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Heading toward a tsunami of light

Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, have proposed a way to create a completely new source of radiation. Ultra-intense light pulses consist ...

Tue 19 Mar 19 from

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Dalian Coherent Light Source reveals hydroxyl super rotors from water photochemistry

Scientists at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences recently revealed hydroxyl super rotors from water photochemistry by using the Dalian Coherent Light ...

Tue 19 Mar 19 from

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How heavy elements come about in the universe

Heavy elements are produced during stellar explosion or on the surfaces of neutron stars through the capture of hydrogen nuclei (protons). This occurs at extremely high temperatures, but at ...

Tue 19 Mar 19 from

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Fund to boost female and black physicist numbers

Astrophysics star launches a scheme to help female and black students to become researchers.

Tue 19 Mar 19 from BBC News

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Synopsis: Air Jets Reduce Car Drag

Wind tunnel experiments show how blasting air from the back of a vehicle can reshape the vehicles wake and lower its drag by several percent.[Physics] Published Tue Mar 19, 2019

Tue 19 Mar 19 from APS Physics

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Supercrystal: A hidden phase of matter created by a burst of light

"Frustration" plus a pulse of laser light resulted in a stable "supercrystal" created by a team of researchers led by Penn State and Argonne National Laboratory, together with University of ...

Mon 18 Mar 19 from

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Physicists reverse time for tiny particles inside a quantum computer

Time goes in one direction: forward.

Mon 18 Mar 19 from FOXNews

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Engineers copy snapping shrimp to produce underwater plasma

A team of mechanical engineers at Texas A&M University has found a way to generate plasma underwater by copying the snapping action of shrimp. In their paper published in the journal Science ...

Mon 18 Mar 19 from TechXplore

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On-chip, electronically tunable frequency comb

Lasers play a vital role in everything from modern communications and connectivity to bio-medicine and manufacturing. Many applications, however, require lasers that can emit multiple frequenciescolors ...

Mon 18 Mar 19 from

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Long-distance quantum information exchangesuccess at the nanoscale

At the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, researchers have realized the swap of electron spins between distant quantum dots. The discovery brings us a step closer to future applications ...

Fri 15 Mar 19 from

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