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Study explains how droplets can 'levitate' on liquid surfaces

A drop or two of cold cream in hot coffee can go a long way toward improving one's morning. But what if the two liquids didn't mix?

Wed 15 Nov 17 from

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Essential quantum computer component downsized by two orders of magnitude

Qubits, or quantum bits, are the key building blocks at the heart of every quantum computer. In order to perform a computation, signals are directed to and from qubits. However, qubits are extremely ...

Wed 15 Nov 17 from

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Researchers take next step toward fusion energy

Fusion is the process that powers the sun, harnessing it on Earth would provide unlimited clean energy. However, researchers say that constructing a fusion power plant has proven to be a daunting ...

Mon 13 Nov 17 from

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Magnetic skyrmions found to hold the potential of storing electronic data

( team of researchers with members from the U.S., Germany and China has found that magnetic skyrmions could one day be used as a means of storing electronic data. In their paper published ...

Thu 16 Nov 17 from

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Physicists mix waves on superconducting qubits

Physicists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) and Royal Holloway, University of London, have demonstrated an effect known as quantum wave mixing on an artificial atom. ...

Tue 14 Nov 17 from

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Are multiple H-coils needed to accurately measure magnetic field strengths?

Is more always better? Researchers from Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan, sought to find out if that was the case for measuring magnetic field strengths. Their paper, appearing this week ...

Tue 14 Nov 17 from

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Quantum computing with molecules for a quicker search of unsorted databases

Scrapbooks or social networks are collections of mostly unsorted data. The search for single elements in very large data volumes, i.e. for the needle in the data haystack, is extremely complex ...

Tue 14 Nov 17 from

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Molecular magnetism packs power with 'messenger electron'

Electrons can be a persuasive bunch, or at least, a talkative bunch, according to new work from John Berry's lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Mon 13 Nov 17 from

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'Criticality' experiments enhance nuclear safety, security and effectiveness

Gathered in a control room deep in the Nevada desert, a team of researchers from Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos national laboratories watched safety monitors as a carefully layered stack ...

Tue 14 Nov 17 from

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