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Fusion energyŚa time of transition and potential

For centuries, humans have dreamed of harnessing the power of the sun to energize our lives here on Earth. But we want to go beyond collecting solar energy, and one day generate our own from ...

Wed 30 Nov 16 from

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First 'water-wave' laser created

Technion researchers have demonstrated, for the first time, that laser emissions can be created through the interaction of light and water waves. This "water-wave laser" could someday be used ...

Tue 29 Nov 16 from

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Quantum obstacle course changes material from superconductor to insulator

Researchers from Brown University have demonstrated an unusual method of putting the brakes on superconductivity, the ability of a material to conduct an electrical current with zero resistance.

Wed 30 Nov 16 from

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Squeezed states of light can improve feedback cooling significantly

How does the tightrope walker manage to maintain her balance and avoid that fatal drop from the sky? She carefully senses the motion of her body and vibrations of the rope and accordingly compensates ...

Tue 29 Nov 16 from

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Overlooked elements of language and literature play a key role

Everything is pointing towards success in unravelling the mysteries inherent in every human language, which for nearly 100 years have been an object of intrigue for mathematicians and linguists ...

Wed 30 Nov 16 from

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Amphetamine may slow rise of body temperature and mask fatigue to enhance endurance, study finds

Amphetamine may slow down the rise of temperature in the body and mask fatigue, which could allow athletes to run significantly longer but result in potentially dangerous overheating of muscles, ...

Tue 29 Nov 16 from Medical Xpress

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Ultrafast imaging reveals existence of 'polarons'

Many people picture electrical conductivity as the flow of charged particles (mainly electrons) without really thinking about the atomic structure of the material through which those charges ...

Tue 29 Nov 16 from

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Controlled electron pulses

The discovery of photoemission, the emission of electrons from a material caused by light striking it, was an important element in the history of physics for the development of quantum mechanics. ...

Wed 30 Nov 16 from ScienceDaily

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World's most stable atomic clock proves two clocks are better than one

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) physicists have set a new world record for atomic clock stability using a pair of ytterbium-based timepieces. Stable down to quintillionths ...

Tue 29 Nov 16 from Gizmag

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