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HowDoctor StrangeWill Push the Boundaries of What a Superhero Movie Is

Dr. Stephen Strange is freezing. Youd be cold, too, if youd just been transported to the side of Mount Everest by two powerful sorcerers. But on February 1, 2016, day 54 of the 87-day shoot ...

Tue 27 Sep 16 from Gizmodo

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Construction of world's most sensitive dark matter detector moves forward

LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ), a next-generation dark matter detector that will be at least 100 times more sensitive than its predecessor, has cleared another approval milestone and is on schedule to begin ...

Mon 26 Sep 16 from

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Photons do the twist, and scientists can now measure it

Researchers in the University of Minnesota's College of Science and Engineering have measured the twisting force, or torque, generated by light on a silicon chip. Their work holds promise for ...

Mon 26 Sep 16 from

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Live Webcast: What to Expect from the Coming Quantum Era

05/10/2016, The quantum revolution is afoot. Physicists are learning to harness quantum phenomena with ever-greater precision, quantum computers are becoming a reality, and a number of quantum ...

Mon 26 Sep 16 from AlphaGalileo

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Intern helped get robotic arm on PPPL's PTOLEMY experiment up and running

Deep in a laboratory tucked away in the basement of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL), intern Mark Thom punched commands into a computer as two ...

Mon 26 Sep 16 from

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Shaping sound waves in 3-D could be useful for medical ultrasound applications

Sound can now be structured in three dimensions. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems and the University of Stuttgart have found a way of generating acoustic holograms, ...

Thu 22 Sep 16 from

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Pioneering California physicist dies; built important tool

A pioneering physicist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has died.

Thu 22 Sep 16 from

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Quantum physics: City-wide teleportation

Nature 537 453 doi: 10.1038/537453a

Wed 21 Sep 16 from Nature News

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'Schroedinger's cat' molecules give rise to exquisitely detailed movies

One of the most famous mind-twisters of the quantum world is the thought experiment known as "Schroedinger's Cat," in which a cat placed in a box and potentially exposed to poison is simultaneously ...

Wed 21 Sep 16 from

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X-ray laser glimpses how electrons dance with atomic nuclei in materials

From hard to malleable, from transparent to opaque, from channeling electricity to blocking it: Materials come in all types. A number of their intriguing properties originate in the way a material's ...

Thu 22 Sep 16 from

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