Cracking Open The Hearts of Dead Suns

Neutron stars are the remnants of violent supernovas, all that’s left behind when a star tens of times the mass of our sun ends its nuclear fuel-burning life. These extreme objects pack more mass than our sun — about 1.4 suns’ worth of mass, to be more exact — into a stellar remnant about the width of a small city (6 to 12 miles [10 to 20 kilometers]). These tiny, distant objects get their name from the fact that they’re almost entirely composed of neutrons. But they do contain a small f

Cracking Open The Hearts of Dead Suns

18 hours ago from Discover Magazine

Neutron stars may hold an answer to neutron puzzle on Earth

According to University of Illinois physicist Douglas H. Beck, "Neutrons play some unusual roles in our world. Free neutrons decay in about 900 s but, bound in nuclei, they are stable and make ...

Wed 15 Aug 18 from

Protons may have an outsize influence on the properties of neutron stars and other neutron-rich objects

Neutron stars are the smallest, densest stars in the universe, born out of the gravitational collapse of extremely massive stars. True to their name, neutron stars are composed almost entirely ...

Mon 13 Aug 18 from

SNS completes full neutron production cycle at record power level

The Spallation Neutron Source at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory has reached a new milestone by operating a complete neutron production run cycle at 1.3 megawatts.

Thu 9 Aug 18 from

Neutron stars bend light so much we see their front and back at once

Ultra-compact neutron stars are so dense that the light bends around from the far side, making it possible to see all sides of them simultaneously

Wed 8 Aug 18 from Newscientist

High-energy protons emitted after hooking up with neutrons

Protons and neutrons pair up, get speedy, even if other neutrons are watching.

4 hours ago from Ars Technica

In neutron stars, minority rules

These dense objects are only five percent protons, but those protons pack a punch.

22 hours ago from

In neutron stars, protons may do the heavy lifting

A new study led by Tel Aviv University and MIT suggests that some properties of neutron stars may be influenced not only by their multitude of densely packed neutrons, but also by a substantially ...

Tue 14 Aug 18 from Eurekalert

In neutron stars, protons may do the heavy lifting, Tue 14 Aug 18 from Science Blog

What tiny particles mean for big stars

Tue 14 Aug 18 from (news wire)

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