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New technology may significantly reduce diagnostic time of coronavirus

Diagnosing coronavirus takes approximately one hour using current methods. A new technology, based on a combination of optics and magnetic particles, can rapidly test 100 samples of patients ...

Fri 14 Feb 20 from Medical Xpress

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Tiny, erratic protein motor movements revealed

The smallest proteins travel in our cells, completing deeply important tasks to keep our molecular mechanisms moving. They are responsible for transporting cargo, duplicating cells and more. ...

Fri 14 Feb 20 from

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Leaking away essential resources actually helps cells grow

Experts have been unable to explain why cells, from bacteria to humans, leak essential chemicals necessary for growth into their environment. New mathematical models reveal that leaking metabolitesŚsubstances ...

Fri 14 Feb 20 from

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Remote-control bandage delivers fresh meds without being removed

The treatment of chronic wounds often involves the application of different medications, at different stages in the healing process. A newly-developed electronic bandage could allow this to ...

Thu 13 Feb 20 from Gizmag

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Polymers to the rescue! Saving cells from damaging ice

Cell therapies hold great promise for revolutionizing the treatment of cancers and autoimmune diseases. But this multibillion-dollar industry requires long-term storage of cells at super-cold ...

Fri 14 Feb 20 from

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How electric fields affect a molecular twist within light-sensitive proteins

A team of scientists from the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University has gained insight into how electric fields affect the way energy from light ...

Thu 13 Feb 20 from

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Simple single-step N-terminal modification of proteins

Proteins are widely used in medicine, biology and chemistry. Enhancing their inherent properties by adding functional molecules to their structures is a common and important step in many fields. ...

Thu 13 Feb 20 from

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Harnessing the sun to bring fresh water to remote or disaster-struck communities

Researchers at the University of Bath have developed a revolutionary desalination process that has the potential to be operated in mobile, solar-powered units.

Thu 13 Feb 20 from Newswise

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X-ray microscopy at BESSY II: Nanoparticles can change cells

Nanoparticles easily enter into cells. New insights about how they are distributed and what they do there are shown for the first time by high-resolution 3D microscopy images from BESSY II. ...

Wed 12 Feb 20 from

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Valentine's Day flowers with same day delivery are available - if you hurry

Valentine's Day flowers are still available for order, and you can grab fast same day delivery right now.

Fri 14 Feb 20 from Techradar

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