antineutrinos to interact with just single protons or neutrons. To see this evidence, the team compared their antineutrino data to a model of these interactions. The model was based on a previous analysis of neutrino interactions at MINERvA published two years ago.

Synopsis: A Missing Piece in the Neutrinoless Beta-Decay Puzzle

The inclusion of short-range interactions in models of neutrinoless double-beta decay could impact the interpretation of experimental searches for the elusive decay.[Physics] Published Wed May ...

Wed 16 May 18 from APS Physics

How to Cope with Cases of Mistaken Identity: MINERvA's Tale of Pions and Neutrinos

Neutral pion production is a major character in a story of mistaken identity worthy of an Agatha Christie novel.

Thu 17 May 18 from Newswise

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