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Physicists entangle qubits in a semiconductor at room temperature

In addition to quantum-computing applications, the system could be used as an in vivo biological sensor

Tue 24 Nov 15 from Physics World

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Novel intermediate energy X-ray beamline opening for researchers

Researchers working to create next-generation electronic systems and to understand the fundamental properties of magnetism and electronics to tackle grand challenges such as quantum computing ...

Mon 23 Nov 15 from

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New research into daylight exposure in heritage buildings to help balance access and conservation

New research into the distribution of natural light and its level of exposure in historic buildings has been carried out by Loughborough University on behalf of the National Trust.

Mon 23 Nov 15 from Medical Xpress

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Researchers confirm 'realistic' answer to quantum network puzzle

Scientists at the University of York's Centre for Quantum Technology have discovered new evidence to support the development of scalable and secure high rate quantum networks.

Thu 19 Nov 15 from

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Identifying new sources of turbulence in spherical tokamaks

This article describes a paper that identifies two new sources of turbulence in a state-of-the-art simulation of a spherical tokamak.

Wed 25 Nov 15 from Eurekalert

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Ground-breaking research could challenge underlying principles of physics

An international team of physicists, including a Plymouth University academic, has published ground-breaking research on the decay of subatomic particles called kaons which could change how ...

Fri 20 Nov 15 from

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First liquid-cooling laser could advance biological research

In a world where lasers are sci-fi's weapon of choice for melting away an enemy spaceship (sometimes even translating to the real world), researchers at the University of Washington ...

Wed 18 Nov 15 from Gizmag

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Quantum fingerprint is impossible to replicate

Manufacturing shortcoming is turned into a security opportunity.

Fri 20 Nov 15 from Nanotechweb

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Superfluidity in topologically nontrivial flat bands

Researchers at Aalto University have discovered that energy saving superconductors may be possible if the counterintuitive properties of electrons moving in "flat bands" are exploited.

Fri 20 Nov 15 from

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Polarization vision gives fiddler crabs the edge in detecting rivals

Fiddler crabs use polarization vision to sense the approach of rivals, scientists at the University of Bristol have found. The research, carried out in Panama, is the first field-based evidence ...

Fri 20 Nov 15 from

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