IBM has just unveiled this cool-looking quantum computeróbut will hide it in the cloud

In the grueling race to build a practical quantum computer, tech companies are keeping their spirits up by loudly cheering every milestone ó no matter how small. One of the most vocal competitors is IBM, which today at CES unveiled the IBM Q System One: a 20-qubit quantum computer thatís built for stability, but with some very flashy design. IBM is touting the Q System One as ďthe worldís first fully integrated universal quantum computing system designed for scientific and commercial use.Ē But thatís a description that needs a lot of context. The Q System One may be designed for commercial use, but itís not exactly ready for it. Not in the way you might think. Quantum computers like the Q System One are still very much experimental... Continue reading…

CES 2019: IBM's hourly weather reports will cover entire Earth

Technology giant IBM's supercomputers power the new forecasting system that covers the entire planet.

Tue 8 Jan 19 from BBC Technology

CES 2019: IBM unveils system for more accurate weather forecasting - CNET

IBM says the system is poised to help airlines minimize disruption and assist farmers with better preparing for weather changes.

Tue 8 Jan 19 from CNET

IBM unveils its first commercial quantum computer

At CES, IBM today announced its first commercial quantum computer for use outside of the lab. The 20-qubit system combines the quantum and classical computing parts it takes to use a machine ...

Tue 8 Jan 19 from TechCrunch

Global Weather Forecasts Could Soon Get Much Better, According to IBM

Global weather forecasts are getting a big technology upgrade, thanks to a new project from IBM and The Weather Company.

Tue 8 Jan 19 from Livescience

CES 2019: IBM aims to boost weather forecasts and food safety, settle debates

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty says the its technology can help predict the weather, keep food safe and use artificial intelligence to take pro-con positions.        

Tue 8 Jan 19 from USA today

IBM is taking quantum computing out of the lab

Most advanced design yet sees IBM push into new horizons for quantum computing.

Tue 8 Jan 19 from Techradar

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