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Studying dynamics of ion channels

Scientists from the Vaziri lab at the Vienna Biocenter, together with colleagues at the Institute for Biophysical Dynamics at the University of Chicago, have developed a method using infrared ...

Mon 18 May 15 from

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Vistec Electron Beam Established US Show Room Facility with Variable Shaped Beam Lithography System

Vistec Electron Beam GmbH, a leading supplier of electron-beam lithography systems, announced today, that it has established a show room  facility in Schaumburg, IL to promote and demonstrate...

Tue 19 May 15 from AZoNano

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New way to cool micro-electronic devices

( team of researchers working at the University of Grenoble has developed a new way to cool solids at the micro level. In their paper published in Physical Review Letters, the team ...

Mon 18 May 15 from

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Quantum physics on tap: Nano-sized faucet offers experimental support for longstanding quantum theory

We all know intuitively that normal liquids flow more quickly as the channel containing them tightens. Think of a river flowing through narrow rapids.

Fri 15 May 15 from

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Fermionic microscope sees first light

How to clearly image 1000 individual ultracold atoms in a cloud

Tue 19 May 15 from Physics World

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Researchers use beams of polarized light to carve intricate patterns on disks

( team of researchers working at the University of Liverpool in the U.K. has created some interesting looking disks using some of the unique and exciting properties of light. In their ...

Mon 18 May 15 from

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Particle physics discovery raises hope for a theory of everything

The standard model of particle physics, which describes every particle we know of and how they interact, was given much credence when the Higgs boson was discovered in 2012. Now, measurements ...

Fri 15 May 15 from

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Reported successes and failures aid hot pursuit of superconductivity

A collaboration of researchers in Japan report on four years of extensive research into superconductivity, including the materials that were found not to have superconducting properties, as ...

Fri 15 May 15 from

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Viewpoint: A More Precise Higgs Boson Mass

Author(s): Chris QuiggA new value for the Higgs boson mass will allow stronger tests of the standard model and of theories about the Universe's stability.[Physics 8, 45] Published Thu May 14, ...

Fri 15 May 15 from APS Physics

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A Room with the Lowest Magnetic Field in the Solar System

Will keeping magnetic fields out allow the exploration of new physics?

Thu 14 May 15 from IEEE Spectrum

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