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Scientists observe quantum superconductor-metal transition and superconducting glass

An article published in Nature Physics on March 30, 2014, presents the results of the first experimental study of graphene-based quantum phase transition of the "superconductor-to-metal" type, ...

Thu 17 Apr 14 from

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Today on New Scientist

All the latest on quantum-coded texts, digital mirrors, a polypill for heart disease and more

Wed 16 Apr 14 from Newscientist

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Combs of light accelerate communication

Miniaturized optical frequency comb sources allow for transmission of data streams of several terabits per second over hundreds of kilometers – this has now been demonstrated by researchers ...

Mon 14 Apr 14 from

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Device turns flat surface into spherical antenna

By depositing an array of tiny, metallic, U-shaped structures onto a dielectric material, a team of researchers in China has created a new artificial surface that can bend and focus electromagnetic ...

Mon 14 Apr 14 from

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Beam on target: CEBAF accelerator achieves 12 GeV commissioning milestone

Late on April 1, the crown jewel of the Department of Energy's Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility ("Jefferson Lab") sparkled its way into a new era. Following an upgrade of the Continuous ...

Mon 14 Apr 14 from

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A Vortex Faucet Adds Much Needed Excitement To Washing Your Hands

Since most faucets are nothing more than a metal tube, you rarely get a glimpse of the magic inside when cold and hot water come together to create warm water. So Philippe Starck designed the ...

Mon 14 Apr 14 from Gizmodo

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Scientists gain new insight into mysterious electronic phenomenon

( —For more than a quarter of a century, high-temperature superconductors – materials that can transmit electric current without any resistance – have perplexed scientists who seek ...

Mon 14 Apr 14 from

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How CERN's discovery of exotic particles may affect astrophysics

You may have heard that CERN announced the discovery of a strange particle known as Z(4430). A paper summarizing the results has been published on the physics arxiv, which is a repository for ...

Fri 11 Apr 14 from

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Interview with Gerhard Rempe about the fascination of and prospects for quantum information technology

Gerhard Rempe, Director at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in Garching, and his colleagues investigate the fundamentals of quantum information technology.

Thu 17 Apr 14 from

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