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Antimicrobial implant coating uses graphite to slice up bacteria

There's always a risk that implanted medical devices will become colonized with bacteria, causing infections and sometimes even needing to be removed. Such complications could soon be less likely, ...

Mon 23 Mar 20 from Gizmag

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Geely sidesteps coronavirus with online car sales and drone delivery

As the COVID-19 pandemic rips across the world, it's leaving businesses and entire economies in tatters. China's auto industry saw its sales drop by 79 percent in February, according to the ...

Mon 23 Mar 20 from Gizmag

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Is Argos still open after the coronavirus lockdown? home delivery advice and what's still in stock

Are Argos stores closing? Yes, although Argos online still offers same-day delivery on toys, garden furniture, sun loungers and more

Wed 25 Mar 20 from Techradar

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New device quickly detects harmful bacteria in blood

Engineers have created a tiny device that can rapidly detect harmful bacteria in blood, allowing health care professionals to pinpoint the cause of potentially deadly infections and fight them ...

Mon 23 Mar 20 from

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New lab-on-a-chip device detects spread of disease using sound waves

One physiological consequence of cancer and other diseases spreading throughout the body can be the hardening of the structure surrounding cells called the extracellular matrix. Scientists at ...

Sun 22 Mar 20 from Gizmag

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Ordering delivery? Compare fees, delivery times from different services with these apps - CNET

FoodBoss and MealMe can help you find which local restaurants are offering delivery and compare delivery times without opening different apps.

Mon 23 Mar 20 from CNET Cutting Edge

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Researchers invent method to unlock potential of widely used drug

Sugars like polysaccharides are found everywhere in nature and are believed to be essential for life to arise. In humans, they cover the surface of all cells and the family of polysaccharides ...

Fri 20 Mar 20 from

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Coronavirus testing kits to be developed using new RNA imaging technology

Simon Fraser University researchers will use their pioneering imaging technologycalled Mango, for its bright colour to develop coronavirus testing kits. They're among a small set of Canadian ...

Thu 19 Mar 20 from

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Paving the way for new peptide-based therapeutics with novel method of phage display

Chemists at Texas A&M University are taking a p[h]age from bacteria's playbook in order to beat viruses at their own game and develop new drugs to fight cancer and a host of other human diseases ...

Thu 19 Mar 20 from

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Ball-and-chain inactivation of ion channels visualized by cryo-electron microscopy

Ion channels, which allow potassium and sodium ions to flow in and out of cells, are crucial in neuronal 'firing' in the central nervous system and for brain and heart function. These channels ...

Wed 18 Mar 20 from Medical Xpress

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