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DFG to fund 13 new research training groups

(Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) Topics range from the physics of the heaviest particles to cybercrime and the consequences of social services work / ?65 million for initial four-and-a-half-year ...

19 hours ago from Eurekalert

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Researchers develop new lens manufacturing technique

Researchers from Washington State University and Ohio State University have developed a low-cost, easy way to make custom lenses that could help manufacturers avoid the expensive molds required ...

Mon 20 May 19 from

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Scientists develop polariton nano-laser operating at room temperature

A room temperature polariton nano-laser has been demonstrated, along with several related research findings, regarding topics such as polariton physics at the nanoscale and also applications ...

Mon 20 May 19 from

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Sweet neutron science shines new light on dark chocolate's tastiness

Tempering, the heating process that gives chocolate its appealing sheen and creamy texture, is a crucial part of crafting quality chocolate. But, at the molecular level, it gets a little tricky, ...

Tue 21 May 19 from

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Iron selenide revealed as 'garden-variety iron-based superconductor'

In the pantheon of unconventional superconductors, iron selenide is a rock star. But new experiments by U.S., Chinese and European physicists have found the material's magnetic persona to be ...

Mon 20 May 19 from

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Four scientists at PPPL awarded national and international honors

(DOE/Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory) Institutions ranging from NASA to the Korean Physical Society have recently bestowed national and international honors on four scientists at the US ...

Tue 21 May 19 from Eurekalert

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New measurement device: Carbon dioxide as geothermometer

For the first time, it is now possible to measure, simultaneously and with extreme precision, four rare molecular variants of carbon dioxide (CO2) using a novel laser instrument. It is thus ...

Mon 20 May 19 from

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Quantum communication: making two from one

In the future, quantum physics could become the guarantor of secure information technology. To achieve this, individual particles of lightphotonsare used for secure transmission of data. Findings ...

Tue 21 May 19 from

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Machine learning speeds modeling of experiments aimed at capturing fusion energy on Earth

Machine learning (ML), a form of artificial intelligence that recognizes faces, understands language and navigates self-driving cars, can help bring to Earth the clean fusion energy that lights ...

Fri 17 May 19 from

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Researchers shed new light on atomic 'wave function'

Physicists have demonstrated a new way to obtain the essential details that describe an isolated quantum system, such as a gas of atoms, through direct observation. The new method gives information ...

Thu 16 May 19 from

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