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Golden mystery solved

Gold is prized for its preciousness and as a conductor in electronics, but it is also important in scientific experimentation.

Mon 16 Jan 17 from

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Flash Physics: Home computers find pulsars, 3D graphene could be stronger than steel, SESAME opens

Today's selection of need-to-know updates from the world of physics

Fri 13 Jan 17 from Physics World

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First attosecond timing in a kilometre-wide laser-microwave network

Scientists at DESY have set up the world's most precise 'metronome' for a kilometre-wide network. The timing system synchronizes a 4.7-kilometer-long laser-microwave network with 950 attoseconds ...

Thu 12 Jan 17 from

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[Perspective] Putting the squeeze on superconductivity

Superconductivity is a fascinating quantum state of matter that has captured the imagination of physicists for over a century. The pioneering theoretical work of Bardeen, Cooper, and Schrieffer ...

Thu 12 Jan 17 from Science Now

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Study uses an electric field to create magnetic properties in nonmagnetic material

In a proof-of-concept study published in Nature Physics, researchers drew magnetic squares in a nonmagnetic material with an electrified pen and then "read" this magnetic doodle with X-rays.

Thu 12 Jan 17 from

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New method allows for quick, precise measurement of quantum states

Nuclear spin tomography is an application in medicine. The patient absorbs and re-emits electromagnetic radiation in all directions, which is detected and reconstructed as 3-D images or 2-D ...

Thu 12 Jan 17 from

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Recreating conditions inside stars with compact lasers

The energy density contained in the center of a star is higher than we can imagine - many billions of atmospheres, compared with the 1 atmosphere of pressure we live with here on Earth's surface.

Wed 11 Jan 17 from

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Michigan sees perfect circle of ice spinning in river that has left locals baffled

The sight on the Pine River in Vestaburg, Michigan was caught on camera by local JasonRobinson last Friday morning his way to work.

Wed 11 Jan 17 from Daily Mail

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Amplification of relativistic electron pulses by direct laser field acceleration

Controlled direct acceleration of electrons in very strong laser fields can offer a path towards ultra-compact accelerators. Such a direct acceleration requires rectification and decoupling ...

Tue 10 Jan 17 from

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New active filaments mimic biology to transport nano-cargo

Inspired by micro-scale motions of nature, a group of researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras and the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, in Chennai, India, has developed a ...

Tue 10 Jan 17 from

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