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Researchers unveil the mystery of van der Waals magnets, a material for future semiconductors

Drs. Chaun Jang, Jun Woo Choi, and Hyejin Ryu of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST, President Lee Byung Gwon) have announced that their team at KIST's Center for Spintronics ...

Fri 14 Feb 20 from

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Mechanism of controlling autophagy by liquid-liquid phase separation revealed

Under JST's Strategic Basic Research Programs, Noda Nobuo (Laboratory Head) and Fujioka Yuko (Senior Researcher) of the Institute of Microbial Chemistry, in collaboration with other researchers, ...

Fri 14 Feb 20 from

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Electric solid propellant: Can it take the heat?

Electric solid propellants are being explored as a safer option for pyrotechnics, mining, and in-space propulsion because they only ignite with an electric current. But because all of these ...

Wed 12 Feb 20 from

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New material has highest electron mobility among known layered magnetic materials

All the elements are there to begin with, so to speak; it's just a matter of figuring out what they are capable ofalone or together. For Leslie Schoop's lab, one recent such investigation has ...

Wed 12 Feb 20 from

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Something from nothing: Using waste heat to power electronics

Collecting energy from environmental waste heat such as that lost from the human body is an attractive prospect to power small electronics sustainably. A thermocell is a type of energy-harvesting ...

Wed 12 Feb 20 from TechXplore

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TSU suggested how to replace scandium in materials for shipbuilding

Mon 10 Feb 20 from (news wire)

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Magnetoelectric coupling in a paramagnetic ferroelectric crystal demonstrated

A team of researchers at Shenzhen University has demonstrated magnetoelectric coupling in a paramagnetic ferroelectric crystal. In their paper published in the journal Science, the group describes ...

Fri 7 Feb 20 from

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Rare-earths experts at CMI debut a unique new research capability

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Critical Materials Institute have a new and more accurate tool--a start-to-finish, controlled atmosphere materials processing system.

Fri 7 Feb 20 from Newswise

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Cathode 'defects' improve battery performance

Engineers strive to design smartphones with longer-lasting batteries, electric vehicles that can drive for hundreds of miles on a single charge, and a reliable power grid that can store renewable ...

Wed 5 Feb 20 from

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Water, water everywhereand it's weirder than you think

Researchers at The University of Tokyo have used computational methods and analysis of recent experimental data to demonstrate that water molecules take two distinct structures in the liquid ...

Tue 4 Feb 20 from

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