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How to make a sweat sensor for drugs

Guidelines include how to deal with pesky interfering signals when making voltammetric sensors

Tue 11 Feb 20 from CandEN

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Superior 'bio-ink' for 3-D printing pioneered

Rutgers biomedical engineers have developed a "bio-ink" for 3-D printed materials that could serve as scaffolds for growing human tissues to repair or replace damaged ones in the body.

Mon 10 Feb 20 from

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Observing proteins in their natural environment

Proteins can be responsible for the fact that the active ingredients of drugs are simply released from the target cells. You can watch them do this now.

Mon 10 Feb 20 from

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Watch | What is the problem with RO water purifiers?

A video looking into the Environment Ministry's move towards regulating RO-based water filtration systems

Mon 10 Feb 20 from The Hindu

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New platform for composing genetic programs in mammalian cells

A new synthetic biology toolkit developed at Northwestern University will help researchers design mammalian cells with new functionalities.

Fri 7 Feb 20 from

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Grooves hold promise for sophisticated healing

Who ever said bioengineers can't get their groove on? The Rice University team led by Antonios Mikos says otherwise with its development of a groovy method to seed sophisticated, 3-D-printed ...

Tue 4 Feb 20 from

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Scientists create 'chemical gardens' that can be used as bone substitute materials

A new way of making bone-replacement materials that allows for cells to grow around and inside them has been developed by researchers at the University of Birmingham.

Fri 7 Feb 20 from

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Smartphone lab delivers test results in 'spit' second

Engineers with the University of Cincinnati have created a tiny portable lab that plugs into your phone, connecting it automatically to a doctor's office through a custom app UC developed.

Thu 6 Feb 20 from

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Researchers refute fifty-year old doctrine on cell membrane regulation

The cell membrane can be regarded as the boundary between life and non-life. The ability of the membrane to adapt to changes in the environment is essential for all forms of life. Up until now, ...

Thu 6 Feb 20 from

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