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"Air waveguides" used to send optical data through the air

Efficient as fiber optic cables are at transmitting data in the form of light pulses, they do need to be physically supported, and they can only handle a finite amount of power. Still, what's ...

Thu 24 Jul 14 from Gizmag

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Unleashing the power of quantum dot triplets

Quantum computers have yet to materialise. Yet, scientists are making progress in devising suitable means of making such computers faster. One such approach relies on quantum dots—a kind of ...

Thu 24 Jul 14 from

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Scientists find way to maintain quantum entanglement in amplified signals

Physicists Sergei Filippov (MIPT and Russian Quantum Center at Skolkovo) and Mario Ziman (Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, and the Institute of Physics in Bratislava, Slovakia) have ...

Wed 23 Jul 14 from

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By measuring infrared emissivity, work is being done to improve the features of solar thermal collectors

Researchers in the UPV/EHU's department of Condensed Matter Physics have developed the only infrared emissivity radiometer existing in Spain. The university is also one of the few centres worldwide ...

Fri 25 Jul 14 from

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IHEP in China has ambitions for Higgs factory

Who will lay claim to having the world's largest particle smasher?. Could China become the collider capital of the world? Questions tease answers, following a news story in Nature on Tuesday. ...

Wed 23 Jul 14 from

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Bats Not So Blind After All, Study Suggests

Some bats rely on polarized light to calibrate their internal compass

Wed 23 Jul 14 from TIME

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The physics of lead guitar playing

String bends, tapping, vibrato and whammy bars are all techniques that add to the distinctiveness of a lead guitarist's sound, whether it's Clapton, Hendrix, or BB King.

Wed 23 Jul 14 from

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Tomorrow's Fastest Cars Could Be Covered in Morphable Skins

Researchers at MIT have created a ball with a customizable surface texture through the science of wrinkling.

Thu 24 Jul 14 from Wired Science

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This Super-Efficient Lightbulb Uses Tesla Tech for an Incandescent Glow

Despite their inefficiency, old-school incandescent lightbulbs sure did put out a pleasant, natural-looking light. The folks at Finally Light Bulb missed that light, so they brought it back ...

Thu 24 Jul 14 from Gizmodo

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