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Polymer films pass electron gun test

HSE researchers, jointly with colleagues from the RAN Institute of Organoelement Compounds and the RAN Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, have studied the properties of a ...

Wed 18 Mar 20 from

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Researchers create a new acoustic smart material inspired by shark skin

From the headphones we use to listen to our favorite songs or podcasts, to sonic camouflage employed by submarines, how we transmit and experience sound is an essential part of how we engage ...

Tue 10 Mar 20 from

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Chasing lithium ions on the move in a fast-charging battery

Atomic distortions emerging in the electrode during operation provide a 'fast lane' for the transport of lithium ions.

Thu 12 Mar 20 from ScienceDaily

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'Vacancies' crystal defects key to improved design of lightweight aluminium alloys

Monash University researchers in Australia have used a combination of atomic-scale imaging and simulations to improve the understanding of the theta-prime strengthening phase in the aluminium ...

Wed 11 Mar 20 from

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Physicists keep improving 'smart' composites for biomedical sensors

IKBFU Physicists have successfully tested the new magnetic micro wire-based concept of "smart" composites production. The new composites are related to the multiferroic-class materials which ...

Tue 10 Mar 20 from

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Biocompatible battery for medical implants is charged via ultrasound

Implantable medical devices such as hearing aids or pacemakers are of huge value, but keeping them charged up can involve clunky external power sources or repeated invasive surgeries to replace ...

Mon 9 Mar 20 from Gizmag

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Study reveals collective dynamics of active matter systems

Flocks of starlings that produce dazzling patterns across the sky are natural examples of active mattergroups of individual agents coming together to create collective dynamics. In a study ...

Mon 9 Mar 20 from

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Permanent magnets stronger than those on refrigerator could be a solution for delivering fusion energy

Permanent magnets akin to those used on refrigerators could speed the development of fusion energythe same energy produced by the sun and stars.

Wed 11 Mar 20 from

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The hungry gut bacteria that enable waxworms to live on plastic waste

Plastic pollution is a monumental issue and one that isnt going away anytime soon, but researchers are opening up new possibilities around how we could chip away at the problem. Scientists ...

Thu 5 Mar 20 from Gizmag

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Researchers identify breaking point of conducting material

An improved method to predict the temperature when plastics change from supple to brittle, which could potentially accelerate future development of flexible electronics, was developed by Penn ...

Wed 4 Mar 20 from

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