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Ultrafast X-ray laser sheds new light on fundamental ultrafast dynamics

Ultrafast X-ray laser research led by Kansas State University has provided scientists with a snapshot of a fundamental molecular phenomenon. The finding sheds new light on microscopic electron ...

Thu 17 Jul 14 from

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Highly charged ions: Multiply-ionized atoms for clocks, qubits, and constants

The world is mostly neutral. That is, most of the atoms in our environment are electrically neutral. The number of electrons in the outer parts of atoms equals the number of protons at the centers ...

Fri 18 Jul 14 from

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Dark matter hunters may get three new experiments

NSF and DOE have approved three new facilities to look for the exotic particles that might make up dark matter.

Wed 16 Jul 14 from ScienceNews

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Had there been no Higgs boson, this observation would have been the bomb

Rare interaction was guaranteed to misbehave if "God particle" had been a no-show

1 hours ago from Science Now

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Physicists Use Computer Models to Reveal Quantum Effects in Biological Oxygen Transport

( —Physicists have created a unique combination of computer models, based on the theory of quantum mechanics, and applied them to a previously well characterised protein found in ...

Thu 17 Jul 14 from

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Best of Last Week – New type of qubit created, Hubble sees a glowing galaxy and extreme agreeing may solve disagreements

( —Summer may be on us (at least in the northern hemisphere) but scientists are still busy conducting research, particularly at the Large Hadron Collider as physicists detect process ...

Mon 21 Jul 14 from

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How strongly does tissue decelerate the therapeutic heavy ion beam?

Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt has developed a method for the more exact dosing of heavy ion irradiation in the case of cancer.

Tue 15 Jul 14 from

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Using light to modulate the properties of a copper-based superconductor

A study just published in Nature Communications and carried out by a collaboration of several Italian and international centres, including SISSA, used a technique based on applying short flashes ...

Mon 14 Jul 14 from

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The mathematics of quantum computing

Wed 16 Jul 14 from (news wire)

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