Quantum communication: making two from one

Quantum optics, where light and matter interactions are examined at the microscopic level, has earned Nobel prizes—including three awarded since 2001—for some of science's biggest names. However, even in this mature field, some interesting physics remains largely unexplored. An international team of scientists from Technische Universität Wien (Austria), Duke University, Università degli Studi di Palermo and Istituto Nanoscienze CNR (Italy), and the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory has unveiled a new approach for photon trapping that can localize and store one photon, providing another option for unraveling complicated physics and manipulating the quantum state of single photons. Their work was recently published in Physical Review Letters.

Quantum communication: making two from one

Tue 21 May 19 from Phys.org

Schrödinger's Art: Spooky physics paints microscopic artworks on "quantum canvas"

Researchers at the University of Queensland (UQ) have produced what may very well be the first pieces of art made using non-classical matter. The team has reproduced classic artworks ...

Mon 20 May 19 from Gizmag

An experiment hints at quantum entanglement inside protons

Particles inside protons seem to be linked on a scale smaller than a trillionth of a millimeter.

Fri 17 May 19 from ScienceNews

Development of a displacement sensor to measure gravity of smallest source mass ever

One of the most unknown phenomena in modern physics is gravity. Its measurement and laws remain somewhat of an enigma. Researchers at Tohoku University have revealed important information about ...

Fri 17 May 19 from Phys.org

Development of a Displacement Sensor to Measure Gravity of Smallest Source Mass Ever, Mon 20 May 19 from Laboratory Equipment

Macroscopic electron quantum coherence in a solid-state circuit

A team of researchers at the Centre de Nanosciences et de Nanotechnologies (C2N, CNRS/Univ. Paris-Saclay) has experimentally achieved the coherent propagation of electrons in circuits over macroscopic ...

Fri 17 May 19 from Phys.org

What is quantum entanglement?

Thu 16 May 19 from Cosmos Magazine

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