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Scientists observe superconductivity in meteorites

Scientists at UC San Diego and Brookhaven Laboratory in New York went searching for superconducting materials where researchers have had little luck before. Setting their sights on a diverse ...

Tue 24 Mar 20 from

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Organic-cation intercalation: An effective strategy for manipulating band topology and superconductivity

In a recent article published in Science Bulletin, researchers developed an effective organic-cation intercalation strategy to manipulate the interlayer coupling of layered materials, and obtain ...

Tue 18 Feb 20 from

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Super-thin Superconducting Cables

New compact cables show promise for power transmission and high-field magnets. Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have found a way to make high-temperature ...

Tue 22 Feb 11 from MIT Technology Review

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Researchers find water doped graphite flakes exhibit superconductive properties at high temperature

(ŚResearchers from the University of Leipzig have found that doping very small flakes of graphite with water, then allowing it to dry, results in a material that behaves very much like ...

Wed 19 Sep 12 from

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SuperPower and UH sign high temperature superconducting wire license agreements


The University of Houston (UH) executed two license agreements with SuperPower, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Royal Philips Electronics. One agreement covers the intellectual property on second ...

Wed 31 Mar 10 from

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Japanese scientists use alcoholic drinks to induce superconductivity

Japanese researchers have been immersing iron-based compounds in hot alcoholic beverages such as red wine, sake and shochu to induce superconductivity.

Mon 7 Mar 11 from

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World's longest superconductor cable

The "AmpaCity" project has been kicked off: The RWE Group and its partners are just about to replace a 1-kilometre-long high-voltage cable connecting two transformer stations in the Ruhr city ...

Thu 19 Jan 12 from

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Secret of record-breaking superconductor explained

Conventional electron–phonon superconductivity endures to a temperature of 190 K in hydrogen sulphide

Fri 24 Apr 15 from Physics World

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Hydrocarbon superconductor created


( -- Scientists from Okayama University in Japan have discovered that the hydrocarbon picene can be made to superconduct when potassium atoms are interspersed with the picene crystals ...

Wed 10 Mar 10 from

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2-D Boron Is an Intrinsic Superconductor

It may be the only 2-D material that is naturally a low-temperature superconductor

Tue 5 Apr 16 from IEEE Spectrum

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