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High-efficiency laser for silicon chips

Transistors work electrically, but data can be transmitted more quickly by using light. Scientists have now come a step closer to integrating lasers directly in silicon chips. They have developed ...

Tue 24 Mar 20 from ScienceDaily

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Shifting dimensions: Exciting excitons in phosphorene

Since its discovery in 2014, phosphoreneŚa sheet of phosphorus atoms only a single atom thickŚhas intrigued scientists due to its unique optoelectronic anisotropy. In other words, electrons ...

Wed 25 Mar 20 from

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A key development in the drive for energy-efficient electronics

Scientists have made a breakthrough in the development of a new generation of electronics that will require less power and generate less heat.

Mon 23 Mar 20 from

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Ask me anything: Giulia Thompson - Physics World

The head of system physics within global linac engineering at Elekta gives her advice to physics graduates The post Ask me anything: Giulia Thompson appeared first on Physics World.

Thu 26 Mar 20 from Physicsworld Blog

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Researchers measure one-photon transitions in an unbound electron

The dynamics of electrons change ever so slightly on each interaction with a photon. Physicists at ETH Zurich have now measured such interplay in its arguably purest formŚby recording the attosecond-scale ...

Mon 23 Mar 20 from

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Chip-based devices improve practicality of quantum-secured communication

monstrated new chip-based devices that contain allthe optical components necessary for quantum key distribution while increasing real-world security. The fast and cost-effective platform is ...

Thu 19 Mar 20 from

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Tiny double accelerator recycles energy

A team of DESY scientists has built a miniature double particle accelerator that can recycle some of the laser energy fed into the system to boost the energy of the accelerated electrons a second ...

Fri 20 Mar 20 from

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Water-balloon physics is high-impact science

Water balloons may seem like a trivial matter. A toy for mischievous kids in summer. But for scientists, the behavior of balls of liquid wrapped in a thin elastic membrane is critical to everything ...

Fri 20 Mar 20 from

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Precision mirrors poised to improve sensitivity of gravitational wave detectors

Researchers have developed a new type of deformable mirror that could increase the sensitivity of ground-based gravitational wave detectors such as the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave ...

Wed 18 Mar 20 from

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Scientists propose new approach to measuring atoms

Today, when new drugs are designed with the help of supercomputers, and electronic devices operate on a nanoscale, it is very important for scientists to understand how neighboring molecules ...

Fri 20 Mar 20 from

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