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Fermilab achieves world-record field strength for accelerator magnet

To build the next generation of powerful proton accelerators, scientists need the strongest magnets possible to steer particles close to the speed of light around a ring. For a given ring size, ...

Mon 9 Sep 19 from

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Supersolid symmetry breaking from compressional oscillations in a dipolar quantum gas

Nature, Published online: 09 September 2019; doi:10.1038/s41586-019-1568-6Supersolid symmetry breaking from compressional oscillations in a dipolar quantum gas

Mon 9 Sep 19 from Nature News

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Making and controlling crystals of light

Scientists have shown how light inside optical on-chip microresonators can be crystallized in a form of periodic pulse trains that can boost the performance of optical communication links or ...

Mon 9 Sep 19 from ScienceDaily

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From an acoustic levitator to a "Neutron Bloodhound" robot, hands-on research inspires PPPL's summer interns

The Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory's 45 summer interns spent their summer doing hands-on research side-by-side with scientists and engineers at PPPL.

Thu 12 Sep 19 from Newswise

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Scientists couple magnetization to superconductivity for quantum discoveries

Quantum computing promises to revolutionize the ways in which scientists can process and manipulate information. The physical and material underpinnings for quantum technologies are still being ...

Fri 6 Sep 19 from

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How big is a proton? We may finally have the answer to this puzzle

Our measurements of the protons radius clash with one another, which could be a problem for the laws of physics. But a new test has helped unravel the mystery

Thu 5 Sep 19 from Newscientist

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Charge fluctuations: A new property in superconductors

Superconductivity enables us to prevent loss when transporting energy from power plants to our homes. However, to do this, the lines must be cooled to temperatures that are so low as to make ...

Wed 4 Sep 19 from

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Exotic physics phenomenon is observed for first time

An exotic physical phenomenon, involving optical waves, synthetic magnetic fields, and time reversal, has been directly observed for the first time, following decades of attempts. The new finding ...

Thu 5 Sep 19 from

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Scientists find new, long-hypothesized material state with signature of quantum disordered liquid-like magnetic moments

The future of technology relies, to a great extent, on new materials, but the work of developing those materials begins years before any specific application for them is known. Stephen Wilson, ...

Thu 5 Sep 19 from

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