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Latest results from the LHC experiments are presented in Vienna

The world particle-physics community has convened in Vienna for the 2015 European Physical Society Conference on High Energy Physics (EPS-HEP2015), where the latest results in the field are ...

Tue 28 Jul 15 from

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Revamping the metric measure of mass

The units of the metric system are on track for a 2018 makeover.

Mon 27 Jul 15 from ScienceNews

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Quantum networks: Back and forth are not equal distances

Quantum technology based on light (photons) has great potential for radically new information technology based on photonic circuits. Up to now, the photons in quantum photonic circuits have ...

Mon 27 Jul 15 from

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Weyl fermions are spotted at long last

Solution to the Dirac equation detected 85 years after it was predicted

Thu 23 Jul 15 from Physics World

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Spintronic Devices Possible Without Magnetic Material

Discovery holds important implications for the future of spintronics in enabling high-speed, low-power computing

Tue 28 Jul 15 from IEEE Spectrum

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Pendulum clocks synchronise using sound pulses, scientists discover

Scientists may have finally discovered why pendulum clocks synchronise when placed nearby.

Sat 25 Jul 15 from The Independent

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The mystery of the instant noodle chromosomes

A group of researchers from the Lomonosov Moscow State University tried to address one of the least understood issues in the modern molecular biology, namely, how do strands of DNA pack themselves ...

Thu 23 Jul 15 from

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Metamaterial undermines 250-year-old construction principles

Researchers have demonstrated how a rubber beam subjected to less pressure bends faster. This behaviour defies expectations and appears to undermine centuries-old bending laws. The beam is made ...

Thu 23 Jul 15 from

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Spintronics just got faster

In a tremendous boost for spintronic technologies, EPFL scientists have shown that electrons can jump through spins much faster than previously thought.

Mon 20 Jul 15 from

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'Metasheet' blocks a narrow band of radiation, letting the rest pass

Material made of metal helices could be used for radar cloaking

Wed 22 Jul 15 from Physics World

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