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Advanced 'super-planckian' material exhibits LED-like light when heated

Could there be a new kind of light in the universe? Since the late 19th century, scientists have understood that, when heated, all materials emit light in a predictable spectrum of wavelengths. ...

Mon 23 Mar 20 from

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Researchers observe ultrafast processes of single molecules for the first time

Markus Koch, head of the research group Femtosecond Dynamics at the Institute of Experimental Physics at TU Graz, and his team develop new methods for time-resolved femtosecond laser spectroscopy ...

Mon 23 Mar 20 from

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Something new, from something old and blue

Nanosheets created from ancient pigment.

Mon 23 Mar 20 from Cosmos Magazine

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Oxford Instruments Asylum Research Releases New White Paper: Measuring Surface Roughness with the Jupiter XR Large-Sample Atomic Force Microscope

Ultra-low roughness epitaxial silicon wafer imaged on the Asylum Research Jupiter XR large-sample AFM. The roughness (Sa) for this 1 µm scan area was measured at only 0.902 Å. New...

Fri 27 Mar 20 from AZoNano

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Stretchable supercapacitors pave the way for super-flexy power sources

We've seen flexible supercapacitor designs before, but how about one that's stretchable? A new discovery by researchers at Duke University and Michigan State University could lead to an excellent ...

Mon 23 Mar 20 from Gizmag

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Chip-based device opens new doors for augmented reality and quantum computing

Researchers have designed a new chip-based device that can shape and steer blue light with no moving parts. The device could greatly reduce the size of light projection components used for augmented ...

Thu 19 Mar 20 from TechXplore

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O-FIB: Far-field-induced near-field breakdown for direct nanowriting in an atmospheric environment

Lasers are becoming one of the dominant tools in current manufacturing industry. Much effort has been devoted to improving processing accuracy, and spatial resolutions as low as micrometers ...

Fri 20 Mar 20 from

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Heterostructure and Q-factor engineering for low-threshold and persistent nanowire lasing

Semiconductor nanowire lasers are a crucial component for on-chip integrated optoelectronics. However, silicon-integrated, room-temperature, continuously-operating and electrically-pumped nanowire ...

Fri 20 Mar 20 from

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Graphene underpins a new platform to selectively identify deadly strains of bacteria

Using a single atom-thick sheet of graphene to track the electronic signals inherent in biological structures, a team led by Boston College researchers has developed a platform to selectively ...

Thu 19 Mar 20 from

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Atom Powers Intelligent Circuit Breakers Lay The Foundation For The Next Generation Electrical System

Ryan Kennedy, the CEO of Atom Power, believes his solid state circuit breaker is primed to disrupt not just the world of circuit breakers, but also deliver realtime energy monitoring, control, ...

Fri 20 Mar 20 from CleanTechnica

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