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Brookhaven-Commonwealth Fusion Energy Project wins DOE funding

(DOE/Brookhaven National Laboratory) Brookhaven's Superconducting Magnet Division will partner with industry to develop and characterize superconducting power cables.

Tue 12 Nov 19 from Eurekalert

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A distinct spin on atomic transport

One of the more unexpected things that can be done with charge-neutral atoms is using them to emulate the fundamental behavior of electrons. Over the past few years, the group of Tilman Esslinger ...

Mon 11 Nov 19 from

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Quantum transition makes electrons behave as if they lack spin

The common phase transitions are those that occur as a function of temperature variation. Ice changes phase to become liquid water at 0 degrees Celsius. Liquid water changes phase to become ...

Thu 14 Nov 19 from

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Photosynthesis seen in a new light by rapid X-ray pulses

The ability to transform sunlight into energy is one of Nature's more remarkable feats. Scientists understand the basic process of photosynthesis, but many crucial details remain elusive, occurring ...

Fri 8 Nov 19 from

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The puzzle of a protons proportions

Two new experiments only add to the confusion.

Mon 11 Nov 19 from Cosmos Magazine

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Machine learning enhances light-beam performance at the advanced light source

Synchrotron light sources are powerful facilities that produce light in a variety of "colors," or wavelengthsfrom the infrared to X-raysby accelerating electrons to emit light in controlled ...

Fri 8 Nov 19 from

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Physicists Can Finally Peek at Schrdinger's Cat Without Killing It Forever

There may be a way of sneaking a peak at Schrdinger's cat the famous feline-based thought experiment that describes the mysterious behavior of subatomic particles without permanently killing ...

Sun 10 Nov 19 from

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A new quantum data classification protocol brings us nearer to a future 'quantum internet'

Quantum-based communication and computation technologies promise unprecedented applications, such as unconditionally secure communications, ultra-precise sensors, and quantum computers capable ...

Fri 8 Nov 19 from

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A new way to measure gravity: Using floating atoms

A team of researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, has found a new way to measure gravityby noting differences in atoms in a supposition state, suspended in the air by lasers. ...

Fri 8 Nov 19 from

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Obtaining order in the "frustrated" landscape of disordered magnetism

Identifying a material's magnetic structure is a key to unlocking new features and higher performance in electronic devices. However, solving increasingly complex magnetic structures requires ...

Thu 7 Nov 19 from

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