Researchers find water doped graphite flakes exhibit superconductive properties at high temperature

By doping graphite, researchers in Germany have reported that they found tantalizing hints of superconductivity at room-temperatures and far above, like water boiling point (100C.). Superconductivity is a property which describes zero resistance electrical conductivity, however this property has only been observed at temperatures lower than -100C. Graphite has been found to exhibit superconductivity in [...]Hints of superconductivity at room temperature might hold far-reaching consequences is a post from ZME Science. © ZME Science - All Rights Reserved. Thank you for being a subscriber, Download your very own FREE copy of our recently released e-book "Our Incredible World, Like You've Never Seen It Before".

Room Temperature Superconductivity Found in Graphite Grains

Water-soaked grains of carbon superconduct at room temperature, claim a team of physicists from Germany Here's an interesting recipe. Take a spoonful of graphite powder and stir it into a ...

Wed 12 Sep 12 from MIT Technology Review

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