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Chemistry: Sodium explosion caught on camera

Nature 517 530 doi: 10.1038/517530d

Wed 28 Jan 15 from Nature News

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Scientists in China and US chart latest discoveries of iron-based superconductors

Superconductivity is a remarkable macroscopic quantum phenomenon, discovered just over a century ago. As temperature decreases to below a critical value, the electric resistance of a superconductor ...

Wed 28 Jan 15 from

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New pathway to valleytronics

A potential avenue to quantum computing currently generating quite the buzz in the high-tech industry is "valleytronics," in which information is coded based on the wavelike motion of electrons ...

Tue 27 Jan 15 from

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Broadest set of results to date about the properties of the Higgs boson

With the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) preparing to restart in a few months, data from its first run has already been bearing fruit.

Tue 27 Jan 15 from

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New micro-ring resonator creates quantum entanglement on a silicon chip

The quantum entanglement of particles, such as photons, is a prerequisite for the new and future technologies of quantum computing, telecommunications, and cyber security. Real-world applications ...

Wed 28 Jan 15 from Gizmag

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Engineering discovery brings invisibility closer to reality

Since the beginning of recorded time, humans have used materials found in nature to improve their lot. Since the turn of this century, scientists have studied metamaterials, artificial materials ...

Mon 26 Jan 15 from

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SAVE THE DATE: Biophysical Society 59th Meeting, Feb. 7-11, 2015 at the Baltimore Convention Center

Journalists are invited to discover the world of biophysics next month in Maryland, when the largest gathering of biophysicists in the world convenes from Feb. 7-11 at the Baltimore Convention ...

Mon 26 Jan 15 from AlphaGalileo

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Physicists find a new way to slow the speed of light

( team of physicists working at the University of Glasgow has found a way to slow the speed of light that does not involve running it through a medium such as glass or water. Instead, ...

Fri 23 Jan 15 from

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Wavy facial hair helps seals find food

Harbor seal's undulating whiskers act as sensor array for detecting fish

Fri 23 Jan 15 from Science Now

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Yes, black holes exist in gravitational theories with unbounded speeds of propagation

Lorentz invariance (LI) is a cornerstone of modern physics, and strongly supported by observations.

Fri 23 Jan 15 from

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