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On the road to spin-orbitronics: Researchers find new way to manipulate magnetic domain walls

Few among us may know what magnetic domains are but we make use of them daily when we email files, post images, or download music or video to our personal devices. Now a team of researchers ...

Mon 13 Apr 15 from

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High-power laser spinoff proves versatility is strength

Since lasers were invented in 1960, they have penetrated countless scientific, industrial and recreational fields: from eye surgery to DVD players, from cutting steel to triggering ignition ...

Tue 14 Apr 15 from

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Scientists create invisible objects without metamaterial cloaking

Physicists from ITMO University, Ioffe Institute and Australian National University managed to make homogenous cylindrical objects completely invisible in the microwave range. Contrary to the ...

Tue 14 Apr 15 from

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Team tightens bounds on quantum information 'speed limit'

If you're designing a new computer, you want it to solve problems as fast as possible. Just how fast is possible is an open question when it comes to quantum computers, but physicists at the ...

Mon 13 Apr 15 from

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The app for frequent fliers and those who are radiation-conscious

Frequent fliers are now able to monitor their personal radiation exposure when flying using the TrackYourDose app. Behind the app lies intensive research work undertaken by the Physikalisch-Technische ...

Tue 14 Apr 15 from Medical Xpress

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$150 laser pointer can stay steady even if your hands can't

Is there a market for a $150 laser pointer when you can get one anywhere for a few bucks? Maybe, in special cases or, as the creators of SteadyLaser believe, if the user shakes like a leaf when ...

Tue 14 Apr 15 from Engadget

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Long-sought magnetic mechanism observed in exotic hybrid materials

Scientists have measured the subatomic intricacies of an exotic phenomenon first predicted more than 60 years ago. This so-called van Vleck magnetism is the key to harnessing the quantum quirks ...

Mon 13 Apr 15 from

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Study explains why soil and sand get stronger when they are struck harder

When a missile or meteor strikes the earth, the havoc above ground is obvious, but the details of what happens below ground are harder to see.

Fri 10 Apr 15 from

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Electronic Gate Built For Silicon Quantum Computers

Researchers implement a 1998 proposal to control long-lived silicon qubits

Wed 15 Apr 15 from IEEE Spectrum

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DIY particle physics

A team of two undergraduate students and their adviser at Missouri Southern State University has built a type of particle detector usually found only at large research organizations like CERN.

Fri 10 Apr 15 from

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