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Viewpoint: Ionization Delays That Stand Out

Author(s): Alexandra Landsman and Matthias F. KlingAttosecond-resolution experiments have determined the delay in an electron’s emission from a molecule after being ionized with light.[Physics ...

Mon 22 Aug 16 from APS Physics

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Top European lab probes fake human sacrifice video

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has launched an investigation into a video filmed at night on its Geneva campus depicting a mock ritual human sacrifice, a spokeswoman ...

Wed 17 Aug 16 from

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China launches world's first quantum science satellite

QUESS mission will test the feasibility of quantum communication between ground and space

Tue 16 Aug 16 from Physics World

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Did physicists discover a previously unknown fifth force of nature?

A tiny, unseen force could potentially alter our basic understanding of the universe - if it really exists. Theoretical physicists at UC Irvine say they've found evidence for a fifth fundamental ...

Wed 17 Aug 16 from

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Isotope research opens new possibilities for cancer treatment

A new study at Los Alamos National Laboratory and in collaboration with Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource greatly improves scientists' understanding of the element actinium. The insights ...

Wed 17 Aug 16 from

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Researchers attempt to explain superconductive phenomenon

Superconductivity with a high critical temperature (high Tc) presents a theoretical mystery. While this phenomenon is experimentally well established, science has not explained its mechanism. ...

Thu 18 Aug 16 from

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Scientists uncover origin of high-temperature superconductivity in copper-oxide compound

Since the 1986 discovery of high-temperature superconductivity in copper-oxide compounds called cuprates, scientists have been trying to understand how these materials can conduct electricity ...

Wed 17 Aug 16 from

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Nuclear puzzle may be clue to fifth force

In a new paper, University of California, Riverside theoretical physicist Flip Tanedo and his collaborators have made new progress towards unravelling a mystery in the beryllium nucleus that ...

Wed 17 Aug 16 from

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Professor solved time-reversal violation

Associate Professor Dr Joan Vaccaro, of Griffith's Centre for Quantum Dynamics, has solved an anomaly of conventional physics and shown that a mysterious effect called 'T violation' could be ...

Wed 17 Aug 16 from

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Synopsis: World of Weyl Craft

Researchers provide new evidence for the existence of type-II Weyl semimetals, which would be both conducting and insulating in different spatial directions. [Physics] Published Wed Aug 17, ...

Wed 17 Aug 16 from APS Physics

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