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Fast screening for potential new catalysts

A new concept makes it possible to identify the most promising among an abundance of possible element combinations.

Tue 4 Feb 20 from

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Closely spaced hydrogen atoms could facilitate superconductivity in ambient conditions

An international team of researchers has discovered the hydrogen atoms in a metal hydride material are much more tightly spaced than had been predicted for decadesŚa feature that could possibly ...

Mon 3 Feb 20 from

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Sustainable 3D-printed super magnets

From wind turbines and electric motors to sensors and magnetic switching systems, permanent magnets have many electrical applications. The production of these magnets usually involves sintering ...

Thu 30 Jan 20 from

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Researchers find evidence for metallic hydrogen at 425 gigapascals

A team of researchers, two with the French Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and a third with the Soleil synchrotron, have found evidence of a phase change for hydrogen at a pressure of 425 gigapascals. ...

Thu 30 Jan 20 from

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Team develops revolutionary reversible 4-D printing

Imagine having your curtains extended or retracted automatically without needing to lift a finger. Reversible 4-D printing technology could make these 'smart curtains' a reality without the ...

Wed 29 Jan 20 from TechXplore

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Blue-emitting diode demonstrates limitations and promise of perovskite semiconductors

University of California, Berkeley, scientists have created a blue light-emitting diode (LED) from a trendy new semiconductor material, halide perovskite, overcoming a major barrier to employing ...

Fri 24 Jan 20 from

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The adaptability of debris is successfully proven as a raw material for roads

In 2009, 105 single-family homes in the city of Cordoba were demolished in order to expand the airport. At first, the debris from the demolition was going to be sent to a landfill, as is common ...

Tue 21 Jan 20 from

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NASA funds AnalySwift, Purdue tech to speed up composite deployable structure design

West Lafayette IN (SPX) Jan 22, 2020 An innovation that helps speed the design of fishing rods, skis and cell phone electronics soon will help NASA do its work in space. AnalySwift LLC, ...

Tue 21 Jan 20 from SpaceDaily

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Transparent ferroelectric crystals with ultrahigh piezoelectricity

Nature, Published online: 15 January 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-019-1891-yThe use of alternating-current electric fields to control domain size in ferroelectric crystals affords ...

Wed 15 Jan 20 from Nature News

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Galaxy Fold and foldable phone screens are missing a key ingredient. This might fit the bill - CNET

One company is pursuing the idea of making bendable phone screens from one of the hardest materials on Earth.

Sat 18 Jan 20 from CNET Cutting Edge

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