Physicists must get used to the limelight

A month after revealing errors in their high-profile claim that subatomic neutrinos had been clocked traveling faster than the speed of light, two leaders of the Italian OPERA collaboration have resigned. Both spokesman Antonio Ereditato of the University of Bern in Switzerland and physics coordinator Dario Autiero of Lyon's Institute of Nuclear Physics in France, who presented the stunning result to a packed auditorium at CERN (pictured) in September 2011, sent out resignations today.  Read more

Physicists must get used to the limelight

The flap over faster-than-light neutrinos will be the first of many

Tue 3 Apr 12 from Newscientist

Embattled neutrino project leaders step down

No-confidence vote follows confirmation of faults in experiment's cable and clock.

Mon 2 Apr 12 from Nature News

'Faster than light' neutrinos scientist quits

The scientist who headed a European research team that last year measured particles travelling faster than light has resigned, weeks after a rival team cast doubt on the accuracy of those readings.

Sat 31 Mar 12 from The Independent

Leaders of controversial neutrino experiment step down

Citing tensions within the experimental collaboration, two leaders of the OPERA team behind last year's faster-than-light neutrino result resign

Fri 30 Mar 12 from Newscientist

Leaders of Faster-Than-Light Experiment Step Down

Spokesperson and physics coordinator resign after vote of no confidence

Fri 30 Mar 12 from Science Now

Neutrino speed study head quits

The head of an experiment that appeared to show subatomic particles travelling faster than the speed of light resigns from his post.

Fri 30 Mar 12 from BBC News

Leaders of faster-than-light neutrino team resign

Fri 30 Mar 12 from Nature News Blogs

Italian physicist behind 'faster-than-light' test resigns

An Italian physicist at the head of a team that made a cautious but hugely controversial claim that neutrinos may travel faster than the speed of light resigned on Friday following calls for ...

Fri 30 Mar 12 from

'Faster-Than-Light' Neutrino Team Leaders Resign

OPERA spokesperson Antonio Ereditato and experimental coordinator Dario Autiero, who were in the middle of the media circus surrounding the "faster-than-light" neutrino results, have stepped ...

Wed 4 Apr 12 from Discovery News

Neutrino experiment chief resigns

The head of the European research team that suggested neutrinos may be able to travel faster than light has resigned.

Sun 1 Apr 12 from iTWire

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