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CAST project places new limitations on dark matter

Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany (SPX) May 24, 2017 Axions are particles whose hypothetical existence was introduced in 1977 by Roberto Peccei and Helen Quinn. The particles have been the talk ...

12 hours ago from SpaceDaily

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Turmoil in sluggish electrons' existence

An international team of physicists has monitored the scattering behavior of electrons in a non-conducting material in real-time. Their insights could be beneficial for radiotherapy.

Mon 22 May 17 from

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Magnetic order in a two-dimensional molecular chessboard

Achieving magnetic order in low-dimensional systems consisting of only one or two dimensions has been a research goal for some time. In a new study published in the journal Nature Communications, ...

Mon 22 May 17 from

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Let there be light: Controlled creation of quantum emitter arrays

Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) are layered semiconductors that can be exfoliated into layers only a few atoms thick. Recent research has shown that some TMDs can contain quantum light ...

Mon 22 May 17 from

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US Special Ops using 'Kamikaze Drones' to take on ISIS

Known as Switchblades, they are 'miniature flying lethal missiles' that feature inbuilt GPS and even object recognition cameras to ensure they hit their targets.

Mon 22 May 17 from Daily Mail

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Google Plans to Demonstrate the Supremacy of Quantum Computing

By the end of 2017, Google hopes to make a 49-qubit chip that will prove quantum computers can beat classical machines

Wed 24 May 17 from IEEE Spectrum

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XENON1T, the most sensitive detector on Earth searching for WIMP dark matter, releases its first result

"The best result on dark matter so farand we just got started." This is how scientists behind XENON1T, now the most sensitive dark matter experiment world-wide, commented on their first result ...

Fri 19 May 17 from

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In Nat Geo's 'Genius,' Visualize Einstein's Theory of Relativity

After struggling for years to be recognized for his controversial scientific ideas, Albert Einstein finally reaches science celebrity status in Chapter 5 of "Genius," which airs tonight on the ...

Tue 23 May 17 from

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BoseEinstein condensates simulate transformation of elusive magnetic monopoles

For the first time physicists have experimentally simulated a long-predicted relationship between two kinds of magnetic monopole. Robyn Arianrhod reports.

Sun 21 May 17 from Cosmos Magazine

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Scientists perform first-principles simulation of transition of plasma edge to H-mode

Physicists at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) have simulated the spontaneous transition of turbulence at the edge of a fusion plasma to the high-confinement ...

Thu 18 May 17 from

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